“Cowboys And Indians” For Guv Race

The pre-season election game is over and now the regular season matches are scheduled for November 6.

It looks like it will be a game of “cowboys and Indians” for the guv seat with Paulette Jordan riding her Democratic pony and Brad Little on his Republican mount. The campaign TV spots should be fun to watch–sort of like the Budweiser Clydesdales.

Russ Fulcher took aim at Dave Leroy and pretty much hit a bulls eye with his mom and a shotgun for props in the Repub 1st Congressional District race.

Look for a summer filled with political maneuvers at the Ada Courthouse. Like Phoenix rising from the ashes, Sharon Ullman is back as the Repub commish candidate after wiping out Dave Case who took her out the last time around.

Repub Jim Tibbs, a Case ally, will face Dem Diana Lachiondo in the general election. He will pretty much be (dare we say it?) “out of commission” barring a miracle. Lachiondo has a war chest with $76,000 and the support of Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, her boss. If either Ullman or Lachiondo win, they are likely to get the support of Commish Rick Visser who has been a low profile member of the board, often at odds with Case and Tibbs according to insiders. On a three member board it takes only two votes to carry the day.

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  1. Boise Citizen
    May 16, 2018, 1:13 am

    Good to see Dave Case will be gone.

  2. The two LDS guys split 58% of the vote and provide a clear victory to Brad Little who got 38%. Saw that coming a mile away. oops

    Shows a developer from Utah can almost get as many votes as a sitting Idaho Congressman…not a good thing.

  3. Bieter Begone
    May 16, 2018, 7:41 am

    Money isn’t everything, I remember a well funded Bieter bot named TJ, running for the county commission, putting out literature showing him with guns and trying to be a good Ol boy, losing to Visser with his minimal war chest.

    Lachiondo will have to do more than just want to spend money on regressive goodies even with all the money in the world.

    Being associated with Bieter the bully might not be a credential anymore. People are getting quite tired of him and his shoving his “projects” down our throats.

  4. OR, it can be billed as the “Battle of Sexes”.

    Given the recent trend in our society, I think this will be the message of the 2018 campaign, everywhere.

    Idaho’s Lt Governor will be a woman.
    School Super will be a woman.
    Treasurer will be a woman.

    CD1 will have a female candidate on the Democrat side.
    Sec of State will have a female candidate on the Democrat side.

    We already saw some it in the Boise city council election and now the state election.

    Half of the population is female and that’s enough to win in most contests.

    I personally think this is the back-lash of Trump’s sexist and racist message.

    Remember, Billie Jean King won the tennis match!

    2018 might just be the political ‘rejection of old white men’ — regardless of party affiliation.

    -Eastie said it here first. 🙂

  5. What kind of garbage racist headline is this? Now that we have a native woman as the democratic candidate, maybe BG should spring for some additional education for its reporters & editors. Could start by googling “how to avoid offensive stereotypes of native americans.”

    EDITOR NOTE–Devon, you are totally out of line in your complaint! Both candidates strongly push their heritage. Here is what Jordan herself told INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY

    Jordan said she is “honored by the widespread support received from my relatives throughout Indian Country.”

    “This is a huge step for us and I’m excited to be on this journey with all of you. This is a great indicator of where we as indigenous progressive leaders in rural states can help lead our communities,” Jordan said.

    Are you also offended that we call Little a “cowboy?” He was really a sheep man, but still a “rancher.” You can also look for future references to a “feather in her cap” when the likes of Cher endorse her, Little trying to “pull the wool over our eyes,” and other metaphors. It looks like “old white men” will soon be a no-no as well. Perhaps, “wise caucasian males” will replace the offensive term used by “progressive women.” Get over it!

  6. C’mon Dave. You’re treading on the thin ice of offensiveness.

    EDITOR NOTE–see previous defense. Also with the Basque Lady running against Tibbs, we get this from the opening lines of her website, “My grandfather came to Boise from the Basque country as a teenager and, though he had nothing, was able to build a life, successful business, and family here.”

    SHE, not the GUARDIAN injects the Basque heritage…which is great.

  7. The modern Native woman has a very good chance. Primaries are ‘thinking’ voters who have studied the candidates. November elections are emotional ‘feeling’ voters. Decades of Butch and his pals is like too much time between laundry visits for the emotional voter. It will be successfully exploited by her?

    Gosh, I hope not. She will do to Idaho what the libs have done to New Mexico. If we had term limits we could have avoided this problem. The political parties themselves would benefit from term limits by keeping a fresh face on top. Little would be coasting into his second and last term right now if we had them.

