ACHD Commish Seeks Cash For His Attorney

Just when it seemed to be finished, the dust up over Ada County Highway District Commish Jim Hansen’s transgression over an open meeting violation has popped up again. Now he is seeking charity.

Hansen, an attorney, hired a lawyer for some reason–even though the Attorney General declined to prosecute him for sending e-mails to fellow commishes which apparently constituted a “serial meeting.”

In a move that defies logic, Hansen has established a GO FUND ME page in an attempt to raise $11,350 to pay for his lawyer. Several questions come to mind for the GUARDIAN:
–Why would Hansen think citizens would want to pay for his mistakes?
–At the going rate of $300 an hour, did his counselor really spend 38 hours on an issue the AG declined to pursue?
–Why should the public pay for Hansen’s lawyer, even if it is a voluntary contribution?

EDITOR NOTE–We have no ax to grind with Hansen. He seems to be sincere, intelligent, and dedicated. It seems out of character for him to have panicked and hired an expensive legal counsel which he apparently couldn’t afford over such a minor event. In the history of open meeting violations, a GUARDIAN source who used to prosecute the violations told us he cannot remember a fine ever being levied for a conviction.

The IDAHO PRESS has more on the story.

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  1. Brian vermillion
    Oct 2, 2018, 8:48 pm

    The arrogance of this guy is unbelievable. I guess we can thank Dr. Ford for this.

  2. Would this become a taxable event? He is not an approved charity so no deductable donation. Probably needs 30% more to cover taxes. Most people would lose their jobs, pay their own attorney, and then go to jail. God bless the annointed ones in Ada County politics.

  3. Unbelievable. Think about 38 hours. That is 8 to 5 for 4.75 days. No way. Both the ask and the fee are total $@&-:/. I trust that no one will be foolish enough to bite.

  4. He is an attorney educated at the U of I. Is he not competent enough to handle his own case?

  5. I’m in total agreement with your editor note. (I’m also pretty satisfied with the performance of ACHD; I believe they keep our roads in pretty good shape. If you disagree, you need to travel more using roadways!)

    Doesn’t Mr. Hansen have a campaign war chest that he can use for his legal expenses? I thought that’s how politicians paid for their damage control…

  6. Hansen is the poster child for today’s democrats. He believes that the rule of law is subordinate to his political agenda. His political agenda is to get ACHD to pay for public transportation because VRT is too inept to find funding. He believes that he was elected to socially engineering our roads to be narrow in order to create congestion in order to justify the huge subsidy associated with public transportation. He knows he has to advance his political agenda in secret because if the public finds out there will be a public uproar, but he knows that the public isn’t paying attention to these issues. He is a lawyer and ex-legislator and does not need clarity on whether the law prohibits him from negotiating for votes in secret. He doesn’t believe that he has to take financial responsibility for his clear violation of the open meeting law. If his Dad knew – he would role over in his grave – because his Dad was a super good man with impeccable integrity. More shocking is how stupid he is – just like a democrat – he could of admitted the violation in the beginning and paid the $250 fine. Instead the coward fights the investigation, hires a lawyer, and racks up a huge bill. His lawyer should have advised him to pay the fine – but she knew she could make a few bucks. $250 vs. $11,350. Like a democrat – he doesn’t think he should have to individually take responsibility for his blatant violation. Like a democrat – he made a call to arms – and had all his liberal wacko friends come and support him during a commission meeting The AG found he clearly violated the Open Meeting law. His constituents and the rest of Ada County need to know that this is kind of idiotic representation he provides once a week.

  7. Give me a break
    Oct 3, 2018, 10:48 am

    Hansen breaks the law, tries to trade votes which is against the Law, admits he broke the law but hires a very expensive attorney to have it whitewashed by our lame AG and now is whining he can’t pay without the public paying for him.

    But he really really believes in openness in government. Just don’t make him be open.

  8. A legal fund?
    For OTHER people to pay for one’s expenses… who would do that?

    EDITOR NOTE–You need to see Michael Moore’s Farenheit 11/9! We are a “broken nation.”

  9. ha.
    Yep or shall I type, duh.
    I’m saying ALL politicians play the same games. So, as the ridiculous posts above try to make a “Like a Democrat…”, or the jab of Dr. Ford, or any slant on it, it is all the same.

    But as Bikeboy eludes to, using a campaign fund to pay legal fees, is common; but it is also questionable -i.e. Trump paying for son’s expenses.

    We could take this original post and simply replace other names:

    “Now ____ is seeking charity.

    ____, an attorney, hired a lawyer for some reason–

    In a move that defies logic, _____ has established a GO FUND ME- to pay for a lawyer.

    Several questions come to mind:
    –Why would _____ think citizens would want to pay for his mistakes?

    –Why should the public pay for _____’s lawyer, even if it is a voluntary contribution?

    Fill in the blanks as you like, according to your own bias.

    EDITOR NOTE–Don’t forget “Thumper” in the MSP toilet stall!!

  10. It may be common knowledge that Mr. Hansen is a Democrat, but I believe that IN THEORY at least, ACHD commissioner positions are non-partisan. In any case, I sure grow weary of strictly-partisan mud slinging!

    “The (choose one: Democrats/Republicans) are the cause of all our problems, and the (choose the other: Democrats/Republicans) could fix ’em all, if given half a chance!!” Yeah, right. (“Thumper” is a Republican, if memory serves. Haha!)

    We’ve got a nationwide civil war going on, and I sure wish we could remain above the fray, locally. No problems have ever been solved when all the time/energy/money are expended on assigning blame.

    Sorry – I know I’m off-topic. Just reacting to a previous comment. (Oh, and some would consider it in bad form to invoke “… role over in his grave” while lambasting the “stupid” among us. But the Guardian is a champion of free speech, so comment on!)

    EDITOR NOTE–I have “moderated” several comments to the point of deleting them since they were so offensive.

  11. findings of fact and conclusions of law
    Oct 3, 2018, 7:37 pm

    Hey, we all saw a letter from the AG. I wonder if we could see the investigation notes. (Or am I mistaken?)

    Connectivity is an issue because there are sidewalks needed and existing sidewalks to be repaired. But Baker would not include it in her vote language? Wasn’t Hansen asking for that, even though Baker had already said no and refused to listen? (Or am I mistaken?)

    I don’t agree with trying to include bussing in that vote thing coming up, which Hansen talked about and knew would not be included. Didn’t a legislator testify and suggest all of this stuff?

    Baker filed the complaint. She is pissed because someone dared to question her ballot language.

    It is political infighting. Why don’t we get the emails about the ballot language?

  12. Any good lawyer would tell you that the very first thing they do when they encounter legal trouble is to hire counsel. Remember the old saying: A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for his client.

    Now, the financing of it? That’s certainly a different issue…

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