Ada Treasurer Faces Multiple Felony Charges

Ada County Treasurer Vicky McIntyre has been charged with several felony charges alleging misuse of a county credit card for personal purposes, stemming from a business trip to Las Vegas.

The GUARDIAN PREVIOUSLY REPORTED on this incident when the case was turned over to the Attorney General’s office in April and the Commishes revoked her county credit card.

The AG normally doesn’t investigate local governments, but a law was passed a few years back giving the office jurisdiction in COUNTY matters only. The reason is because the local prosecutor also serves as the legal counsel for county officials…an obvious conflict.

Here is an Ada County press release regarding the charges filed today by the Idaho Attorney General against County treasurer Vicky McIntyre over the credit card charges.

The Board of Ada County Commissioners was made aware this morning that Ada County Treasurer Vicky McIntyre was charged with seven felony counts of Misuse of Public Funds.

Pursuant to Idaho Code §31-2120 the Board took action to suspend Ada County Treasurer Vicky McIntyre from her duties as Ada County Treasurer until further notice.

“Idaho Code – 31-2120 — SUSPENSION OF TREASURER PENDING ACTION Whenever an action based upon official misconduct is commenced against any county treasurer, the commissioners may, in their discretion, suspend him from office until such suit is determined, and may appoint some person to fill the vacancy.”

Elizabeth (Beth) Mahn has been appointed Acting Treasurer effective immediately.

This matter is under the jurisdiction of the Courts and the Board will await the Court’s determination on the charges.

All inquiries should be directed to the Chairman of the Ada County Board of County Commissioners, Dave Case.

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  1. Apparently she got on the wrong side of someone and they have looked and found something.

    I would love to be on a jury where the defense attorney would ask if anyone had inadvertently used a work credit card instead of a personal credit card on a small purchase. Did she repay it when it was identified or did she attempt to keep the purchase and not pay for it?

    I would hope that the County can produce policies that prohibit reasonable entertainment being paid for while on County business. That would include Pay per View movies and perhaps a local newspaper. The list could also include a hotel long distance call to family while out of town on County business. OOPS, did I order cheese on that burger and is that allowed? Watch employees not want to attend workshops and meetings if it costs them money.

    She must have killed someone’s dog and they have come after her.

  2. Eagle Writer
    Jul 28, 2018, 10:06 pm

    I am not a lawyer, but I am pretty sure when you use a credit card you have “borrowed” the money from the card/bank (Chase, Citi, Amex, etc.) and not the agency. It is not misuse of funds unless you don’t pay it or reimburse it. Of course it is bad practice.

  3. Yossarian_22
    Jul 29, 2018, 4:28 pm

    You know….the kinds of corruption that I regard as very serious violations of the public trust, are totally ignored. I have seen local corruption that makes McIntyre’s mistake look very puny. Someone wants her head on a stick.

    Now, we need to find the motive.

  4. Looks like office politics.

    What is her footing with current and future Commissioners. This looks like the kind of thing they all do all the time. Someone was upset with her.

  5. IdahoCrystal
    Jul 30, 2018, 6:47 pm

    Case seems to have a bug up his patootie in his overzealous efforts to get rid of McIntyre.
    Apparently, the AG either owes Case some favors, or he’s sitting on the same bug, since none of the purchases reported seem like real misconduct, let alone felonious.

    Having worked as a p-card administrator for both State and Federal positions, I can’t count on 10 hands the number of people who screw up using their P-cards – either using it instead of their personal card, or buying things they shouldn’t.

    It happens. a lot. The only times I’ve ever seen it made into an issue of any kind is when someone wants a reason to get rid of someone.

    EDITOR NOTE–Actually McIntyre and Tibbs have both filed charges against each other in the past with the AG. We figure this time it has the potential of getting her to simply walk away. HOWEVER there is the issue of her dignity and “good name” which could force a trial that would drag on for a long time.

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