    Outrageous amounts of George Soros money is about to rain down on Idaho. I still want that 1 point sales tax (Kemthorne) returned to us Butch. You’ve had surpluses. All Republicans drift left with age. Maybe Little will campaign on dropping several taxes. He’d better have something good and appealing.

    On the Ada county side. For all the flack Bieter gets for pandering to developers. The two cops on the Ada commission are worse. The county is building up with very little planning. Pretty much anything goes. Biggest problem is getting utilities extended by Boise city. So, might be good to break up the club. The whole valley is going to be a serious mess in a few years because of failure to have and follow an overall master plan. The county commissioners could be the lead agents in such a plan but are mostly silent. They have the best part time job in Idaho.

    Honorable mention. ACHD still thinks rock chips and reflectors on a rough two lane will make it a four lane.

  8. What kind of stupid name is Devon

  9. Not a clueless racist
    May 16, 2018, 10:36 am

    Glad still see BG has some pretty big morons on their staff meetings. Pretty sad how this garbage can be a representation of Idaho media. You all there should really be ashamed of yourselves for letting this come to print. Have fun finding jobs after print is completely dead.

    EDITOR NOTE–See note to DEVON comment.

  10. Devon is a great example of the ridiculous over sensitivity that caused, and will cause again, the Trump election. Please keep up the good work Devon, you are making America Great Again.

  11. As a 5th generation Idahoan the title of this post is post accurate and appropriate.

    Those who are new to the state and have no feeling for either the states heritage, culture or diversity can you can go back to where you came from and whine there.

    Good job editor! Keep up the great work.

  12. OK folks. ANTH101 lesson here:

    A Native American calling herself an Indian is a statement of fact.

    A dominant culture person, especially in a position of power such as an editorial board member, calling upon a meme of “white people killing non-white-people” is in fact racist.

    Is this a cross-burning, sheet-wearing act of racism? No. But, it is just another microaggression against a minority person.

    So no, you should not have used what I assume you felt was a “catchy little joke” for your headline. It is regressive, unkind, and a very poor example of leadership.

    But keep using the straw man that “she calls herself an Indian,” it really drives home the point that you’re a callus, tone-deaf, bully.

  13. Here’s one reader who appreciates the Boise Guardian “livening things up” a little! And, I’m in general agreement with “She’s In?” – insightful and entertaining. (There are a few people whose mission in life is to find things to be offended by… glad to see their comments, as well. Political Correctness has stifled honest dialogue.)

    Gotta say I was surprised to see Ms. Jordan prevail over previous Democrat contender Balukoff (who is a personal friend). But – she raised her profile in a big way over the past few months. And is obviously much more qualified to run on her Native American heritage than Elizabeth Warren, back east.

    If Labrador had won, the November race could truly have been about political ideology. (My take is that Jordan is much more “progressive” than Balukoff, what with her endorsements from Planned Parenthood, Our Revolution (?), the Bernie People, Soros Youth, etc.) (I made that last one up.) She’ll need to convince lots of conservative folk statewide, even though she’s running against “the establishment,” and lots of us on the right and left are weary of “business as usual.”

  14. This article speaks only of your ignorance, sexism, and I suspect your feeling threatened that a woman, a Native American Woman at that, just may be our next Governor. Go ahead…write more articles on Jordan, show us just how obtuse you can be.

  15. Amber Labelle
    May 16, 2018, 1:58 pm

    This is a grossly inappropriate headline. To pitch this important electoral race in tired racist stereotypes is lazy and ineffective reporting. I expect you will issue an apology, a retraction and a resubmission with fair, humane and useful content.

  16. I don’t think the problem with “Cowboys vs. Indians” is a problem of using the word “Indian” as you implied in your response to Devon.

    The term “Cowboys vs. Indians” when used as a game for kids often placed Cowboys as heroes and Native Americans as villains. This connotation isn’t completely gone today despite more knowledge about the racism that natives have and still endure.

    To use the term in a glib headline to sound clever seems willfully ignorant of social context, seeing heritage and identities as nothing more than words to make jokes out of rather than acknowledging the historical realities of those terms.

    Would you use a used-to-be-common turn of phrase about the power imbalance between slaves and masters if a black person was running against a white person? How about a reference to World War 2 if a Jewish person were running?
    Probably not, because it’s not as catchy, but also because in those situations, we’ve accepted wrongdoing on the part of the oppressors, where people still romanticize cowboys and the violence they perpetuated to this day.

  17. The fact that the Editor is actually defending this headline is a clear indication of how ignorant the BG truly is. You are not exactly improving the image most of the country already has of Idaho with this headline and the defense of it.

