Looking Ahead At 2018

We will start by grouping the standard resolutions: diet, exercise, lose weight, be tolerant of idiots, reduce road rage, work together for the greater good, etc.

That said, here are some GUARDIAN resolutions.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE–We would like to see more citizen activists working to preserve our city, county, and state. Victories over the F-35, a referendum over a development, stalling the CVS on State street may be short-lived, but it does show folks want to control their destiny. Lisa Sanchez’s council election is also part of the trend.

PEDALPHILES–Bicyclists are here to stay, but so is the automobile. We need to work toward accommodating both the two and four wheelers, rather than declaring either mode as the enemy. (Look for more use of “pedalphile”).

DESIRE NAMED STREET CAR–This trolley folly is so fraught with pitfalls and expense that it needs to be derailed immediately. Team Dave is simply off track on this one. A well run and funded bus system would be much better for all concerned.

GROWTHOPHOBES–The old axiom of “if it isn’t growing, its dying” should apply to cancer, not communities. Its time to stop making concessions to developers and paying businesses to locate in Idaho. If they want to pay their fair share of taxes and wages, welcome to Idaho. Schools, highways, and other services simply cannot keep pace.

TAXES--One of the big draws for businesses and newcomers is the low taxes in Idaho. We would suggest a freeze on current property taxes to protect current owners and then raise taxes to reflect current value upon sale (like the California Prop 13). Instead of using increased revenues to facilitate growth, our politicos need to spend OUR money on fixing what we have, including schools, highways, and environment.

BOUNTY HUNTERS--Coppers and prosecutors need to work toward curbing the “have gun will travel” mentality of those guys dressing like cops and calling themselves “agents” of various sorts. Currently there is no regulation of these remnants of the Old West and there have been several serious shooting incidents in recent years, one deadly.

CONTINUING CAUTIONS–The F-35 is not coming soon, but until the current politicos are gone, lookout for more spending to attract it. Also, vigilant citizens can save us from the ill-conceived sports stadium. Watch out for a CCDC move to take the commercial properties along Vista and Orchard off the tax roles as a new urban renewal district.

As always, your views and suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Stephen C. Fischer
    Jan 1, 2018, 11:12 am

    A good axiom for Boise to foster a Happy New Year: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
    With Boise being such a great place to live — with such a special and unique local character — we can be very careful, very smart, and very selective about development.
    I like the idea of freezing property taxes for current owners but not newcomers, especially for primary homes and small businesses. Also, I like the idea of using our taxes to pay for maintaining what we already have rather than building new infrastructure.
    Even if a new developer pays some sort of impact fee, it seems essential to calculate that impact not only for the short-term, but for the indefinite future. Long after the developer has retired in luxury on a tropical island, we’ll be left with the cost over decades to maintain these new streets and pipes; as well as to provide schools, police, fire, ambulance, sanitation and plowing.
    Then there’s the impact to our priceless quality of life as far as our foothills and fields and flora and fauna. Let’s also factor in traffic with its congestion and smog and noise and dangers.
    Requiring realistic impact fees for the long term could go a long way to protecting us from overdevelopment.
    So while we as Boiseans can afford to be selective, we really can’t afford unrestrained development and runaway growth.
    Our resolutions for the 2018 could include doing whatever we can — big or small, or in between — to preserve Boise as uniquely lovely and livable, and to begin by closely following the Boise Guardian, as well as the Facebook pages of Vanishing Boise and Save Boise Neighborhoods. (Please also consider the ongoing petition:
    Question growth!
    Keep Boise Unique!!!

  2. Happy New Year to Guardian Cast and Crew! You have done the Boise Valley a tremendous public service the legacy media chooses not to do (in favor of easy ad money from government and pro growth). If our local power players could get away with it I’m certain you would be jailed for countering them. They are in love with how China does things so this day might yet come.

    An SI for you. Our air quality is horrendous much of the time. Our legacy media and local governments like to sweep this FACT under the rug. Some monitors even get disabled during the worst days. KTVB went out and found a doctor to say the forest fire smoke does not have long term health impact. (Story was redone and corrected a week later by a professional reporter.)

