More Growth (Cancer) Headed North

Back in the day there was a collective sigh of relief, a lowering of blood pressure and a sense of freedom when you turned off of State Street and headed north on Highway 55 at “Petticoat Junction.”

The realignment of Highway 55 along with traffic signals at Hill Road and Floating Feather intruded a bit. Now, thanks to rampant growth and increased traffic you can experience stops at Beacon Light and that massive foothills development called Avimor. Ain’t progress wonderful?

Click for the Ada County Highway District–IdahoTransportation Department press release.

In collaboration, the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) and the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) will be installing two traffic signals along the Idaho Highway 55 corridor. One signal will be located at the intersection of Highway 55 and Beacon Light Road, and the other located at the intersection of Highway 55 and W. Avimor Drive.

The new signal on Highway 55 at the entrance to the Avimor subdivision includes advance warning signs with beacons that will illuminate and flash when the signal is red or about to turn red. The signal mitigates the impact of growth at the Avimor development and preserves the safety of motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians as the project grows.

This signal is part of a long-range plan for the Avimor development and is designed intended for short-term use. As the development grows, the developer will realign ID-55 Highway 55 and build a grade-separated interchange, similar to a freeway interchange, at the subdivision’s entrance. This signal was turned on yesterday (June 6).

At the Beacon Light Road intersection, foundations and electrical conduits were installed for a future traffic signal by ITD almost 20 years ago when Highway 55 was realigned. The intersection now meets the traffic volume criteria to warrant signal installation, and with a lot of the signal infrastructure already in place, crews were able to quickly prepare the intersection for the new signal. This signal will be turned on next Wednesday (June 13).

Signs have been in place alerting motorists to the new signal installations.

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  1. More Cancer in South Boise
    Jun 8, 2018, 12:33 pm

    Another subdivision of 207 homes at the intersection of S Cole and Lake Hazel roads, that ACHD is still building and has closed for Lake Hazel bridge construction. This is in addition to 2500 dwellings that CBH will be building on the other side of S Cole.
    In other words, I could see them all from my house.

  2. Trumplandia
    Jun 10, 2018, 8:04 pm

    I will believe Avimor will pay for and build a freeway type entrance when and only when it is done. Whimpy will gladly pay for that hamburger ACHD and the state give him today next Tuesday. Not likely.

    EDITOR NOTE–The overpass was actually part of the original approval process.

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