  18. Rachel Goochey
    May 16, 2018, 2:17 pm

    This headline is so disappointing. Paulette Jordan can refer to herself however she wants to, but that doesnt give you the liberty to turn two intelligent politicians into caricatures. This is poor reporting.

  19. Smooth headline there. While not exactly racist, it isn’t exactly innocent either. I know this, you know this, everyone knows this. It is a crafty way to conjure up feelings of us against them while still being able to say, “Who me? I’m not racist”.
    Try to do better. A dog whistle is the same no matter who blows it.

  20. Eagle Writer
    May 16, 2018, 2:31 pm

    Grognard, I find your use of the term “straw man” deeply offensive to those of us who came from a lineage and culture of hay farming. My dad was derisively call a straw man. It is so diminishing.

    Strike the above. The comment, not Grognard. Actually I’m not offended at all. Dad was strong and those are just words. And the real point is that if Ms. Jordan is offended that is her call to make. She is the one to call for the editor’s scalp – not all of the people who insult her ability to carry her own water.

    And therein lies the problem of the take-offense-for-other-people crowd. They don’t believe women or minorities can succeed without being propped up by others, that they are weak, and victims.

    Paulette Jordan is neither. She won an impressive victory without the help of the sexist and racist Idaho Democratic Party. She will run a strong campaign and will be a formidable opponent for Mr. Little. He will indeed need to cowboy up.

  21. Is there a list of “dog whistle” phrases somewhere? I am constantly surprised by that phrase.

    EDITOR NOTE–As I recall, only DOGS can hear those whistles!

  22. Bernice Olivas
    May 16, 2018, 3:06 pm

    Ethnic studies 101:
    Conceptualizing the race for governor as a fight between “Cowboys and Indians” is engaging in casual racism, lazy and a lttle gross.

    The cowboy vs Indian trope–and yes it is tired, tired, trope in this country–is built on very specific understandings of how the world works. It begins with the cowboy as hero, as representative of civilization, the west, and all things American. The cowboy is John Wayne, the Cartwrights, and Gene Autry.

    And the Indians? Well, pick a stereotype. At best the Indian is simply doomed to lose because of manifest destiny and at worst they are the “savage” to be kept at bay.

    These are the foundational concepts of the large majority of the “cowboy vs Indian” story we tell.

    The American imagination has been well trained to perceive cowboys as the hero and Indians as either the inevitable loser or the villain.

    So can we Not?

    Can we just not use tired, racist, microaggresive tropes, terms, and idioms to discuss this election?

    I absolutely understand that the writer and editor had zero intention of racism or disrespect however this headline is an example of the kind of causal, thoughtless racism people of color deal with every day.

    Do better.

    As you can see from a number of earlier comments, your readers and members of our community are calling on you to do better. So take a breath, re-center yourself, push away feeling defensive—this is not about calling any one a racist– it is about the headline being racially charged, tone deaf and a little gross.

    Everyone makes mistakes. Just do better.

    Some ways to do better.
    1. When discussing candidate Jordan refer to her heritage by using her tribe. This shows that you understand that Native folks are not monolithic and shows her community respect.

    2. Think about the idioms, sayings, and phrases you use in this discussion. If the majority of examples for a phrase you are using (like Cowboys vs Indians) presents Native in either a banal or negative manner–don’t use it. For example, no rain dances, warpaths, or peace pipes please. If you can’t write about the true nature of these things than at best you will be using a cliché and at worst you will be engaging in casual racism.

    3. Try to consider the larger, complex history of Native folks in Idaho. It’s an difficult reality that includes massacres, land theft, occupation, and cultural erasure. Don’t treat it casually. Use the mindfulness you might use if writing about the grandchild of a holocaust survivors.

    Seriously, just do better.

  23. Caitlin Copple Masingill
    May 16, 2018, 3:35 pm

    What Bernice said. Your headline was racist and totally inexcusable. Do better.

  24. Sheesh:

    Your 1% sales tax just got redistributed via the income tax “cut” the 2018 Idaho Legislature laid on us, 81 % of which goes to out-of-state corporations, according to the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy.

  25. Shame about Ullman
    May 16, 2018, 3:39 pm

    Not surprised but disappointed that Ada County forgot the nasty person Ullman was last go round. County workers hated her and feared her. Long memory and spiteful. Of course Ada has a short memory. I’ll give her credit for spending little and rallying supporters. Just a shame she is back because she only cares about herself and lookin good. Expect more backdoor deals like Dynamis. Wish there was a watchdog site that people could send anonymous tips to. Interested Dave?

  26. Bernice said it perfectly. Do better.

    This headline is horribly offensive and is deeply hurtful to indigenous populations. There are many other ways you could have said it comes down to “Little” and “Jordan” during the general. Do better.

