Treat The Cause, Not The Disease

We note Mike Wetherell’s Statesman OPINION regarding planning for mass transit failed to get to the core cause of our “transportation woes”–GROWTH.

Rather than create more cancer treatments and simply concede “cancer will always be around,” let’s eliminate some of the causes.

Wetherell’s admonitions to clear freeway medians and expand rights-of-way along State Street sound reasonable at first blush, but those “mass transit” systems depend upon MASSES. Wetherell is an attorney, former judge, and former city councilor. He is a problem solver.

We are reminded of the kid who showed up at the scene of a traffic incident where an over-height truck was wedged beneath an overpass. Massive winch trucks were unable to extract the trailer, police feared the bridge would be pulled off the abutment. The kid asked, “Why not let the air out of the tires?”

The same is true for the crowded roads. Why not stop encouraging people to come to Boise and Treasure Valley? Stop paying businesses INCENTIVES to relocate their facilities here and “create jobs” which increase the population and jam not only the streets, but the schools, the sewers, etc. Stop encouraging “increased density” to justify the need for mass transit. Eliminate “economic development” schemes.

Let the air out of the tires and give us a little breathing room. Enjoy what we have and stop trying to grow.

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  1. Brian Vermillion
    Aug 25, 2018, 2:25 pm

    You’re asking a bureaucracy to stop growing? Yeah, good luck on that.

  2. Here, hete!!!

  3. Kent Goldthorpe
    Aug 25, 2018, 4:03 pm

    I’m thinking there are at least a couple of “economic development” ideas worth pursuing. My personal favorite is the overpass in Kuna over the railroad at Swan Falls Rd. The rail crossings are both blocked by idle trains for 4 hours each day. the area south of the railroad is designated for a whole lot of industry. That will never come when employees cannot get to and from work. Get it designed and built and Kuna will explode with new jobs and all the benefits that come from that. Instead of driving in to Boise, Kuna residents might then actually have a choice. To work, shop and recreate closer to where we live is the ideal way to reduce congestion on our roads.

  4. I may have said this before but the major city leaders don’t have the common sense to realize what they are creating here is exactly what the people coming here are running away from. All the city leaders see is POWER, GREED and MONEY!! The mayor is stupid enough to say we can’t stop them at the border and turn them away, but Dave as you have pointed out they can stop using our tax money to pay them to come here. Mean while they raise our property taxes over and over again so they have more money to play with. When is the next election to replace this cabal?

  5. Nice hat, Mike! Truly.

  6. One way or another a desire named streetcar, or Folly named Trolley will be built if I have to choke the valley to death.

    Most of the building is taking place from California where there is too much money and the younger generations making a million don’t want to invest in the stock market after 2008’s fall. Now they buy property locate a developer and build, build, build. Most of the apartments are developed to follow this investment scheme. BTW Avimor on Highway 55 was kicked out of Arizona. Gardner and Company was kicked out of Utah, so the next logical step was Idaho.

    Build a truck terminal and force a displacement of homes and residences because of noise is ok because I don’t have to live there and I don’t have to look, smell, or hear the same. BTW the land value will increase because of this displacement and become a developers dream.

    Jobs, What Jobs, Where, and How much are they paying? Not enough to pay rent or a house payment that’s for sure. I think we will see an increase in homeless and those living in cars, etc. already happening in Nampa, so I suspect it’s happening in Boise as well.

  7. Amen

  8. I concur with the Guardian.
    Everybody is welcome to move here using their own money. However, at this point the State of Idaho has surpassed Utah in the $$$ given to the corporations to relocate here. Then, city of Boise and the Ada County’s various forms of government are set up to collect taxes without any accountability and coordination between the agencies. They do not even check if water is available for new apartments, besides checking a “city water” in the applications. They promise to build more roads AFTER new subdivisions are built along one-lane country roads. This is not “smart growth” because if you check, it is the developers who actually started “smart growth” and COMPASS boards. Just plain old capitalist shakedown of the working people and the taxpayers for the benefit of a few rich people.

  9. Clippityclop
    Aug 26, 2018, 2:26 pm

    No doubt in my mind, we are headed for another Big Short. Just like last time, local folks will be taking out loans they can’t afford, out of state speculators will drive up home and rental prices as before then poof, lots of vacancies and foreclosures. This unbridled growth dream is not sustainable. Meantime, the taxpayers will be picking up the tab and dealing with the aftermath of poor City and County planning and rubber stamping. Vote them out and vote in those with backbone, foresight for the community and the ability to say no to destructive development.

