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Report: Kustra Backs Vote On Library

David Klinger, the vocal advocate of leaving “The Cabin” in place and having citizens vote on the library funding, sent this note to the GUARDIAN:

“Dr.Robert Kustra is the former lieutenant governor of the State of Illinois and the recently-retired president of Boise State University. Today he endorsed our efforts to put the proposed Boise events center/library and the downtown commercial center/ballpark to a citizen vote.

His endorsement underscores our contention that these are two highly-expensive municipal projects with major corollary impacts that are being pushed by a growth-obsessed city government … both of which require much greater citizen/taxpayer validation before they should proceed.”

Kustra joins a growing number of officials who have come to agree with the GUARDIAN efforts to seek voter approval for major public works projects.

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  1. western guy
    Jan 5, 2019, 10:13 pm

    Bob Kustra’s history. but he’s writing for the Mistaken newspaper, which doesn’t have many real reporters left!

  2. Rigged System
    Jan 6, 2019, 1:58 pm

    Here’s how “voter approval” works.

    Paid Propagandists are interviewed by the MSM on TeeVee and fakespapers.

    MSM runs endless infomercials about how wonderful the projects are.

    MSM “polls” potential voters until the numbers support the projects.

    MSM announces that the public supports the projects.

    Voters go to polls and endorse the projects.

    It’s the best “Democracy” money can buy.

  3. Dear Dr. Kustra:
    Perhaps in the past, your opinions carried some weight in these parts. But now you’re just a common ordinary citizen. (Welcome to our ranks!) Get used to being patted on the head and told that our overlords know best; you elected them to make the tough decisions, so now please sit down and shut up.

  4. A big ‘thank you’ to Dr. Robert Kustra for coming out in favor of allowing citizens to vote on a new and unrealistically expensive Library and baseball stadium! Remember, he has spent enough time in Chicago to know just what happens when Big Money and Big City Mayors and City Councils take over the controls.

    By the way, just who is this “western guy” with the smarmy mouth? He definitely needs to be kicked down the road…maybe to Chicago or better yet, Detroit!

  5. Thank You Dr. K
    Jan 7, 2019, 9:20 am

    Dr. Kustra has made it to home plate in life. Although I’m not 100% enamored with what he did with BSU, one must admitted it is overall VERY impressive. Additionally, he did it with style and class. This is why BSU is having such a difficult time finding someone up to the job of wearing his shoes.

    Dr. Kustra, thank you for your input. Perhaps we could benefit from you entering local office? Or, at least, we will benefit from your unimpeachable opinion directed at the local political mafia from time to time? They do indeed disregard us surfs.

  6. It is good to see this effort to stand up to the Mayor and library manager regarding these projects. How the heck do they think they’ll keep them funded, repaired, operating, and updated without windfall after windfall? There are some area of the city that need so much help, and the departments to give that help are underfunded and poorly managed. They pay nearly minimum wage on many jobs, but they talk multiples of millions for these things. Power corrupts.

  7. Larry Rincover
    Jan 7, 2019, 10:31 am

    Projects of this size and expense should certainly involve citizen/tax payer input. I would hope that an open, inclusive discussion of the merits, and alternate options can be aired in a series of public meetings.

  8. Maybe this is Kustra throwing his hat into the ring to run for Mayor. He has the notoriety with the local public as well as the press to stay relevant for a little bit.

  9. Dr. Kustra is a Chicago politician. I’m sure he has more in mind than “endorsing our efforts to put the proposed Boise events center/library and the downtown commercial center/ballpark to a citizen vote.”

    I don’t remember him putting up to vote doing away with wresting and replacing it with baseball at BSU and having to use Eminent domain to get done what he wanted.

    Mr. Guardian I think having his endorsement is much more of a negative than of any help to you.


  10. western guy
    Jan 7, 2019, 6:42 pm

    To Navillus:

    Western Guy, myself, is a long-time resident of Idaho (and Boise), well-educated, and a participant in, and observer of, government and politics in SW Idaho.

    He (I) abhors committees, lackey politicians, and hard right Republicans. He (I) also detests the mindset of Boise City gub’ment during the Team Dave era.

  11. This board is becoming dumber and dumber. Impulsive blather does not really speak to the issue – support for the public’s role in a huge proposed expenditure.
    Dr. Kustra was a lucky and hard working guy: now he is retired well into his 70’s. I doubt he is seeking public life. And if he did, we know his position of the library and the ball park. But he’s not.
    It would be nice if those who comment would add just a touch of thinking before speaking. Do you all feel spending 100’s of millions of your dollars without your voice on the matter is a good deal? A dirty deal? A normal deal? . . .

  12. Chickenhawk
    Jan 8, 2019, 12:04 pm

    Clancy has a point. I too think that Dr. Kustra might consider the mayoral position. If such a thing were to happen, perhaps Team Dave will finally wake up and change course.

    In the meantime, expect more of the same as more and more of our local television newscasts reflect more government public relations FLAKS rather than accurate, objective and fair sources of real news.

  13. Conscent

    I am total against the new library and the ballpark. But I also know Kustra. I’m not sure that his goals and folks are on this board are the same.

    Don’t forget in the beginning of this baseball deal Kustra was on board to “team up” with Boise Hawks for a shared field. Just keep your hand on your wallet when you are dealing with him.

  14. I am a bit distressed at the personal attacks on other commenters (Navillus). If we are going to denigrate others, I suggest we at least use our real names.

  15. Libraries were important before the internet. They are trying to re-imagine themselves as community centers and event centers to remain relevant in the digital age.

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