  27. Yeah, Dave,

    When ya gonna reign in your bloated staff of reporters?

    Oh, about the dog whistle. The point IS that only “dogs” hear it. You obviously are not one of them.

  28. Dear Editor:

    Why isn’t anybody speaking up in condemnation of your crude “cowboy” stereotype? Oh, yeah, I forgot… white (“northern European” derivative) males are fair game. Everybody else is a fragile protected class, in 2018 America!

    (Speaking of cowboys, I’m offended that somebody invoking “Mel Brooks” is complaining! THERE’S some irony for ya!! Haha!)

    “Being offended” is a choice! And, last time I read the Constitution, there’s nothing in there about “a right to not be offended.” (No longer taught on college campuses and such.)

    I’d love to hear from candidate Jordan… if she’s half the woman I assume her to be, she’d be amused rather than offended.

    PLEASE don’t kowtow to the easily-offended among us, Mr. Guardian. There are plenty of “sanitized for your protection” news outlets; I like the “ignorant” Guardian because now and then you toss a little cherry bomb out there. (Yeah, I don’t always agree… but I’ll choose to not be offended.)

  29. Oh – one more thing. (Sorry!) Since we’re focused on Native Americans…

    I love to stop at the historical/interpretive site on the side of US95, near the top of White Bird Hill. For it was there that a few of Chief Joseph’s fellow Nez Perce braves (led by his brother Ollokot) kicked some paleface butt! It was no Little Bighorn, but it was a victory for the Native Americans, who SURELY got one raw deal after another from our early leaders.

    At the bottom of the hill (on the OLD hairpin highway) there’s a small, timeworn monument, commemorating the brave white guys who lost. How about an equal monument for the Native Americans at the site of the battles THEY lost?

    But, I digress.

    EDITOR NOTE–Bikeboy, thanks for your comments, but we really don’t need to continue the “Indian Wars” anymore than we need to continue the Civil War over flags and statues.

  30. Eagle Writer
    May 16, 2018, 4:23 pm

    Bernice, you write “…it is about the headline being racially charged, tone deaf and a little gross.”

    The above, found among your lecture on ethnic cleansing. Please explain your points: 1) “the headline is racially charged.” In what way? Name the races, and explain the charging.”

    2) “tone deaf.” What tone is not heard? If it is not heard how is it a problem?

    3) “a little gross.” Like putting worms on a fishhook? A man finding tofu on his plate? Explain.

    Now, back to ethnic cleansing. Who gave you the right to choose the appropriateness of the cultural language of my ancestors? Who gave you the right to choose my heroes or what I consider “American?”

    You have the right to submit your lecture (dog whistle) and I have the right to not hear or obey (old dog). But I am curious who taught you that you are right in what you wrote? And what makes it any “righter” than an alternative, traditional, American view? The one that was handed down from my fore-bearers? The one that was taught to me in public school? The one that I served in our military to defend? The one that I voted to protect and preserve just yesterday? The one that is “…all things American” as you say.

    Yep. That one.

    That one.

  31. Bernice, please ‘do better’ on your US History.
    Invoking Gene Autry? That’s low Bernice!

    It was not “cowboys” that forced tribes onto reservations.
    It was not cowboys that caused the Trail of Tears -that was President Jackson (coincidentally, inspiration for Trump).
    It was not cowboys pursuing the Nez Perce.
    It was not cowboys showing up at Little Big Horn.
    It was not cowboys escorting settlers.
    It was not the cowboys! The cowboys were too busy with other things…
    So if you like to entertain the racism of “Soldiers and Indians” as a headline, knock yourself out.

    Love your work on English 100, but seriously, do do better at History Bernice. I also object to your #3.
    I will make note YOU too are using the term “Indian” in your message and painting an awful picture.

    Let’s “do better” Bernice, which is TOTALLY different than the “be best” campaign. 😉

  32. Your headline is inappropriate and immature, and a good example of why we need more diversity in politics and media.

  33. Political correctness
    May 16, 2018, 5:41 pm

    The headline was probably “tongue in cheek”. There are some politically correct rules that don’t apply to satire. The issue is though, that politically incorrect statements can harm peoples image, especially among those who are overly sensitive or if there is a contingent who is seriously in to politically correct, and politically correct statements can whitewash (oops is that one of those words?) identity, preference, culture, history, and sometimes facts. The issue in this argument is that the argument is oversimplifying things.

