Some Ada Commish Candidates Rake In Cash

How much is an Ada Commish seat worth?

While political watchers have been focused on the primary races for Idaho Guv and Congress, the local yokels have been quietly maneuvering in the Ada County Commish race. The latest campaign reports provide some interesting data.

The GUARDIAN abhors the term “contribution” when it comes to payments to politicians. They are NOT charities. Despite the usual patter, who really believes those who pony up the cash really don’t expect anything in return? As an Idaho politico once told us, “when it comes to quid pro quo, there is no reason for the quo without some quid.”

Incumbent Repub Commish Jim Tibbs has tapped contractors and construction firms for some hefty payments with a total of almost $29,000. Case also has been paid by numerous contractors and businesses to the tune of $28,000 and change. He already had $15,448 in his war chest, bringing his total to just over $44,000.

Sharon Ullman is opposing Case in the Repub primary. She seems to be self finance with about $5,000.

But the real shocker is the Basque lady from Mayor Dave Bieter’s office who has taken payments totaling in excess of $76,000. Most of Demo candidate Diana Lachiondo’s cash comes from individual donors. She will challenge Tibbs if the $76,000 earns her a primary victory.

Take a look at the score cards and feel free to offer any insights:








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  1. We pay around $500K in salaries and benefits for those three (not counting Maneely et al.). I have been trying for a year to get an answer from them (just a yes or no) on an issue. The best I can get is “I am only one Commissioner, but we will discuss this.” I realize that much of it stems from the Bisterfeldt, Glenn, or Ullman days,but c’mon! Time for a new crew. Maybe time to go to a part-time Commission of some sort.

  2. So, is Team Dave [Bieter] looking to expand? No matter how we cut it, whether we end up with the Status Quo or new-and-fresh Bieter toadies, it would appear the theme will be Growth at Any Cost! “Pave Ada County!”

    I took a peek at Ullman’s expenditure sheet – not a whole lot there. Payments to Google and Facebook – I assume that moves her name up on the list. There’s an odd one, though – a small payment to what looks to be a software outfit in Sofia, Bulgaria. What the?? For “hacking services,” perhaps? (haha) Or maybe their package was more attractive than that being offered by Cambridge Analytics.

  3. Those dang immigrants!
    Ada County needs a WALL!

  4. Always good to see the transparency through the Idaho Sunshine laws.

    Candidate Ullman appears to have not loaned her campaign the $5,000, thus there will not be a repayment if she should get anyone to contribute to her campaign. This is unlike other candidates salting the pot expecting a repayment.

    I have not seen anything about the Dynamis debacle under Ullman’s leadership and the loss to Ada County for a stupid contract, pushed by her, leading to a $$2 million dollar loss. Is this wound something for the General election IF she would become the candidate.

  5. Michael Quinlan
    May 9, 2018, 11:38 am

    bikeboy — ICDSoft hosts web sites.

    Her site appears to be hosted by them (indirectly, through SureSupport).

    I’m not sure why she would use a Bulgarian host and not a more popular site like DreamHost, GoDaddy, etc.

  6. Dave Kangas
    May 9, 2018, 11:41 am

    What scares me about what is happening in Ada County, as a whole, is a general lack of direction. It seems what is happening is just happening, which is not good planning. Also, if the stadium gets built downtown, what is the future of the fairgrounds? I see little fight going to keep the stadium alive or to put some energy and a plan in place for the fairgrounds in the future…. IMO that probably means developers are lined up, just waiting, waiting.

  7. Stephanie Rael
    May 9, 2018, 1:40 pm

    Anyone notice the multiple donations to Dave Case and Jim Tibbs in the thousands of dollars from donors with ties to a private equity firm in Bellevue, Washington that has deep ties to homebuilders and real estate? Wonder why they are so interested in a county commissioner election in Ada County, Idaho…

  8. She’s gotta be delusional if she thinks anyone wants her back! She’s one scary, nasty former commisioner who was instrumental in the Dynamis mess, the $2 mil that was illegally made. No transparency with her along with that other —-, Yzaguirre, whose Eagle past transgressions never truly caught up to him. Google him for details.

    Does Ullman even reside in the boundaries or is she freeloading in someone else’s house? She’s been a Utah resident I believe. Anyway hope no one is stupid enough to let her in the door again. If they do they get what they deserve.

  9. Correction:

    Diana Lachiondo is married to a man with Basque heritage.

    What is the point? Why (mistakenly) call out any candidate’s ethnic heritage?

    EDITOR NOTE–She actually IS Basque as is her boss. She wears her ethnicity with pride as does the mayor who brings Basque officials to Boise, features Basque dancers as recently as Monday or Tuesday for visiting officials, etc. This mayor leans to his heritage and high school alma mater as strongly as a previous mayor did toward the LDS church. A gubernatorial candidate is currently touting his “rancher” past, just like the incumbent who wears cowboy hat and boots. These are facts, not “call outs.”

  10. Oop! I’m wrong Diana IS Basque. But, so what? It doesn’t make her one of the mayor’s “toadies.”

    EDITOR NOTE–See previous comment. BTW, lots of Basque names and folks loyal to the mayor show up on her impressive and extensive donor lists.

  11. The amount of money a candidate raises is directly correlated to how corrupt they will be when entering office.

  12. The fact that 10 percent of Lachiondo’s contributions are from folks with Basque surnames signifies exactly what? There are also lots of Democrats among Lachiondo’s contributors. She’s a Basque Democrat who worked for the mayor. That does not make her anyone’s “toadie.” Those who think so don’t know Diana or the work she’s done for the community.

