GOP Gov. Ads Provide Comic Relief

It’s pretty difficult to take the Republican TV ads for the governor’s race seriously when they all run together on the local news broadcasts.




We watched three in a row Tuesday. One (Ahlquist spot) would have you believe Raul Labrador and Brad Little are running as partners with Tommy Ahlquist running against Barack Obama. That one was immediately followed by a spot showing Brad Little wearing one of Butch Otter’s old hand-me-down cowboy hats opposing gay marriage.

Raul finally spent some of his donated cash (Ahlquist would have you think it was taxpayer money) for TV spots which SEEMED to supported Planned Parenthood.

As it sits now, the GUARDIAN sees a Hispanic Mormon running against an Emmett farmer who wears Butch Otter’s old hat and a Donald Trump developer with an M.D.



If Paulette Jordan, the Indian maiden on horseback, comes out for the general election after beating the rich Boise school board guy, A.J. Balukoff in the Democratic primary it will be even more fun.

The political comedy is interesting and we eagerly await your comments, serious or light hearted.

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  1. Western Guy
    Mar 20, 2018, 9:33 pm

    Whats even funnier about the Repub’s is how far RIGHT Brad Little has to bend to even get close to the other two numbskulls.

    When will Raul show his total right-wing stuff in Idaho? April blitz?

  2. Eagle Writer
    Mar 21, 2018, 9:11 am

    Raul’s conservative marks are in order and consistent with Idaho. I like him and I like him for governor.

    Brad’s Idaho roots are in order and his conservative marks are moderate, but okay. I like him, and I like him for governor.

    “Tommy,” I don’t know, and would like to like him based upon platform. But I dislike his “go low” negative ads. He must be using the same advisors and same strategy that led to Walt Minnick’s defeat. Maybe after the primary he and Walt can meet and commiserate.

    Trashing good people in your own party who have served Idaho well is not the Idaho way.

  3. Indian princess??? I thought we’d progressed further than using outdated and frankly, stupid, nicknames for minority populations.

    EDITOR NOTE–We ruminated over using the term–which obviously got YOUR attention. The term is no different than “beauty queen, queen of country music, homecoming queen.” While we haven’t researched it, it would be a good bet Ms. Jordan has competed and/or won Indian Princess or similar titles in the past. As we see it, she is also a Native American politician already elected to the legislature and a formidable candidate for Gov. who has published photos of herself riding a horse. BTW, she refers to her father and other male relatives as “chief.”

  4. Defunding and Defending? Those two words mean different things? (Hahahahahaha!)

    I believe it would be a savvy political move, for Ms. Jordan to claim that she and well-known Native American Elizabeth Warren are distant cousins!

    (The local TV stations must be salivating at the prospect of all that special-interest ad money coming in for the next couple months!)

  5. Joe the Plumber
    Mar 21, 2018, 12:00 pm

    I don’t want to lose a good congressman, but dislike all the other possibilities. Especially dislike the builder and the libs.

    Topic I want them all to talk about:

    1) Utility rate and city services rate inflation. No way is hell it’s costing that much more to provide these core services. It’s become a form of tax revenue. 3x in 15 years.
    2) How much ya gonna let the feds dump at INEL (currently dumping Japanese accident waste here?) How much ya gonna charge them to dump it here? Could turn a good profit with it since nowhere else to dump it. We should all be getting a radioactive waste kickback just like oil money in Alaska.
    3) Idaho has enjoyed low crime rates until recently. Do they know why the change? What they gonna do about it? Why has the county put a house full of bums nextdoor without telling anyone?
    5) How much money have they accepted from outsiders? Who owns them? Who they working for while in office? How many girlfriends do they have?
    6) Dare them all to say nasty but true things about George Soros.
    7) Who and how much are their top 5 contributors?
    8) Fracking in Idaho.
    9) Salmon and Dam removal.
    10) Feds locking people out of federal lands.
    11) Bad actor mining companies making a mess and hiding in bankruptcy.
    12) Forest fires allowed to burn for 4 months.
    13) WHY DO ARE SCHOOLS REALLY REALLY SUCK but cost so much anyway.
    14) How many illegals working for your campaign?
    15) Why is the Boise Guardian a better source of news than the legacy paper?
    16) And so many more. Let’s ask em the questions the Media never will.