    I am glad to see two strong candidates. Little is a 3rd generation rancher. (Were they immigrants – you bet.) Jordan is a Native American whose full heritage has not been put forth, as far as I know. Is she a 3rd generation something commercial, such as rancher? No. I’m sure her heritage is a proud and strong one.

    I don’t think it was cool for the Cowboys to inflict their aggression upon the Indians. But the Barney song wasn’t written yet.

    This would be a beautiful, productive, and progressive blue state. Need a great Chief.

  34. Bernice Olivas
    May 16, 2018, 5:46 pm

    Eagle Writer and Easterner

    Do better with critical reading.

    Eagle Writer,
    The answers to your questions are already in my comment. Feel free to keep ignoring them while you try to deflect the conversation.

    Reread it. Notice that I am specifically referring to problem of the headline invoking a trope that has a very specific
    connotation. A trope that has been built on a long history of representing Cowboys in one way (let’s start just start with Cowboy T.V in the 50’s and move through to the last version of “The Lone Ranger”) and Indians in another. Representation via image, story, radio that tend, in the majority of cases, to depict the same ideas is called a “cultural narrative.”

    When we use a phrase or trope that evokes a cultural narrative that typically casts a group of folks who are marginalized negatively and the dominant culture as positive we are making a rhetorical choice to use not just the words but the weight of what they have come to represent over time and the weight of the cultural narrative.

    If you reread, you will also note that I made zero judgement on the term “Indian”–my critique was centered on the use of the phrase “Cowboys vs Indians”–feel free to continue ignoring the distinction.

    Again, if you reread, you will also note that I am in no way suggesting who you may or may not idolize or what language you find or do not find appropriate. I am however, clearly, explaining why invoking the cultural narrative of “cowboys vs. Indians” is engaging in casual racism.

    You do you. But that doesn’t doesn’t change the long history of embedded negative representation in the phrase “Cowboys vs. Indians” or the fact many of the readers noted that problems with that choice.

    As for my credentials–you want my indigenous bloodline or my PhD?

    EDITOR NOTE–With all due respect, we now (really) have “DUELING DOCTORATES.”

  35. Bernice Olivas
    May 16, 2018, 6:00 pm

    Critical reading folks.

    Again, my comment centered directly on the rhetorical choice of the phrase “Cowboys vs Indians” and the cultural narrative via unequal and negative representation which it invoked in this headline.

    At no point did I imply that Cowboy (as a word, identity, or profession)was a bad thing, just that when it is used in the phrase “Cowboys vs Indians” it carries the weight of they way these terms are historically represented–Cowboys as beloved,heroic figures while Indian has been represented quite differently.

    Nor did I accuse Cowboys of any of the historical actions you bring up. I pointed out that the writer should be aware of Idaho’s history with native folks and that they should be mindful of it in their writing.

    I do find it very telling that you are clearly aware that if the headline had read “Soldiers vs Indians” it would have been clearly racist while the more subtle embedded racism in the way the headline uses the phrase “Cowboys vs Indians” is invisible to you.

  36. Bernice Olivas
    May 16, 2018, 6:19 pm

    At the end of the day, writers make choices. If this writer is cool with his choice, than that is both his business and his right.

    If you want to argue in defense of or against his choice to use the phrase “Cowboys vs Indians” that’s cool too.

    But lets all be honest about what we are arguing about shall we?

    The word Indian is not the problem.

    The word Cowboy is not the problem.

    The phrase “cowboys vs Indians” to describe an election is what folks are calling out as a problem.

    If you don’t think the phrase “Cowboys vs Indians” is problematic, great, argue away.

    If you think that the phrase is unfairly characterized as problematic, great, argue away.

    (to note an interesting argument posed in the comments) if you think the phrase was rhetorically chosen satirically and folks are misreading it-great, argue away.

    But don’t deflect.

    Arguments based on the following are deflecting the conversation.

    “people are too sensitive”
    “it doesn’t offend me so it shouldn’t offend anyone else”
    “It does offend me so it should offend everyone else”
    “Don’t tell other people what to do/say/think.”

    EDITOR NOTE–Hey Benice, this is my blog! You can’t set the rules. Folks can deflect and offer their thoughts. 🙂

  37. Their own words
    May 16, 2018, 6:24 pm

    ……….hundreds of Idaho Indians of various tribal affiliations would ride into Montana on cooperative buffalo hunts. The last great hunt of this type occurred in 1864, signaling the end of a traditional way of life.

  38. 4th Grade Idaho History - From ISU
    May 16, 2018, 6:28 pm


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  39. Bieter Begone
    May 16, 2018, 7:29 pm

    Good lord there are a lot of terminally aggrieved posters here. Lighten up people.