    But why not cover it honestly? Because pollution is a result of growth, and growth is their addiction.

  3. As usual, you have nailed it.
    We, the people, need to focus the majority of our civic-minded instincts on holding back the very people “we” have elected.
    There is a sense of entitlement (and enrichment)…or EE in those serving in public office today. CCDC needs to be disbanded and “Dave” needs to stop wasting our money on promoting his “most livable city” agenda and actually put our money where his mouth isn’t. Buses, moratorium on ACHD destruction derby all over town, property tax relief and just take a breath for God’s sake. No deals in back rooms and no giveaways!
    Happy New Year. Let’s hope it’s better than this last one!

  4. Clancy Anderson
    Jan 2, 2018, 9:58 am

    While some may see Holly Woodings as another Bieterbot, I think she will listen and learn from citizens.

    You are correct about bikes being here to stay. By encouraging bike ridership in the downtown core, both congestion and parking can be improved. And there should be no war on cars or bikes…just bad behavior.

  5. Most of the pedalphiles are apparently in their hydrocarbon single-occupant vehicles (or staying put) these days; I have the bike paths, greenbelt, etc., pretty much to myself. I don’t envision bicycle being an extremely popular form of year-round transportation in Boise until Global Warming kicks in a little more consistently.

    I, too, am heartened to see some push-back from the Common Folk, who are growing tired of our elected “public servants” patting us on the head and telling us THEY know what’s best.

  6. Every time I interact with the city I wake up the next day with strange disturbing memories and KY on my bottom. My friends on the east and west coast say they don’t even bother with the KY anymore.

  7. In the spirit which The Guardian was started, I offer this good video and opinion:

    Under the context that even here within the comments and certainly by individuals on the national scene, the idea of politicians (& citizens) assaulting our free press is one that we should all take seriously.

    All people and all writers have a bias. Just because they don’t agree with the reader doesn’t make it “fake”. There certainly is false stuff being produced on the internet and in the main media, intentionally and unintentionally. We all have a responsibility to call it BS when we see it. Not just when it is the opposing ideals. Even if your team is cheating, it is still cheating.

    Peace be upon us for the year.

  8. Eastie, I love the Trumper on the Twitter. Media knew they had a huge problem when Joe the Plumber spoke honestly and the press could not reformat it. A dishonest free press brought us the most obnoxious president in history… because we know exactly what’s on his mind… without the crap addicted media filtering it for us.

    Journalists are self destructing. They are going to go the way of the printing press unless they can somehow get over their addiction to crap production. All they need to do is report facts. It’s so much easier… but they just can’t do it… they are too weak… they are too stupid… they are brainwashed leftist. It is hopeless for them.

    Does anyone know how large an iPhone would be if the government was in charge of Apple? I’m thinking it would need to be transported on a rail car. Today’s media is basically promoting big government. It’s a liberal-communist agenda taught in journalist school. It is toxic to American freedoms.

    Eastie, If you want accurate political interpretation listen to Rush. He’s the biggest in radio because The People trust him. His track record has far fewer issues than CNN. Catch him on YouTubes too.

  9. I thank the Boise Guardian – and those who contribute comments here – for mostly sticking to LOCAL issues.

    There are plenty of media outlets that go on ad nauseam about our broken federal government. Nothing seems to change, regardless of whether it’s the Demicans or Republocrats in charge. (The only thing that changes is the National Debt – which goes up about $1 trillion per year.)

    By contrast, now and then we really DO see citizens MAKING A DIFFERENCE on the more local level. I would submit that the Boise Guardian has proven to be likely the BEST resource for keeping concerned citizens aware of local issues.

    Thanks for keeping it local, Dave! And may your ’18 resolutions all be realized!


  10. The American Dream
    Jan 3, 2018, 3:12 pm

    How about using the word

  11. Bikeboy, I too appreciate the local flavor.. even more in the future if possible.
    But eventually, the wolf comes to your front door.
    If you think nothing is changing, you may want to look more closely- beyond just bikeboy.

