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  1. Vote Democrat and vote often…. …😏

  2. brian vermillion
    Nov 5, 2018, 10:20 pm

    Those that need reminding that they have the opportunity to cast their votes must be so disconnected from current events that I ask them to please NOT VOTE! The fact that candidates post campaign signs on the corners with nothing more than their name on them tells me that there are in fact people that will simply vote for whoever’s name seems familiar to them. The signs must work or the candidates wouldn’t spend the money on them. This is the state of many uneducated voters.

  3. Voting is a scam
    Nov 6, 2018, 10:27 am

    Vote to give legitimacy to the sociopaths who are destroying the world for power and profit.

    Do you ever wonder why we can’t vote for or against the Endless Undeclared Wars, growing Police State, cancerous growth of government, elimination of the traitorous Corporate Media, US Military bases in 100 countries, etc?

    No real Democracy for us, only the choice between Corporate Prostitute Candidates and ballot initiatives written by the corporations and promoted by their captured media.

  4. Careful what we wish for...
    Nov 6, 2018, 10:48 am

    No doubt about it. Due to the inability or unwillingness of many to understand the basics of our representative democracy, I also wish these folks to stay home. Voting is very important. For example, before half of the voters of 2008 elected Obama I had really good health insurance for $100/month. Before half the voters elected the Bush dynasty (Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama) we were entering a period global peace and smaller military budgets.

    Alternative? I just bought something on Amazon without any error or fraud involved. Furthermore I did not need a storefront or salesman involved. Why do I need to go to the polling place (storefront)? Why do I even need a representative (politico-salesman)? We the people can manage our government affairs the same way we manage every other important thing we do, can’t we? The horse was replaced long long ago as were smoke signals and sailing ships. I think it’s time to plan the replacement of the elected representative bodies with a more direct, more responsive, and LESS EXPENSIVE form of control. Seeing these special people out of work would break my heart.

  5. I did my part!

    May I NEVER arrive at the level of cynicism exhibited by “Voting is a scam.” (S)he has a point, in that it takes money to win an election, and naturally the money flows to the in-step candidates.

    As my youngest daughter reached voting age a number of years ago, she said, “What difference does it make? Nothing ever changes anyway.” It’s hard to argue with that. Look at MY congressman, Hizzoner Mike Simpson. On his website, he boasts about being a career politician (“His public service began in 1980.”) He touts his warrior record (“We must stop the liberal Obama agenda. As your Congressman, I’m fighting everyday to balance the budget…”) Um… how’s that fight going for ya, Congressman? Either you fight like a sissy-boy, or your only “fight” is for votes every 2 years.

    However… NOBODY was standing there when I filled in the boxes completely. I felt particularly good about voting on the 4 initiatives, at the end of the ballot. That seems meaningful, even if it’s hard to trust the say-anything-to-get-elected politicians.

    Okay… I’ve vented.

    God bless America!

  6. I voted early and I did not vote for any incumbent. I believe they caused this mess and they refuse to correct the mess they so willing made to fatten their checkbooks.

  7. Careful what we wish for...
    Nov 6, 2018, 10:15 pm

    Watching the Ada results. The libs have landed. Prepare for more unchecked crime, more homeless, more drugs, more free stuff to those who think you owe them free stuff, and more incredibly stupid things to waste money on. Basically we are well on the road to everything wrong with Cali. Thanks Mayor Dave! Jerk

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