    Cowboy v Indian is cute. To think otherwise is just to be a perpetually whiny snowflake. Sheesh.

  40. Post and Comments
    May 16, 2018, 7:35 pm

    It is unbelievable that such short post evoked so many lengthy passionate comments. Clearly the title and its intent can be interpreted any way you want to, it is totally up to the reader to react. There is even children’s game named that way.
    I would be curious to learn what Jordan and Little think of this post, and the comments.

  41. I think if you can read you will see the title is Cowboys AND Indians not Cowboys VERSUS Indians.

  42. Know Better
    May 16, 2018, 8:00 pm

    David Frazier, your headline is offensive and you know it. You used the headline because you knew it would draw attention. It’s sensationalist, offensive, and racist.

  43. Trudy McGavin
    May 16, 2018, 8:02 pm

    David Frazier, your headline is offensive and you know it. You used the headline because you knew it would draw attention. It’s sensationalist, offensive, and racist. Guess you got the attention you wanted, albeit negative.

  44. Eagle Writer
    May 16, 2018, 8:10 pm

    Let’s keep in mind that political correctness is a theory and not a law. We have not amended it into the Constitution. We have no obligation to adopt it in our communications. I find literal accuracy far more satisfying.

    Bernice, you answered more than you know by whipping out your degree, and the Editor is right in his note.

    I appreciate BBegone’s point – lighten up (all). It was a headline on a blog. Conversely I am quite sure Bernice Oliva’s lectures could qualify as “enhanced interrogation techniques” if read to terrorists.

  45. Note to the editor: I should have been more clear and explicitly stated that the comment was specifically intended for the two commentors who addressed me rather than an attempt to set rules for your blog rather than writing it as a general address to the whole audience.

    Your blog, your rules. No argument.

    As for with my dialogue with the other two commenters, my dialogue, my rules. 😉

  46. This article is offensive. Plain and simple. The word “Indian” is outdated and considered by natives as offensive. Show some class. Stop trying to be so catchy. It doesn’t look so good on you.

  47. April Crowell
    May 16, 2018, 8:52 pm

    What’s with that headline? Pretty deplorable. Hire some editors with social and racial awareness and tact.

  48. Eagle Writer
    May 16, 2018, 9:20 pm

    Katie, on what date was the word “Indian” declared outdated, and by whom?

    Who told/taught you that and why did you believe them?

  49. I am an Indian and Proud
    May 16, 2018, 9:22 pm

    I am an Idaho Indian and proud of that title. We use the term Indian even today on our reservation and in social media.

    Even we played “cowboys and indians” as kids and I for one was proud to be like Tonto and my friend the Lone Ranger.

    It would be nice to see all of you that think you know Indians to come spend some time with our family at Fort Hall.

    I agree – lighten up.

  50. Ohhh Bernice,,,,,
    You say it’s your dialogue???
    “MY” dialogue is kinda of selfish isn’t it? If you are chatting with me and Eagle Writer, then in Spicolli’s style, doesn’t that make it “our dialogue”?
    BTW, Your side of our dialogue is still weak.

    You typed, “critical reading” as if YOU are the expert on reading… I know, you have a PhD in English. Congrats, how is that student loan?
    Soooo, then when you flip your dialogue to c VS i, you really FAIL the critical reading test. Really!
    The headline is not “VS”… even if it were, (still editorial writing) that is just fine when writing about a contest, you still fail. Grade F+. You get an extra point for being nice.
    Try to “do better” next time, professor.
    Academia!!!! Ugh.

  51. Holy Cow editor! Home run headline. Has CNN called to accuse you of racism yet?

    Be careful Indians. All these libtarded privileged white folk bitching at the editor on your behalf think they know what’s best for you. And they have the power to make it the law in some states.

    Perhaps I don’t need to give warning. After all most minorities see through it. They know it is exactly this type of thinking in the political power circles and academia that has caused so much trouble. It is very important to the left to keep the race fires burning brightly. Can always count on a leftist to pour gasoline of the smoldering coals.

    I’m a little bit Indian. I voted for B. Little because he’s most likely to keep Idaho’s rudder centered. You may have noticed the large influx to Idaho from states run aground by liberals? I don’t want a liberal Idaho. There will be nowhere else to hide. I voted for Trump because Hillary is clearly the nastiest person alive and an obvious unprosecuted crook. This race will be different from that nastiness. I think Little has a serious problem to overcome.

  52. Offensive or not, Dave, you’ve sparked some of the best, mostly civil dialog I’ve seen here in a while.

    But, as you noted earlier, Brad is a shepherd—sheep herder in Idahonian. If nothing else, that should qualify him. This’ll be a larger band than he’s used to herding, ‘tho.

