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Idaho Crime Report Ready To Read

After a delay caused by a new computer system, the 2017 CRIME REPORT is ready for viewing at the Idaho State Police site linked here.

Drug cases and simple larceny (theft) were by far the major reported crimes in Idaho. No doubt there is a cause/effect relationship between those two.

Many of the categories comparing 2016 to 2017 are just one or two incidents more or less than the previous year. There were Ada County spikes in the sex and money categories and declines in murder and kidnapping. The report is county-by-county interactive.

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  1. I’m sure they don’t like that. How else can they scare use for more tax dollars.

  2. A). There is no national standard for crime reporting on the local level, or that which is reported to the FBI / USDOJ

    B). In Boise / Ada County, statistics are assuaged by playing a shell game (i.e. Hiding gun crimes under “Societal Offenses,” a class usually reserved for things like prostitution and pornography) to create the illusion of a community that is safer than it really is.

    C). You can view the Ada County Crime map @ [ ]

  3. Real Criminals
    Sep 2, 2018, 10:39 am

    I would argue the top crime is taxation without representation, because the politicians represent the corporations and the wealthiest few, not the citizens.

    The second biggest crime is being perpetrated by the cops, who stole more than all the burglars combined as of 2014. The crime goes under the innocuous name of Civil Asset Forfieture. This immoral law lets the cops take your assets with zero evidence of a crime, then you have to go to court to beg for the return of your assets.

    In 2014 Civil Asset Forfieture netted $4.5 BILLION dollars and some of the victims were bad actors, but a lot of them were just people carrying a large amount of cash to buy a car, or someone who had their vehicle, house or airplane siezed for no reason. CAF has been dubbed “policing for profit” and would have horrified our Founding Fathers.

    It’s not the poor people we should be afraid of, the rich folks are much more dangerous.

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