The GUARDIAN is Baaaack

The GUARDIAN has returned to duty and unfortunately we don’t have a lot of cheery news to report after covering 1300 miles of Idaho, Yellowstone, and vicinity.

Great time spent with 14-year-old grandson and a chance to learn the addictive qualities of those “smart” phones. Amazing how fast and readily available information can be obtained. Sad to see how much of the info is dispersed.

Grandson Bryce at Mesa Falls

With no particular judgements and full understanding of cultural differences, geographic challenges, and generational voids, I will offer the following observations for all to comment upon.

–When you have lived ONLY in metro Hillsborough County, Florida where the population is the same as the entire state of Idaho it is understandable how awkward it is to pee in the aspen grove along Highway 20.

–The significance of Arco being the first town in the world to have nuclear power is lost after 65 years.

–The gigantic trout at Big Spring near Island Park are gone! Don’t know if the nearby massive construction projects have had any impact, but the world famous fishery has attracted a lot of people and money to Fremont County.

–Yellowstone is overrun with Asian tourists. At one hotel breakfast buffet we observed a shoving match when an Asian guest hijacked an entire tray of scrambled eggs for his table. Those not in tour groups and renting autos were obvious due to their lack of driving skills.

–Questions as simple as, “what do you want to study in school,” were answered after consulting the Smart Phone for salary surveys. (neurologists earn $600,000 a year and electrical engineering profs bring in $90,000).

–Freeway drivers are totally out of control, mean, aggressive, and a danger to everyone. We were just ahead of fatality crashes on both I-15 and I-84. At the time we commented that death was inevitable with such behavior.

–Idaho is still a vast “Gem” with scenic vistas and good people. Upper Mesa Falls on Henrys Fork of the Snake is spectacular, Craters of the Moon is unique, but barren. The Swan Falls Canyon (Birds of Prey) is an under appreciated Ada County natural attraction

Bryce at Golden Spike Monument.

ATK Rockets

–Promontory Point in Utah is amazingly close to Idaho and they reenact the Golden Spike ceremony daily in the summer to commemorate the Transcontinental Railroad which opened the West to settlement. Orbital ATK rocket manufacturing (formerly Thiokol) is very near the Golden Spike site.

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  1. Nowadays kids as young as 5 y old want to find out how much a future profession will bring 🙂

  2. We just toured Lowman to Stanley to Salmon. Beautiful. Then through the Big Hole River valley to Bannack to Butte. Not one asshole the whole trip. The battle site on the Big Hole is a huge piece of history for any Idahoan. Spent the last night in Ennis MT. Yellowstone is impossible until late September. Welcome back and lighten up on Asian tourists.

  3. In an effort to receive maximum enjoyment from family road trips, I no longer take the family with. Newer dates sometimes, but only two nights or less.

  4. The overarching problem
    Jun 8, 2018, 8:18 pm

    When on Idaho freeways posted at 80 mph I am really uncomfortable at cars going 90, and 85, both illegal. then they get on a highway posted at 60, and accidents are inevitable. The high speed freeways in Idaho are a problem. I myself am not tht confident over 70 ish and that is fast enough.

  5. Eagle Writer
    Jun 11, 2018, 2:33 pm

    Welcome back!

    So is Arco no longer the oldest nuc town? How does that work?

    A burger or breakfast at Pickle’s Place and a quick visit to the submarine memorial pretty much does Arco.

    EDITOR NOTE–We did all the above and visited EBR-1, first nuke power generator on earth.

  6. Welcome back! You were sorely missed. (Since we only get “press releases” otherwise.)

    I hope your young passenger didn’t stare at his “smart phone” for the entire 1300 miles! (I love road trips! I have dear ones who profess to love road trips… but when subjected to one, they are either playing with their electronic gizmos or napping.)

    I’ve seen the signs that indicate the Golden Spike exit hundreds of times over the years, but have never ventured over there. Better put it on the Bucket List.

  7. They are going to start ticketing left lane blockers finally. These slowpokes in the left (passing) lane cause freeway congestion, collisions, and are the catalysts for a lot of road rage.

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