  10. George Moses
    Aug 26, 2018, 3:05 pm

    Well, heck, this one’s easy. We’ll just stop folks from having so many kids. If your object is not to grow, that’s what you do. Because more people equals … you guessed it.

  11. Eagle Writer
    Aug 26, 2018, 7:50 pm

    “Why not stop encouraging people to come to Boise…?” Spot on Mr. Guardian, however that plan is already underway. The building of high density low income or subsidized housing will put large numbers of low income people on the city streets – people without the means to support the expensive eateries along 8th Street, and vicinity. Regulars will stop eating there, the eateries will close and Boise downtown will deteriorate.

  12. Sorry folks, the cat is outta the bag…Boise will continue to grow. Not sure why people move here when there aren’t the numbers of jobs to support it, but they keep coming. SO, let’s grow well and vote in mayors, city councilors, etc., who will grow us in a way that keeps our city the way we like it. Bring in corporations who are willing to pay for the ‘right’ to be here; stop developers from building homes 8 feet apart; actually plan roads and traffic flows. Embrace growth, but in the proper way.

  13. Voting is a scam
    Aug 28, 2018, 10:12 am

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    So, the BIG PLAN seems to be to (1) Get more people to vote, or (2) Vote better people into office.

    News flash! The people who are making fortunes from the growth are the same ones that own and control the TV and newspapers and the (fake) content they provide.

    People vote for the “electable” candidate, anointed as such by the Main Stream Corporate Media. We are trapped in a cage where the Oligarchs (Rule by the Rich) are in control of what the citizens think is “news”, but is really just propaganda to enrich the wealthiest few among us.

    The (fake) news endlessly tells us that voting is important, when it is really just a tool to legitimize a totally corrupt system.

    The only solution is to tear down “the system” because it no longer serves the needs of the citizens. The politicians, corporate news media, bankers and the wealthy need to be eliminated from positions of control and influence.

    Our lawbooks also need to be tossed in the trash because they are tools of control for the wealthy, and not in the interest of the many.

  14. Tax Rankings Please
    Aug 28, 2018, 1:32 pm

    The most useful book one could publish/sell in America today is a book ranking total taxation. The result of such would be competition between the taxing districts for people and businesses with money. You may have noticed the tax loving liberal scum media is careful not to ever compare locations in this way.

    Additional chapters could cover oppressiveness of regulation and crime rates and other livability factors.

  15. Lots of baby steps
    Aug 28, 2018, 11:03 pm

    I recently passed, on my regular route to work in the Boise core, a home that had been for sale. 2 car garage, 3 car driveway. It now has cars with California and Idaho plates, and there are usually three cars in the driveway and one car in the front yard.

    What is wrong with this picture? Are extended families all trying to act grown up and independent by having cars at the parent’s house? Or, is it a many person rental now, therefore cash flowing? What is wrong with these property owners’ actions? How can the community make this overcrowded set up wrong with some kind of disincentive? How can the community address the disorder regarding vehicles in the existing neighborhoods to avoid concerned and salt of the earth people moving to neighborhoods with covenants and regulations? They need enforcement or they can’t. Apparently enforcement isn’t happening, so then what?

    And, for the record, our roads are not California roads. California’s are generally much better, but during the rush hours to and from work, they are crowded. Better engineered, better marked, and better driven by smarter and educated drivers. There is a strategy to driving, and it is sort of dictated by the road logic, which could be lacking by throwing down pavement around here.

    Blah, blah.

    It is not that hard to predict that a truck will hit a bridge. All it takes is a truck.

  16. The Lyrics of one of my favorite Eagles songs comes to mind in Boise today…
    “And you can see them there on Sunday morning
    Stand up and sing about what it’s like up there
    They called it paradise, I don’t know why
    You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye”

  17. Yossarian_22
    Aug 29, 2018, 9:32 am

    This is Agenda 21 on course. Load up cities with as many people as possible. I get why people want to leave Commifornia and escape to refuges like Idaho, but we WILL become another Cali if this continues. Communities are just like porridge, it can be too hot, too cold and just right. We want to be just right. At some point we need to tighten the doorway. I think we’re there now. Fifteen years ago, I was singing the Smart Growth hymnbook. Never again! This stuff is dangerous. I don’t want to lose what is best about what we have. We have plenty of other issues to work on. Being too small is not one of them.

  18. Growth = congestion. STreets downtown boise have lanes blocked off for construction. Really?

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