New Year’s Resolutions We’d Like

We somehow made it through another year which means it’s time to work on those “New Year Resolutions,” beyond losing weight, getting more sleep, being nice, etc.

Here are a few to get the conversation started…

–Cut allotted weather segments to one-third the current air time. No teasers like, “will it snow?” Just say snow or no snow!

–Pass a law to curtail the financing of public works projects by urban renewal agencies.

–Require a vote on all public projects that exceed a single year’s revenues.

–Enforce “no texting” laws while driving…including at stop lights. And for motorists STOP TEXTING!

–Eliminate all corporate incentives. Stop paying businesses to relocate in Idaho/Boise.

The GUARDIAN will gladly post your comments and suggested resolutions.

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  1. Enforce the speed limit – especially in neighborhoods which are now thoroughfares aka S. Latah St. Kids walking home from school are not safe with cars traveling faster than they speed down Orchard Street!!!
    Straight shot to Americana may be the problem… except it’s this way everywhere. Having lived here all of my life I DO adjust my speed according to how close to my rear bumper you are! “Wanna see how slow I can go – because I know that your goal is to turn Boise into where you came from. I did not choose to move to your former home.”

  2. David Klinger
    Dec 27, 2018, 11:49 pm

    I resolve in 2019 to keep my “visions” and my aspirations conservative enough that they can be confined within dimensions of a modest little “Cabin”. I recommend Boise consider the wisdom in that, too. There is some good in living within one’s means, and not forgetting one’s roots. What was good enough for Lincoln is good enough for me. “The Cabin” is a metaphor for how we regard our world and how we conserve our core values.

  3. Please for the love of God do away with the rented electric scooters/skate boards. I pray that all electric scooters and bike and etc be banned from the bike path. Next summer when young kids learning how to ride bike get on the bike path with scooters going 20 miles an hours bad things are going to happen.

    Have we gotten to the point where people are too lazy to walk or peddle a bike?

  4. I agree with Dave on the UR for public works projects, but I would extend that resolution to pass a law that requires UR agencies to produce an annual financial report to require accountability for all expenditures. Moreover there needs to be a required voter approval for all new urban renewal districts. This would curtail or at least give public oversight of Team Dave’s pet projects.

    I echo the sentiments of Porcupine with the “have we gotten to the point where people are too lazy to walk or peddle a bike” as they need to regulate electric scooters as I am tired of nearly being ran over on downtown sidewalks by speeding scooters.

    I agree people need to slow down and have respect for neighborhood streets, or any street for that matter. Speed limits are not a suggestion, and you are not the best driver in the world and therefore you should be able to drive as fast as you want. In fact I am a firm believer that lower speed limits on the congested portions of the interstate would lead to few accidents and a more even and consistent flow of traffic.

    Also if people would put their phones away period, that would be helpful. You are not so important that the moment you leave work in the afternoon that you need to spend every waking moment especially those spent behind the wheel calling or texting everyone on your contacts list.

    And finally how about not looking for opportunities to be offended and then expecting those that offended you to react or face ruination. We need to realize that just because you don’t agree with someone that does not make the statements offensive nor does it make them a bad person. We need to uphold the rights of freedom of speech, even if what is said is offensive or disagreeable.

  5. I whole heartedly embrace your first and last points. Leading with the weather drives me howling at the screen crazy. We very, very rarely have weather that is newsworthy, let alone the lead story for KTVB. It is either heat or snow, big woo.
    Corporate incentives and exemptions don’t pay for themselves and our robust economy is not linked to these breaks.
    Urban renewal is a great tool in a toolbox with little else.

  6. I too support the points you have made and here is my wish list.

    Cooling off period for new construction of any kind. There is a large amount of empty commercial buildings in Boise and yet someone needs to build, build, build.

    Ban right turns on red. A red light turning right means stop not look at me in the intersection and keep going and I have to squat because you didn’t want to stop. A right turn usually means use caution but since driver’s training is now computer based laws don’t mean anything anymore.

    As for texting it should also apply to the police in their cars. NO EXCEPTIONS! You have a radio use it. You need a map pull over that’s why you have a lightbar.

