Developers Dump Big $$$ For ACHD Fee Hike

Property developers have paid many thousand dollars to the “Citizens For Better Transportation” PAC in an effort to pass a proposed Ada County Highway District vehicle fee hike on the November ballot.

Trucks like this heavyweight pay NO ACHD fees.

It comes as no surprise to the GUARDIAN that big developers seek to raise fees for the average automobile owner while exempting all vehicles over 8,000 lbs. The list of those who ponied up more than $10,000 each included M3 Development, Corey Barton Homes, Brighton Corp., Jim Congers, and DBVT Agricultural Holdings.

Other engineering and construction firms also contributed to the PAC which was formed to promote passage of a lopsided measure which would raise the local tax portion of vehicle registration fees by 70% while totally eliminating any local tax whatsoever on the heavy vehicles that cause the damage to our streets. Even Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd kicked in $250.

The campaign finance report shows $77,325 in payments to the PAC, mostly from folks who will benefits from passage of the increased fee proposal. See it HERE.

The GUARDIAN has called for defeat of the measure because: –It is open ended and will last forever unless repealed by voters at a future date. It has no expiration date.

–It exempts the heavy rigs and puts the financial burden on the private car owners.

–The current fee structure will remain as the only county vehicle tax in the entire state even if the 70% hike fails.

We have been told that several legislators are working on enabling legislation that would close the loophole on those rigs over 8,000 pounds. ACHD is bound by state laws.

The ACHD commission voted Wednesday to forge ahead with a legislative proposal that would include fees for ALL vehicles up to 60,000 pounds. However, the fee hike proposal on the ballot remains in play.

If the legislature passes a new state law to allow local fees on the heavier vehicles, it would require an Ada vote to include those bigger rigs, regardless of the election outcome on the current fee proposal.

It’s a safe bet the politicos at ACHD would prefer to not reveal the details of the legislative drafts until after the election.

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  1. Greed? Wonder if the City of Trees will become the City of Pavement?

  2. Redneck Trump supporter
    Oct 11, 2018, 6:24 am

    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot… Joni Mitchell

  3. Who are the candidates for ACHD jobs, and who are they running against?

  4. ACHD doesn’t seem to be hurting for money.

    ACHD continues to replace ped ramps all over town. Though this is very important to the differently abled, it’s hardly a priority.

    ACHD recently spent a fortune redoing Emerald between Americana and Orchard, for little gain.

    ACHD continues to add bike lanes everywhere and yet, cars still outnumber bikes 1000 to 1 or even greater. I rarely see cyclists using bike lanes. And I cycle a lot, probably more than 90% of my fellow Ada County residents.

    Also, the voters just gave them a fee increase just a few years ago.

    I’m voting no.

  5. a proposed Ada County Highway District vehicle fee hike

    “Proposed by ACHD.”

    -enough said.

  6. Look at the PAC financial disclosure. Now that makes perfect sense. Construction companies certainly don’t want to pay a fair share for use of our city/county roads. ACHD’s “proposal” reflects the total disconnect between
    Ada County residents and their elected “leaders.” They are bought and paid for by special interests who gobble at the trough of “public money.”
    Vote NO and vote statewide to eliminate those in office who benefit from greed and graft.


  8. Yossarian_22
    Oct 24, 2018, 3:35 pm

    “I’m shocked that there’s gambling here!”

    More Pay2Play from a government agency. Special Interests afoot.

    More backroom (and back channel emails) deals crafted.

    Too many Non Playable Characters (sheep) voting these days.

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