    EDITOR NOTE–PLEASE! Stop referring to this nice lady as a “toadie.” Please focus on her work for the community with drug and alcohol treatment and her qualifications for county office.

  13. Rubula,
    you might instead ask Mrs. Lachiondo “What is the Point?”

    She is certainly flying the Basque banner. From HER website:
    “My grandfather came to Boise from the Basque country as a teenager and, though he had nothing, was able to build a life, successful business, and family here.”

    Good for him!
    Just like TODAY, our immigrants and REFUGEES add a lot to our American society.

    People such as Trump (and some readers here) who don’t agree with an open-arm policy to people from other countries (other than Norway and Slovenia), don’t deserve the privilege of being here.

    So, why not “call out someone’s ethnic heritage”?

    Go Diana!

  14. I did a little investigation into the Bellevue Washington Office Suite. They donated $4800 to Tibbs and $5500 to Case. Jeffery Gow is part of the group, that all seems to be related, as 5 of the 7 contributors share the last name Gow, while two of them are Youngs. They all share the same Bellevue Washington address.

    Jeffery Gow is a former principal for a massive development company, Polygon Homes, they built nearly 16,000 homes since 1991. According to a Seattle Times article in 2014 Polygon sold to William Lyon Homes for $520 million.

    Gow is currently the director of Western Capital Corporation, a bank that merged with Northwest Bank in 2012.

    In my opinion, the only way to stop two individuals from having so much power over our entire county is to add more commissioners. Perhaps five…these two guys wield too much power.

    I find it interesting that this is the first campaign Case has run without contributions from county contractors…yet. My best bet is that with the final report due after the election we’ll see them all: Allied Waste, Butler Amusement and possibly the Alabama Horse Racing group. Tibbs report does show one county contractor contribution, which is Michael Brayovoch of Butler Amusement.

    “Western Capital Bank and Northwest Bank operate in their markets in an almost identical manner,” said Jeff Gow, Chairman, Western Capital Bank. “Bringing these two banks together to form a larger and stronger organization focused on two of the most dynamic metropolitan areas in the Northwest will provide their business and professional clients with greater products and services at a time when the region is entering its next growth cycle,” he continued.

    Western Capital Bank was formed in March 2008 to focus on the Boise Metropolitan market, and had $158 million in assets and $32.7 million in capital as of December 31, 2011. Northwest Bank was formed in June 2005 to focus on the Portland Metropolitan market, and had $104 million in assets and $8.8 million in capital as of December 31, 2011. Together, the combined banks will have one of the strongest capital ratios of any bank operating in the Northwest.

  15. Wow,. Mary. Most folks just suggest that Dave do all that work. Nicely done–and appreciated.

  16. Clippityclop
    May 11, 2018, 8:02 am

    I wonder how many development projects approved by Commissioners Case and Tibbs have been financed by these banks. Hopefully some intrepid investigative reporter will follow the money. Transparency is so illuminating.

  17. Easterner, I don’t think most are against immigration, although I would argue most are against the welfare that many receive. Moreover, I would say that most are against those that come here illegally. What people seem to forget is the welfare system has not been around since the founding of the country. Nobody should be faulted for wanting a better life, but if that better life occurs as a result of subsistence that is a different story.

  18. Boise Citizen
    May 14, 2018, 7:20 pm

    I am sorry that both Case and Tibbs do not have another primary opponent.
    I have personally done business with both as County Commissioners and both said one thing and did another. Neither can be trusted.

  19. “I’m not sure why she would use a Bulgarian host and not a more popular site…”

    Luckily, there are people that choose hosting services purely based on their quality and features, and not based on any geographic, political, ethnic, or any other prejudice. Prejudice and politics are not going well together.

    ICDSoft is indeed a company incorporated in Bulgaria, but it has hosting servers in the United States as well – the mentioned site is hosted here in the States.

    Greetings to all, ICDSoft

  20. Adam, In the words of someone famous, “we ALL need a little help”– No immigration at the expense of subsistence is not a historically valid point.

    But it is right on topic for today’s election day since some candidates are campaigning on that ignorant message.

    People coming here from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen are NOT coming here illegally.
    But some white-trash people get upset if a Somalia family got housing assistance upon arrival.

    People from those ‘shthole countries’ are not coming here to receive welfare.
    Trump’s direct tweet: “Why do we want all these people from ‘shthole countries’ coming here?”

    I’m sure someone thought the same about the Basque once upon a time– (probably some Irishman)- but it certainly was not an elected President.

    So Adam, your main point is obviously directed at Mexicans and Latinos.
    But a person here without some valid documentation is not really getting much ‘welfare’ other than the opportunity to work enough to send money back to their impoverished family; free emergency room medical care (as does anyone without health care) as do tourists without US health insurance; and education when they can slip into the system.

    Perhaps we could use our resources to help our neighbors to the south instead building a useless wall. Let’s improve the process instead of jamming it up more. You know, “help your neighbor” like the Bible says.

    If a positive immigration policy is successful, Latinos won’t want to risk their lives just to work in a menial job here.

    Perhaps we could focus on helping others make a better life for themselves, whether in Mexico or Syria.

    This message has been endorsed by the “Eastie for King” campaign.

  21. Any evidence that immigrants are more likely than natives to depend on welfare?

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