    Stop dreaming about a desire named street car. Fix the current bus system like Portland or Salt Lake and then we’ll talk.

  7. re: Weather. 1. If they lead with weather or a national story, I turn it off. 2. Don’t tell me what to wear! I am 70 years old. I know to put a coat on if it’s cold.

  8. Eamonn Harter
    Dec 29, 2018, 10:20 am

    The GUARDIAN should RESOLVE to cover the effects of the pending collapse in real estate as house prices inevitably return to their historical average of 2-3 times median household income, which implies a 50% or greater collapse in median local house prices as the Federal Reserve continues to withdraw liquidity and raise the Fed funds rate and also as psychology changes where houses are no longer perceived as a meal ticket to easy money, and instead are perceived as BOAT ANCHORS that are rapidly declining in price.

    Additionally, the GUARDIAN should RESOLVE to frequently cover the financial status of the many apartment and commercial building projects that have been built all over the Treasure Valley in recent years.

    The collapse in real estate prices in 2019 will provide the GUARDIAN with many opportunities to cover the effects of the 2nd collapse in real estate in a little over a decade. Such effects may include partially completed abandoned housing developments, bankrupt housing and commercial developers, financial strain on the state and local governments, foreclosures, short sales, bank owned properties, and a surge in related unemployment as construction workers, Realtors, mortgage brokers, Tommy Ahlquist and Corey Barton line up in front of the Boise Rescue Mission for a hot meal and a cot to sleep on for the night.

  9. Wishes – – long shots for sure…but we can hope:

    1. A Boise Mayor more interested in what the citizens think than what he does.
    2. A Boise Mayor that would represent the other 49% (other then those north of the river) of the city that he ignores.
    3. A City Council that would do #1 and #2.
    4. A City leadership that would listen rather than ignore testimony and the concerns of voters.
    5. A city leadership that would quit spending and cut tax rates and levies by 25% and cut the city budget by the same.
    6. Changes to the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Boise that preserves the unique features of the south bench and west bench before they are gone due to skinny houses and apartments.
    7. Removal of all Urban Renewal districts and the elimination of the CCDC.

  10. All great ideas!

    Looking forward to the unsealing of the Federal Court indictments filed here in Idaho since October, 2017. Idaho has 216 so far. Some states have thousands.

  11. E.B. Schofield
    Dec 30, 2018, 12:01 pm

    Every citizen understanding, and prioritizing one’s time, has the responsiblity to put forth the effort (knowledge, time, energy, etc.) to shape the future of the City and their own neighborhood.

  12. G Alexander Jones
    Dec 31, 2018, 11:57 am

    Excellent choice for New Year’s resolutions we would like to see.
    Can I add ticketing red light running boneheads? Apparently our state legislators don’t think we need cameras at busy intersections. (Head scratcher here) Having had several near misses due to texting or road rage…take your pick…both dangerous scenarios enforceable.
    Happy New Year Dave!

  13. I appreciated your column today and the good ideas you proposed. One of my priorities is that our city leaders need to learn the meaning of the word FRUGAL !!!

    I realize that Mayor Bieter would like to have monuments in his history as mayor of Boise, but enough is definitely enough. There will be no next term beginning in 2019. Let’s make our wishes known by voting for leaders who believe in quality for Boise and not just quantity and high taxes…

    EDITOR NOTE–You need some viable candidates first.

  14. Hmmm, I am little amused that so many things being listed are negative. Boise is changing, yet I still am in love with Boise, been here over 30 years and knew when I was 19 this was my destination (came over the border from Eastern Oregon for a legal drink)… it was a while ago.

    My resolutions would be that we advance our City’s relationship with a governor that seems to want to governor more than his party and just rural Idaho.

    The watchdog on-line groups continue to grow and inform the citizens-ACHD watchdog and Vanishing Boise come to mind

    We closely follow the big changes coming in our hospital/healthcare and university platforms – with pay for service moving on and new Presidents coming – Kustra show us how one person can make a big impact on a town.

    That we start realizing why Trump came and why Dave B stays in office and take those learnings and put some teeth into the things we need to change

    I am thankful for the boiseguardian.com and look forward to all the 2019 discussions

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