    If the healthcare initiative makes it onto the ballot, it could pull some votes for Jordan unless can do a better job of selling Butch’s idea or come up with another.

  53. The horse racing folks blame Otter/Little for doing away with the instant racing ( other wise known as slot machines) in there effort to saving horse racing in Idaho. They also blame the North Idaho Indian tribes because they are trying to keep a monopoly on gaming in Idaho

    The horse racing group just spent a cool $1.3 million to get a ballot initiative in November to allow the slot machines back at Les Bois race track. The Idaho Press-Tribune reported Treasure Valley Racing LLC was the only donor listed on the Committee to Save Idaho Horse Racing, Create Jobs, and Fund Public Schools’ campaign finance reports filed with the Idaho Secretary of State’s office.

    Jordon has to be horse racings folks worse election nightmare . She is a Senior Executive Board representative, Finance Chair and Energy Initiative Chair for the National Indian Gaming Association.

  54. Beiter Begone; If we are to accept this as ok and cute, I wonder how Jews vs. Nazi’s would mow over should our political runners come from such backgrounds. Is that cute? Perhaps slaves vs. plantation owners, Mormons or cultist vs Protestants. Would that hit home and cute? Hicks vs elite? This list can go on.

    Why not allow dem vs rep to be an appropriate title such as it would be if both candidates where white males as we typically see? Moreover, when someone who is not a white male can overcome the barriers (that many white people can only assume to be difficult yet do not have the lived experience) why not comment on the merits of that achievement, because it is huge, rather than make it about race vs the norm? Try to look at it from a strength-based lens and not a privileged lens. No one is asking (yet again) the Native Americans if its offensive, you’re just assuming it’s not and saying “lighten up because it’s cute”.
    When I was very young my great grandma told me about how she was taken from her home and family and sent to a mission school. She had to clean horses for soldiers who came to the mission school one day. She said the horses had blood on them. Wounded Knee South Dakota, the blood of her family but didn’t know. I’m an enrolled member of the Lakota, born and raised and I don’t care for the Cowboys vs. Indians title. I’ve been in Idaho since my military service ended in 1993 and now call Idaho home. It is offensive and originates from war, killing, rape, abuse, theft, and genocide. It by no means is cute.

  55. “Cowboys and Indians” ? Seriously? And here I thought it was 2018.

    This is not cute. This is not funny. This is belittling, condescending, and it. is. not. ok.

  56. I was wondering where all the “I’m not racist, but…” people liked to get their local news. Low and behold, I found it!

  57. Glu
    another perspective
    I am part of the Choctaw nation. My great Grandfather was on the trail of tears…The line of Cowboy vs. Indians does not offend me in any way. Heck I love watching the old cowboy vs. Indian movies. Just wish the Indians would win every once in while……:)

    Me think you should lighten up brother….

  58. It is a tasteless headline.

  59. My Two Cents
    May 17, 2018, 2:49 pm

    I am not Native American, and I have to agree with “Glu.” When I read the headline I was rather taken aback, as I never in my wildest dreams would expect such a thing from this extremely well-grounded site and Mr. Frazer. Glu is right. It just is neither cute nor funny. It simply is inappropriate. Let’s discuss the merits of the candidates. Period. Of graver concern is that Sharon Ullman, heaven help us all, is on the ballot for any political position… Sigh.

    EDITOR NOTE–You sorta hit the nail on the head. The headline simply identified each candidate as they depict themselves. There was no discussion, judgement, bias, or anything else toward either one. Lesson learned after the massive letter campaign from across the USA: Jordan has an active and vast support group. Yesterday was the most read post EVER!

  60. Bieter Begone
    May 17, 2018, 2:59 pm

    Well Glu, one can marinate themselves in all sorts of grievance and poison their lives with the outrage du jour. Or one can realize that words can’t hurt you, let it roll off and save your stroking out for something worthwhile.

    Eek a white male!


  61. Mine Toknow
    May 17, 2018, 5:28 pm

    If you content here, expect to be harassed privately so the “journalist” can pretend to not be a creeper.

  62. I’m amused by the earlier comment “most civil dialogue I’ve seen here” followed by all of this “us vs. them the title is/isn’t racist” commentary. My own two-cents on that matter aside, I’m hard-pressed to agree with the prevalence of such aggressive dialogue in the piece itself. The political race is being described as a boxing match, and that sort of rhetoric is present to such a gross extent that it’s no wonder to so many people have forgotten the extent to which we’re all in this together. But it doesn’t look like an effort is being made for all sides to look towards leaders who will benefit all in ways all seek to be benefited as much as all sides are backing their person, damn the rest, it’s my way or the highway. When did Americans decide the self came before the whole?