    What happens in California directly affects Boise.
    What happens in DC directly affects Boise.
    If a Californian with a million dollars cash is competing against your new mortgage for a new house- growthphobia doesn’t matter.
    Other states create issue for Boise.

    If you can’t afford to buy prescriptions, who gives a crap whether there is a CVS on the corner. Is St Luke’s expanding? That “vote” is only for people with insurance.
    And if DC doesn’t accept cannabis oil to treat your child because you live in Idaho, a move seems imminent.
    National health care is a Boise issue.

    National politics creates local politics.

    When a cop in Missouri kills an unarmed man and gets away with it, it’s only a short time before a bull crosses the road in Idaho and a rancher is killed, needlessly.
    And then next, it’s a Boise issue too.

    Don’t solve the border problem… Idaho dairymen won’t have workers to bring milk to your Boise table.
    That becomes a local issue.
    I like milk!
    and so on.

    ‘How’ the national issues affect Boise is the story.

  12. Easterner, I didn’t mean to imply that us Spuds aren’t affected by what goes on around the nation, and this blue planet. Indeed, we are!

    I was thanking the Boise Guardian and my fellow readers for primarily focusing on issues and problems that are right here at home.

    There are a thousand media outlets, forums, etc., where ten thousand “experts” weigh in on economic disparity, Obamacare or lack thereof, illegal aliens, black lives matter, terrorism, etc., etc. I can find those discussions! (And yes! Those issues affect us Boise bumpkins… no denying it! But how much value is there, in yet one more forum to rant about those things that are controlled 600 miles, or 2600 miles, from here?)

    What I find lacking, by comparison, is reliable and timely information about Boise-centric issues… “metro” Boise issues, what’s going on in Ada County and Idaho. I’m tipping my hat to the Boise Guardian for staying focused on that stuff. That’s all.

  13. Bikeboy wins this round hands down.

  14. ah.

    In short:
    Referring to local (and distant) news people as stupid, brainwashed, unreliable, and untimely (comments here) is not helping anyone or anything.

  15. If there is a way to keep a keen eye on all the spending bills, ordinances, proposals, rfp’s, etc for Boise city, that would be a good start. How could that be organized?

    EDITOR NOTE–That info is all on the city council agenda. Much of it is hidden in the “consent agenda” but can be accessed on line. I simply cannot do it myself and still have the life of a retired old geezer.

  16. Eastie, turning off the lights does not make the cockroaches go away. Such crude labels for the MSM are in fact correct. Lately they even admit their corrupt philosophy of the-ends-justifying-the-means. I know they wear colorful robes and win flashy awards, but so do car salesman. My sympathy to you for it is often those in the very first pew who are the last to come to terms with the extent of the darkness and corruption.

  17. In 2018 we find ourselves on websites that cater to our interests. Most all of the Boise Guardian’s readers are on the same page. Is there a hard copy of the Boise Guardian? I’ve never seen one. Anyway, it would be nice in 2018 for the local news media to interview ANYONE with an other side to the story! Especially local government stories. Which is the Boise Guardian. Channel 6 advertises telling your side of the story? DAILY on air. I think it would be great for the treasure valley residents to have the other side of the stories told. Go get em Dave

  18. Looking ahead, our freedoms are at risk in several ways. The Guardian has done a good job alerting to the abuse of public trust in funding private projects. However, there are so many other fronts to this battle.

    Watch out for the self driving car freaks and others pushing lavish public transportation agenda. Always money losers plus the only way they can make that junk function is to take away your rights to drive your car wherever and whenever you want. It takes intuition to safely drive in traffic. They can’t program intuition so they want to take away the other traffic with driver bans.

    The pollution solution is improved cars, not public cars, trains, buses etc.

    The congestion solution is to work from home and use deliveries instead of retail. (However, work from home is discouraged by many large companies (such as Yahoo’s Blonde CEO) because they fear they cannot enforce their social agenda template upon the worker. They want you to sit in your box at the office so they can literally keep you in a box. We need to change this corporate thinking.)

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