Ada Musical Chairs Game Continues

When Ada County Republican voters told Commish Dave Case to “hit the road,” he took them literally and has now decided to run for the Ada County Highway District seat he vacated when he ran for the Ada County Commission.

Word on the street has it that he is just looking for a good benefit package at taxpayer expense. His PERSI (Public Employee Retirement) will be based on the $100K-plus county salary from the county and ACHD has a better health plan.

He will be running against incumbent ACHD Commish Kent Goldthorpe.

We find it ironic that he was a former ACHD Commish, his primary opponent, Sharon Ullman, has been on and off the county commission repeatedly and neither one will call it quits. You can find the Case candidacy papers HERE.

ACHD commishes serve one of five districts and voters must live within that district to vote. The result is 80% of citizens are disenfranchised. Translation: a candidate can get elected with 51% of 20% of the eligible votes if there are two candidates. Translation of the translation: it takes only 10% of the county-wide ballots cast plus 1 vote to get elected.

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  1. If he wins, he will get to say, “Well.. I am just one of five, so I can’t really answer.” Now he just says “one of three.” They cynical side of me says PERSI bump? He has his high-earning years in, maybe he just needs to work on the total now.

  2. Once you taste the mothers milk of the public’s money (and benefits)it is more additive than cocaine.

    Beats working.

  3. Yossarian_22
    Aug 3, 2018, 8:22 pm

    More than just a free ride on the taxpayer dime for me to consider is that these same redux candidates are carrying water for agendas that are dressed up in nice language that all sounds so community wise and yadda yadda. There are no swamp drain cleaners that are stepping up that can stomach the fight with these statist genuflecters. Too much power resides in these organs of taxing tentacle flayers.

  4. Since Cmr. Goldthorpe is a reader here and commenter, it could be some interesting dialogue to hash some road issues.

    EDITOR NOTE–Feel free to cook up some hash. BTW, we forgot to mention that ACHD could be the minor league team for the Ada Commish losers. Not only was Case voted off the Board of County Commishes and now seeks an ACHD seat, Paul Woods also was previouslyforced out and took a position at ACHD.

  5. Clippityclop
    Aug 15, 2018, 12:48 pm

    Will Tibbs be next when he gets unseated?

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