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Boise’s fire department gave away a fire engine this week to the Ada County Sheriff’s Department.

The move is allowed under state law and it should save taxpayers a few dollars. Chief Dennis Doan told the GUARDIAN he wanted the former fire rig to be decorated in any color but red and not have it look like a fire truck.

Ada Sheriff Steve Bartlett told us he plans to convert the truck into a “command post-utility vehicle.”

“We will use it for hostage situations and other emergencies. Our intent is to use all the compartment space and crew cab to equipment and staff,” said Bartlett, adding, “we already own most of the equipment and the county shop should be able to do most of the conversion work.”

The city estimated the value of the old truck at around $11,000 and Bartlett hoped to get the conversion for around $5,000. Whatever the eventual cost, it is nice to see some inter-agency cooperation.

Boise Police previously gave the county their Army surplus M-RAP after an unenthusiastic public reception.

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  1. Time for a new sheriff.

  2. Gosh, I think that’s a great idea !!!

    It could definitely save lives some day…

  3. Looks like the Ada County Sheriff is picking up most of the real police work and doing a good job watching their budget in addition. Maybe its time to go to a valley wide metro police department headed by ACS. BPD definitely can’t get much done while under Beiter’s thumb.

  4. In all fairness how about leave it as a firetruck with a refurbish and repaint. It could be used as a first in truck when a Meth Lab catches fire.

    In all seriousness WHY? You mean to tell me other vehicles you have won’t work?

  5. Another thought: it goes well with Ada County Paramedics armored ambulance, so eh, why not keep it a fire truck and paint it aqua just to be different.

    Utah Gun Exchange has a Lenco Bearcat for sale. I heard the owner recently was charged with some felonies and it may have to be liquidated to pay legal fees. Just saying!

  6. Hey Chad, sounds good. It should be just as successful as county wide ACHD. At least the administrative head would be accountable by having to stand for direct public election.

  7. Agree on a sheriff led valley-wide PD, will pool resources, reduce duplication of overhead, and stop stupid territory issues. Sheriff has always been better a real community policing, being elected might have something to do with it.

    The paramilitary BPD, black storm trooper uniforms, black muscle cars and used military equipment is not community policing and tells a lot about how BPD wants the community to perceive them.

    Old post I know…..but why do the police cars need to say they LEAD, as one of their values. I would say they serve, not Lead, lead is often a position of power and authority, not service.

    EDITOR NOTE–A reader once told us LEAD is pronounced “LED.”

  8. E.B. Schofield
    Jan 13, 2019, 6:17 pm

    A county wide system composed of all emergency response services – police, fire, ambulance, sheriff -would most likely result in a far more efficient and effective use of tax payer monies.

  9. I agree with E.B Schofield’s point.

    That was the intent of county-wide highway administration, but ACHD management has failed in more ways than one. But when we see city AND county officials screwing the taxpayers, it doesn’t make much difference.

    As for this deal, County should’ve paid fair price to city.

    It does not “Save Taxpayers”. It saves Ada County but at the expense of the City.
    IF this is to be ‘fair’ standard, then the city should not have to pay to use the county jail, county courthouse, etc.
    The state should not have to pay the city for BPD police on BSU campus, etc… etc….
    And that answer will be a loud NO.

  10. western guy
    Jan 15, 2019, 6:44 pm

    RE: BFD fire stations going over budget, and new $100 million library:

    Wait till the architectural drawings come in at $125 million. You will see the architect and engineers do what’s called ‘value engineering’, where they replace triple-glazed windows with only double; cheaper finishes and doors, less wood and more plastic.

    It’s what happens. Just wait…

  11. RE: JJ’s Comment above…

    Not sure what your personal beef with BPD stems from, but let me correct a few things:

    1. BPD uniforms are not black. They are dark blue, just like those worn by Meridian PD, Nampa PD, Caldwell PD and, quite literally, hundreds of other police agencies around the country. I can’t think of any more common police uniform color in existence.

    2. The “muscle cars” you refer to are Dodge Chargers and make-up only half of the BPD fleet. (The other half being Ford Explorers). For many years, the Charger was the only decent sedan available in a police package after Chevy quit producing the Caprice and Ford quite producing the Crown Victoria. Again, thousands of police agencies across the country drive them. They are not new, unique or unusual in any way.

    3. As for used military equipment, BPD is one of thousands of agencies in the country to make use of this program, saving those agencies millions-of-dollars. Even more importantly, such equipment can and has helped in saving the lives of police officers by being able to go into potentially deadly situations better prepared and protected. This program is even more beneficial to small departments which may not otherwise have funding for such equipment. Every other agency in this valley – and statewide – does the same thing.

    4. Storm Troopers wear white !!

  12. StormTroopers
    Jan 16, 2019, 6:00 pm

    WS: BPD is ~30% of the total Boise City Budget. TOTAL… That in and of itself is really alarming and unnecessary. Bieter, obviously afraid of the police, gives them money so they won’t bite him?

    “Storm Troopers” label comes from the experiences of lots of ordinary folks who have encountered a douche bag in a dark blue uniform behaving unnecessarily aggressively and perhaps unconstitutionally toward ordinary folks as they go about their business in effort to pay for that 30%. Same as everywhere else is not a good supporting argument. Hope they stop hiring former high school footballers one day. Power corrupts.

    EDITOR NOTE–You turned it into a cop hate platform. Thread is closed for comments. Post was about a used fire truck.

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