  6. It would be fun (yet sad) to see Balukoff vs Ahlquist.

    Quite a dilemma for some..
    And we could see which idiot spends more of their own money.

  7. Ahlquist and Little’s pandering to the right is pathetic and rings hollow. No discussion of competent, effective leadership, just right wing baloney.

  8. Idaho Democrats are repeating the mistakes of 2016 National campaign. Try, and try again.
    Balukoff is the same as Clinton- Run again and lose again.
    Jordan is much like Sanders- The outside long-shot.

    Idaho Republicans are also repeating the mistakes of the 2016 National campaign- too many candidates due to lack of party leadership.

    How in the world the Idaho R party is so fractured as to have THREE candidates only represents how dysfunctional the party is currently– in their leadership and in the Legislature.

    The R party (Idaho and national) needs to expel the TeaParty idiots.
    Tea Partiers need to be their own party. That’s YOU Raul. Good luck!

    The Dems need to move on to younger, new candidates.

    Millennials are becoming the largest political demographic. OLD (white) men are not the answer for the future- when they win, it’s a dismal outlook. (Just ask Putin).

    Too bad Ms. Jordan is from the nut-factory of North Idaho.
    Note- she is the ONLY elected Democrat in North Idaho.
    She is the refreshing one of the batch.

  9. Can we go back another 100 years?
    Mar 22, 2018, 2:57 pm

    I really do hope those Millennials organize, register and vote. If Idaho is trying to attract new, young people that is important.

    I know who is going to win already.

  10. Mr. Tommy A should run for office in UTAH. That is where he is from, that is where he spends his campaign money, that is where his daddy lives and runs his company from, and that is the land he knows….not Idaho.

  11. Eagle Writer
    Mar 22, 2018, 6:08 pm

    TFB, you might be new to politics. It is not pandering for a Republican to run to the right during a primary, it is normal practice. The winner will move back toward the middle a notch to pick up Dems in the general election. We expect that.

    Easterner, the Republican party used to be the “next man up” party, and that is why John McCain lost, and then Mitt lost. Going back it is why Bob Dole lost.

    The Party did not make a mistake in 2016 with too many candidates, rather we paraded out our best, picked one, and won the election. That is a hand well played.

    In Idaho it is the strength of our Party that brings up for governor the next man up (Little), a popular congressman (Labrador), and an energetic outsider (Ahlquist). All Republicans, all differently conservative, and a true choice for the voters.

    This is a good, fun, and exciting election year for Idahoans.

  12. Eagle Writer…this time the Ds went with the “next man up.” Thank goodness it didn’t work for them either.

  13. So, an Idahoan, three mormon interlopers, and a feather indian walk into a bar. . .

    Let the games begin!

  14. Stearns, Diane C
    Mar 24, 2018, 11:18 pm

    Raul Labrador’s family is from Puerto Rico, but we didn’t hear even one single word from him when the people there were starving and without clean water. Guess he thinks Trump’s paper towels were good enough…

    As far as I’m concerned, that silence rules him out completely. Besides, we need to get these Republicans out of Idaho and Congress. Think back to Cecil Andrus and what a wonderful job he did for all of us !!!

  15. Take a look
    Mar 25, 2018, 1:41 pm

    It seems as though Little could in no way be involved in any decisions or negotiations affecting agriculture and ranching, and Ahlquist could not act on any real estate or medical issues.

    Oh no.

  16. Joe the Plumber
    Mar 25, 2018, 3:03 pm

    Cecil Andrus would be considered a Republican today. The dems have become commies. Both parties have moved left a great deal.

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