  63. Political correctness
    May 18, 2018, 2:03 am

    to A. Thought,
    In attempt to answer your question as to when did Americans decide the self came before the whole…I think it was when Ronald Reagan was put in the lead. Not Ronnie’s fault per se, but the cat is hard to put back in the bag with regard to prolific and insane amount of money that flows upward without regard to the needs of humanity.

  64. Sure do wish people would spend less time quibbling about the title. Personally, I thought it was clever. And to be clear, the candidates definitely align themselves with those groups.

    That said, what’s wrong with the metaphor? It fits almost perfectly in Idaho–Democratic ideas and progressive thought are in the minority, and persecuted endlessly. And the Republicans in this state certainly like to portray themselves as self-reliant and independent, even though they really aren’t.

    Nothing in what Dave said perpetrates any sort of stereotype. But there sure are a whole lot of readers who are doing just that. As a registered Democrat, who has been active in my district and contributed both time and money to Democratic campaigns, I sure wish the people on my side of the aisle would spend less time choosing to be offended and spend more time actually addressing the real issues we all face. I’m a firm believer that many Democrats in Idaho lose because they spend too much time talking about who they are, instead of what they stand for.

    As always, just my $.02.

  65. I really don’t have a dog in this fight ( am I insulting dogs….?) , but this is going to be one of the most interesting political races that Idaho has had for years.

    I did watch the debate that Paulette was in and she is going to be a tough opponent for Brad. The recent pictures of Brad, he seems old and tired to me. Paulette looks young vibrant. One way or the other Paulette is going to be a force in the future…

    Get ready for a ton of money to be spent by both parties.

  66. Yossarian_22
    May 19, 2018, 7:29 am


    The PC hot button got pushed for sure. And Jordan’s supporters most likely are tickled that Dave led with such a heading, because it’s such easy pickens in today’s ID politics.

    I am waaaaay more concerned about some things that Jordan has said and who she has taken money from. While I am very impressed by her and actually like her approach to many issues, she has stumbled in the 2nd Amendment when she claims she is “enthusiastically for it” and then caves to the Black Guns are Evil crowd. She should have stuck with her view that “you don’t just take away Tequila out of the liquor lineup if people drink and drive” if you think that will fix the problem. She recognized the nuance. But now she says ARs gotta go. That was weak.

    And the Soros donations are very worrisome. Anyone who really knows who Soros is and what he has promoted should be very concerned here. She should have returned that $$ immediately. She is supposed to be for Idaho, not an international cartel of high level criminals against humanity.

    I’m not a huge fan of Brad Little, but I will vote for him to stop a Soros surrogate.

    Very happy to see Bieter/Obama bot Randy Johnson defeated (Dist 17). 2nd Amendment supporters should be happy about that.

    Here’s the bottom line, if you want to know who really is on top of what the major obstacles to improving our condition is, then find out who is supporting Trump’s serious effort to rout international human trafficking. Killing off that disease will go a long way to purging the corruption from the body politic. Learn about the issue and go and find out who your candidate should be.

  67. Seems the Snowflakes and Feminazis are offended by everything these days, …except shredding the United States Constitution so they can live safely in chains and slavery to the Oligarchs. You must use their ever changing vocabury to carefully avoid offending anyone or face their wussified fury.

  68. Georgia !
    C’mon no one else has picked up on this one yet?

    Georgia, has it’s first FEMALE Democrat candidate for governor.
    As I said in my earlier post, it’s a ‘battle of the sexes.
    Even the other D candidate in the primary was a female.

    SHE will run against the R winner of
    a July 24th, primary runoff between Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp. (Current Lt Gov & Sec of State). Two old white guys.

    Oh, did you catch that she is a wonderful black woman?
    Everyone got your “headlines” ready now?

    My bet now, is she will win.

    And to those saying money is going to flood to Jordan’s campaign, the money does have many other female Democrat campaigns to send money.

    Paulette Jordan would do well to connect with Stacy Abrams for advice and collaboration. Abrams is a VERY articulate, on-message, talented person, with Yale Law School on her resume.
    If anyone in Jordan’s campaign is still reading this blog,,, PLEASE ask Paulette to study what Abrams is saying and HOW she is saying it.

    This upcoming election will be a PINK WAVE instead of red or blue, and that wave is a 100% reaction against the Trump win.

  69. If Jordan truly wants to be Governor for all if us, as she claims, she needs to put this issue to rest– hopefully by recognizing that it was harmless and not meant to be unkind. I won’t even consider voting for her if she remains silent.

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