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Copper Caps Dog To Save Dog

There is an old adage in journalism that says, “MAN BITES DOG is news, not the other way around.”

Well, in another one of those all too often pit bull incidents, a lady in the 4000 block of Kootenai called police Thursday to save her golden retriever from the apparent jaws of death. It was a case of dog bites dog.

It turned out to be a rather sad situation because the lady with the retriever was “dog sitting” for the owner of the pit bull that died of a single police-inflicted gunshot. Coppers and the dog sitter made several attempts to quell the flying fur fight.

Here is the police version: “At 12:58 p.m. Boise Police were dispatched to a report of an aggressive dog in the back yard of a home on the 4000 block of Kootenai St. The resident said a pit bull was fighting and injuring a golden retriever. She had tried to break up the dogs for several minutes before calling 911.

The dogs were fighting under a wood patio that is about two feet off the ground, making it hard for anyone to reach them. The first officer on scene made several attempts to separate the dogs including using pepper spray and banging pots and pans together. The pit bull continued to attack the other dog under the patio and the officer was forced to fire his duty weapon one time to stop the attack. The pit bull died at the scene. The golden retriever was taken to a veterinarian to be treated for his injuries. The resident of the home owned the golden retriever and had been pet sitting the pit bull.”

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  1. I hate the idea of anyone hurting a dog. However, pitbulls are deadly and will usually not stop an attack once they have started, especially when their owner isn’t present. I wont lose any sleep over a dead pitbull, I would have shot it too!

  2. I agree with Shoegoo. This dog on dog is actually very very common but the authorities and public never know about it because death of a pet does not need to be reported (nor should it be). Pit Bulls have long bloodlines and are designed as the ideal killing machines. I’m happy we are not reading about a dead human because a full grown human stands less chance than the retriever.

    Praise to the copper for not shooting up the whole neighborhood. Hitting a dog in the right place while in a dogfight is very difficult.

    Extra insurance and special Pit license should be required…. under penalty of one year and $10,000. Or just live someplace else.

  3. Yossarian_22
    Dec 8, 2018, 3:40 pm

    Justified in my view. Hard but right choice. I’d say that we could be reading about massive gang violence in city where you cannot defend yourself (Chicago,LA)vs living where you can (here), and dog stories like this are considered news.

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