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Was Grizzly Shot, Killed, Slaughtered, Whacked, Blasted, Smacked, Harvested, Put Down?

It will be interesting to see how the Idaho Fish and Game Department spins a new development on a single permit to hunt and kill a grizzly bear in Idaho near Yellowstone Park this fall.

F&G officials determined that a single permit was warranted to kill a bear after the grizzly was “delisted” as an endangered species earlier this year.

Friday night, according to a IDF&G news release, a “problem bear” returned to a camp ground area near Island Park after previously being trapped and removed. The department was forced to “lethally remove” the bear. Hunters KILL bears, but conservation officers “LETHALLY REMOVE” them.

After determining that a single bear could be hunted and killed, does this mean that a second bear can face EXECUTION this fall or will the permit be withdrawn?

Police and CIA spooks tend to TERMINATE, NEUTRALIZE, USE DEADLY FORCE, and EXECUTE the bad guys. But LETHALLY REMOVE is a new one for the GUARDIAN.

Here is the official report:

On the evening of July 20th, Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials lethally removed a sub-adult male grizzly bear from near the Forest Service Mill Creek Campground in the Island Park area. Fish and Game staff were assisted by the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department and U.S. Forest Service personnel.

This bear had become habituated to humans and the Mill Creek/Rancho McCrea area over the last month. Department staff attempted to use adverse hazing techniques to encourage the bear to leave the area. On July 11th the bear was captured, radio-marked, and relocated to a new area. The bear immediately returned to the Mill Creek area. Department staff was in the process of setting a trap and capture equipment on the evening on July 20th, but after multiple attempts to haze the bear away, a high public safety concern necessitated the need for lethal removal.

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  1. How about “remove in an unlive state” 🙂

    EDITOR NOTE–We also have not determined if the animal died, passed away, expired, ceased to live…etc.

  2. Sounds like the F and G flack is on the job. Not sure which ex reporter it is now. “lethally removed.”

  3. “Lethally removed” sounds pretty clear to me, not much of spin.

    Spin award goes to the Canyon County Jail where an inmate “self-released” a few years ago.

    EDITOR NOTE–Perhaps the inmate was “OUTcarcerated.”

  4. Non-human entity faced extraordinary rendition and was terminated with extreme prejudice courtesy the IF&G Indigenous Animal Assasination Team via Hellfire Missiles delivered via Predator Drone. Cause a stink about it and you could be the next Designated Target.

  5. I will have to send ID F&G spokesman my old Merriam Webster Dictionary.
    F&G officials mostly talk about killing animals, so they always have to invent new ways to say “kill” without upsetting the whole Internet.
    Their public hearings are like a witch meet, where they destroy English language by their perverted use (everything means kill). For example, they call trapping and killing wolves “humane” and lament how it is never enough. Their favorite phrase is that hunting is a conservation tool. So conservation also means killing for them. Just sick.

  6. DAvid you take on a lot of righteous causes, some well justified (ie road taxes of ACHD) but the Grizzly concern is just too much to bear. Frankly it lays openm for all to see your bare backside. I needed pepper spray and bells for this opinion piece, both non-lethal. Continue on….the dogs bark but the caravan continues on

  7. Concerned Neighbor
    Jul 22, 2018, 9:07 pm

    Good for F&G on both accounts. There isn’t a good solution for animals that get acclimatized to people – relocation and other attempts rarely works. The only proactive approach that works is hunting so that animals once again shy away from people. As to the single bear tag… again good for F&G so that they can work through the process with minimal impact.

  8. Old joke in Alaska: How do you identify brown bear (grizzly) scat? It smells like pepper spray and contains bells.

  9. Reminds me of the old song from Alice’s Restaurant when Arlo starts his “I wanna kill, kill, kill” chant at the recruitment office. Basically – If it’s a part of nature then burn it, pave over it, build yet another shopping center or housing project or stadiumon it or kill it if it’s a living thing and not caged in a zoo or a show.

  10. Just came across this – used for sturgeon by Oregon and Washington Game/Fish Kill Depts. “Retention season”


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