Boise Coppers To Purchase Gay Bar

Boise’s City Council has approved the purchase of a “gay bar,” the Lucky Dog Tavern, at 2223 Fairview with the intent of using it as a future substation.

Appropriately enough, the location was also once a donut shop.

The city acquired the property for $1.15 million but the city has an agreement that will allow the Lucky Dog to have enough time to find a new home. The building is currently owned by Sticknoth 160 LLC and is valued at $698,100.

Boise PD has a track record of opening assorted “substations,” but they have not provided any scheduled public access or services. The list includes the Albertson store at Vista and Overland, Oak Park Apartments on Vista, the public housing at Canal and Vista, the old Victors restaurant and motel (public housing) on Capitol Blvd. near University.

With the latest acquisition the GUARDIAN hopes the city council will provide enough funding so the police department can have the station staffed at least 12-16 hours a day. We are told that would cost about $150,000 a year. Currently about the only way to make contact with a Boise copper is to either place a phone call and wait for a dispatched response from an officer.

The concept of substations or “precincts” seems to have arrived with the massive growth and urban sprawl.

The Idaho Press quoted Council President Lauren Mclean saying, “We don’t take this purchase and the long term change lightly because gathering places for those who feel marginalized are so incredibly important.” Would her concerns be the same if they purchased a cowboy bar?

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  1. The City Councils’ comments about who uses the bar now are nothing more than major pandering to their favorite citizens of Boise.

    To answer your question they would NEVER even buy a cowboy bar let alone comment about it – they might party behind the scenes that they closed it however.

  2. My question is why is the city paying 1.15M for a property valued at 698K?? Who negotiated that deal? Is there ever a negotiated lease or sale with this city that favors the funding mechanism…taxpayers??

  3. chicago sam
    Oct 18, 2018, 4:00 pm

    As it is required by growth impact fees should cover the cost of the property

  4. This former McDonalds location is actually a really good location. Boiseans will be able to see the numerous parked and unused black and white vehicles and know that coppers will be ready to spring into action. The parking lot on Barrister is so full of black and white cars unused and parked; the overflow will be needed to keep the spending level up.

    With the huge city subsidized housing within a couple of blocks; the presence may well be needed.

  5. “Appropriately enough, the [new cop-shop] location was also once a donut shop.”

    “’…gathering places for those who feel marginalized are so incredibly important.’ Would her concerns be the same if they purchased a cowboy bar?”

    Now, that’s the kind of human-interest (not to mention humorous) coverage we miss in our remnant MSM.

  6. “black and white vehicles”?
    Get out much these days? When’s the last time you’ve seen Boise cops in black and white squad cars?

  7. GA Jones: I wondered the same thing.

    Maybe they’re building in costs of renovation by a fancy out-of-state architect.

  8. A lot of ridiculousness going on here.

    First the city did not “buy a ‘gay bar'” They bought a building!
    The building happens to have a bar. It happens to be a gay bar. Big deal.

    And for the Council to have any kind of special consideration of the tenants is ridiculous.
    If the building fits city needs (easy to argue AGAINST the whole deal) then buy it. Gay bar, biker bar, or cowboy bar, or gay-cowboy bar, or a bikini bar.

    THAT mentality by the Councilwoman is what irritates the crap out of people- “special rights”.
    No. There does not need to be special consideration here. The owners have all the rights to go elsewhere.

    “Marginalized”?? It’s demeaning to any type of people to be referred to as marginalized. It seems the city is the one ‘marginalizing’ that group in this case. As if somehow they are incapable of finding another ‘gathering place’.

    This effort seems to be the replacement for the 1015 C Capitol substation -closed in February – where the bike cops were stationed. Where have they been operating out of, since then?

    Jan 4, 2016. Guardian NY Resolution:
    “–All bicyclists wearing dark clothing at night with no lights on a bike shall serve mandatory prison sentence of 10 years.”

    They still wear all black.
    Maybe they’ll wear rainbow uniforms from this new location and then we can all continue to “marginalize” cops.


  9. Dale Gribble
    Oct 19, 2018, 2:52 pm

    Why are there so many substations on Vista? Three??

    EDITOR NOTE–Not sure there are any. There have been two in the past and there may be a “room” in the back of the old motel at Canal and Vista with all the registered sex offenders.

  10. HomelessDruggieCrime
    Oct 19, 2018, 2:59 pm

    Having enjoyed the big parks and greenbelt trails at the river and foothills for 30 years, I can tell you Bieter and his police department are intentionally growing a druggie homeless crime problem. F-U-Mayor Dave. You are destroying my fair city to please your liberal idiot friends. Please go away soon.

  11. Buy the Torch!
    Oct 19, 2018, 5:20 pm

    I would love to see what the councilwomen would say if they were buying the Torch building.

    “The poor under-served that attend there need to know that (I) we will feel there pain at their loss of this valuable resource” ???!!!!

  12. A. Non E. Moose
    Oct 21, 2018, 3:38 pm

    Well let’s see now. City buys building that they want the police dept. to use as a substation. Check.

    Police Chief says it will be used for bicycle patrols, etc. Check.

    Owner agrees to sell for apparently more than market value. Check. Somewhat okay as above value has some advantages e.g. keeping other buyers out, etc.

    City agrees to lease back the building to current occupant. Check. Current occupant is Lucky Dog Tavern – a bar. Bars require a Liquor License issued by the State Police. Plus beer and wine licenses issued by Boise City. A Boise City Liquor license is currently for sale at $185,000, but can be leased out for $1500-$1800/month.

    According to a source, the Boise Police Association had a clubhouse next to the BPD gun range in Military Reserve Park. Both are now closed. The clubhouse used to offer liquor, etc. for its members.

    Did the City also acquire the liquor license and will the BPD association use it for their social gatherings? Not known. Hmmmm.

    What will become of the monies from said lease? How much is the lease for? How will this lease benefit the City. Why can’t we have those questions answered? Weird!

    Honestly, I have never seen the bicycle patrol except during special events and lately I have not seen the motorcycle officers on patrol either. That goes for the state and the county as well. Hmmm!

  13. Homeless Druggie Crime
    Oct 23, 2018, 8:39 pm

    Yes, regular violence on the greenbelt near where they corral the homeless per policy. Rare to see homeless by city hall though.

  14. Yossarian_22
    Oct 24, 2018, 3:16 pm

    Many, many questions here. I think A Non E Moose raises the best. And the druggie probs are blighting parts of the city, too. That’s a comprehensive level issue that LE struggles with until a real solution is pursued. Growing a city faster than it should grow only worsens the druggie problem. I’ve seen hypodermics pop up too much around Vista Ave. It’s not San Fran yet, but it needs to stop.

  15. I like “Buy it’s” comment about the city buying the Torch – it would also solve the problem of the sexy bill boards. (sic) 🙂 I too would like to see what the Council woman would say about those that would be displaced.

  16. When elected public servants purchase properties THAT property comes off of the property TAX ROLE.
    I believe most residents would have preferred to include the substation in the LOW TO NO Income housing property under construction. OR the old fire training center property on the greenbelt. Both are owned by the public and a stones throw to the OVERPRICED BAR. THIS KINDA DECISION FROM ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANTS IS JUST WRONG.

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