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Four MORE Years?

In case there was any doubt, the GUARDIAN is offering readers a chance at a free hot dog and official word that Team Dave is seeking a 20 year record as Boise’s mayor.

This invite offering a hot dog with the mayor at the Fire Dept. Union Hall on Orchard near the railroad tracks came in just in time for Christmas.

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  1. You mean the same Bieter who wrote a letter of support for a pervert priest?

  2. I guess the rumors I heard about Bieter retirement were wrong. Bummer. Wishful thinking.

    The Dip State needs its corrupt mayors and city councils to continue with more aggravation. As long as everyone believes that all of these “sustainability” plans are about improving our lives, then these cucks will still get elected. Too many people give this mayor a pass on these special deals for gimmicks and property trades. All it will take is one good exposure of a scandal that people will pay attention to.

    I agree with Jim’s comment. Trying to protect a potential abuser like Fochet should be exposed. I truly believe that there are more like him in the local Catholic midst. Look around the country, there are hundreds being exposed, but just one here in Idaho?

  3. Tom Lorentz
    Dec 21, 2018, 5:22 pm

    It is past time for a change in the mayors’ office. However, someone else must step forward if this is to be accomplished. The F-35 fiasco proved Bieter is no friend to Boiseans.

  4. Kristiann Mannion
    Dec 21, 2018, 5:28 pm

    four MORE years? Seriously . . . oh, my.

  5. Eamonn Harter
    Dec 21, 2018, 7:05 pm

    In Mayor Bieter’s defense, what else would he do? It’s not like he has any experience in the private sector, and he’s already at the apex of his career as a Democrat in Idaho politics. I guess he could try to run for some statewide office (Superintendent of Public Instruction?) or maybe get appointed as a magistrate judge like his brother, but both would be a demotion from his current job as Chief Sultan of Boise. I guess We the People will have to suck it up and keep Bieter on as mayor for 4 more years lest he have to apply for unemployment benefits.

  6. Mayor for Life
    Dec 21, 2018, 7:19 pm

    Would there be so much as a murmur amongst the Sheeple if Dear Leader Dave Bieter went all truthy and declared himself Mayor for Life?

    So many ways to rig elections: hackable voting machines, corporate media telling the Sheeple who to vote for, rigged vote counts, corporations funding the prostitute politicians, ignorant citizens…

    Can we just dispense with the phony “democracy” thing and get on with overt totalitarianism? The only difference between a “welfare state” and a “totalitarian” State is time.

  7. Sheer horror …

  8. Bieter’s use-by date has long expired, but who can beat Bieter?

    There will soon be petitions for ballot initiatives so Boiseans can vote on both the library and the stadium. They should help turn out voters who could unseat the mayor and the council leadership who are pushing both projects. But we need viable candidates to replace them.

  9. “Forgiveness and mercy are central tenets of my faith.” – Dave Bieter

    Honesty and integrity, not so much…

  10. Are there really four more years worth of things for Bieter to destroy in this town?

    This must be why the City just sent out an e-mail about their new be “Kind” Initiative? Bieter, Clegg, Mclean and I believe Ludwig are all up for re-election this fall. And they don’t want anyone to be unkind to them during the campaign. Incidentally, I got the e-mail about being Kind a couple hours before the Council was Unkind to the Blue Valley mobile home park folks who are fighting the diesel terminal at their backdoor.

  11. Please, please, NO !!! Just the thought of four more Bieter years makes me gag.
    The mayor wants to build a monument to himselF while I’m struggling to pay my property taxes that keep rising each year.

    We desperately need someone else who understands the meaning of the word FRUGAL…

  12. Eamonn Harter
    Dec 21, 2018, 11:17 pm

    In a case of life imitating art, Dave Bieter resembles Boss Hogg from the ‘80s TV show Dukes of Hazzard more with each passing year. The petty corruption is almost comical in a way.

  13. My guess is we will have 4 more years of the Mayor… then he will run for Governor and McLean or Clegg will be your next Mayor.

    At least that is what my crystal ball is telling me. Start watching for the hints after the next election.

    Little against Beiter. Then have Paulette Jordan as Lt. Gov? Then move her in to the Governor after Beiter retires?

    Oh PS… Beiter will be a shoo in for mayor… hate to disappoint everyone here.

  14. Find a candidate
    Dec 22, 2018, 9:23 am

    There must be a competent managerial type candidate available to lead our city. City departments are suffering with lack of personnel and guidance. Consensus expectations are killing the integrity of the law and order in the city. Taxes are over the top and services are diminishing. Where is the money going?

  15. Would someone please tell Eamonn that the reason most people are upset with elected public servant Dave Biter is that HE ALREADY WORKS FOR THE PRIVATE SECTOR. His decisions are made for out of town developers not the public.

  16. Besides the Fire Dept., Police Dept. and developers is there anyone who calls themselves his supporters?

    After the priest endorsement, I say it is time to step down and go away.

  17. David, I can assure you that our Great Pedophile Supporter is not supported by the Police Dept. This mayor has never been a friend of the police.

  18. NO,NO,NO,NO (4 TIMES)

  19. Be Kind? Be Civil? You first Mayor
    Dec 22, 2018, 6:27 pm

    Is the ‘Be Kind’ initiative aimed at those speaking out about Team Dave’s financial rape of the Treasure Valley? Nothing kind about doubling to tripling every type of tax and fee during their Reich then sidestepping a vote on how the haul is spent. There is indeed kindness in Boise’s people, but is weird and sad to have the oppressive tax-n-spend champion trying to harness it as his own idea. Don’t need you handing out trophies for your political gain Mayor. We were kind before you and will be kind after you.

    Several upset by Mayor’s letter to go easy on priest. Good, we should all be outraged by the chronic systemic crimes against children which have been well known but not addressed for decades. At very least Mayor is ignorant of the impact of these organizational crimes. It goes beyond the hands on victims. The Catholic Church is selling church real estate and other valuable assets to pay for lawsuits rather than stopping the endemic pervert priest problem. A century’s old hierarchy of dirty old men who know each other’s crimes. It will only be stopped by the power of the law in America. But no! We have the most powerful politician in Idaho, a lawyer and a mayor, wanting to go easy on it? What? Please revisit this heartfelt political gaffe Mr. Mayor. Tens of thousands of Catholic victims are listening. It’s not about a singular sick man; it’s about a large gang of criminal perverts hiding behind a cross and bible.

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