Politicos Have Made Some Positive Moves

It looks like the local politicos have seen the light and are working quietly toward forging a strong bond with voters over local issues. The GUARDIAN is happy to report some of the developments.

Boise’s city councilors have sent a letter to the United States Air Force at Mountain Home, “Respectfully requesting,” that the city of trees not be used for war games by F-15 fighters practicing urban warfare with laser beams.

In Meridian, Mayor Tammy de Weerd was also busy at her letter writing desk. She informed the owner of the private-for-profit Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine she is withdrawing the annual $250,000 payment from the citizens of Meridian.

Ada Commissioners yielded to open space advocates around the Dry Creek area saying, “We realize the value of open space and the burden placed on the community resources such as highways, schools, and infrastructure when new homes are built far outside city limits.”

Over in Canyon County, Commish Tom Dale admitted the three-person board had been trying to figure a “work around” of voters who have repeatedly rejected funding for a new jail. The commishes are set to work with voters toward a jail expansion near the existing facility. Dale quipped, “if they were smart enough to elect us, we should be smart enough to listen to them.”

Idaho’s legislators have agreed to limit public retirement benefits for legislators based only on the stipend they get while serving. Lt. Gov. Brad Little said, “The practice of doling out political appointments for these sponges has to stop. They don’t deserve cushy $95,000 jobs for a few years just to pad their retirements.”

Even in Washington the senate and congress are working on a campaign finance law that will eliminate mega payments from special interests and limit TOTAL campaign spending to no more than $100,000 for Congressional races and $200,000 for the Senate. Sen. Mike Crapo confided to an insider, “Frankly I am ashamed to have accepted the millions of dollars in payments based on my position on the banking committee.” He is planning to donate his “war chest” to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.”

The local TV media has also jumped aboard the Ethics Train. KBOI TV 2 news staff has vowed to ignore orders from Sinclair Broadcasting to air conservative slanted segments like the “Terrorist Desk.” Over at KTVB TV 7 they have agreed to scrap plans to put a church steeple and cross atop the studio.

Finally, the IDAHO STATESMAN announced they will no longer send the daily paper in installments from Twin Falls to those few remaining subscribers.

If you believe ANY of this, consider yourself just another APRIL FOOL.

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  1. Pretty sure the ACHD commissioners also voted to add protected bikelanes on all roads with speeds over 30mph according to the new matrix in the Roadways to Bikeways plan. (They did….let’s see if they follow it)

  2. A friend asked, why can’t we have good things happen in Idaho anymore?
    I think we all deserve what we have. Low voter turnout in most elections is an indication of our chances of good things happening in Idaho in the future.

  3. Clippityclop
    Mar 30, 2018, 1:44 pm

    Dear Mr. Guardian,
    Sigh… If only it were true.

  4. Kent Goldthorpe
    Mar 30, 2018, 2:50 pm

    You almost had me because of the timing and the fact I’d just had lunch and was a little sleepy. If only.


  6. Oh, you almost had me there.

  7. Larry R. Moore
    Mar 30, 2018, 3:32 pm

    Dilly Dilly

  8. Bazzinga!

  9. Bieter Begone
    Mar 31, 2018, 7:38 am

    You had me until the legislator thing with Brad little’s comment.

    April Fools to you Dave!

    More importantly, Happy Easter.

  10. Totally got me 🙁 Good one!

  11. Eagle Writer
    Mar 31, 2018, 10:45 am

    Not likely.
    That can’t be true.
    Oh, I get it. Tricked me.

    Well played!

  12. Wow do i feel gullible! Fortunately your recommended visit to the Ft. Boise Wildlife Mgmt area was no joke! The snow geese and swans put on quite a show!

  13. I was believing every sentence, until I saw the quote attributed to a politician:

    “If they were smart enough to elect us, we should be smart enough to listen to them.”

    Sorry – that was just a little TOO far-fetched and unbelievable!

  14. western guy
    Apr 3, 2018, 4:53 pm


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