Three Ada Officials “No Longer Work Here”

It took a couple of weeks, but the new Ada Commishes, Kendra Kenyon and Diana Lachiondo, have apparently made some personnel changes. Let’s hope they did a better job of crafting their staff than the previous pair that cost taxpayers about a million and a half dollars as a result of a lawsuit.

Chief of Staff Larry Maneely no longer appears in the directory. Benny Poole, a long time employee and subsequent temp agency hire who oversaw public records requests also has disappeared from the Ada courthouse.

Seems there was something in the air at the Ada Air Quality Board where requests to speak to Kent Goldthorpe are met with, “He no longer works here.” Goldthorpe is also an ACHD Commish and the air quality gig was his day job.

Ada County has an “at will” employment policy.

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  1. Is/Wasn’t Goldthorpe ACHD’s appointee to the air quality board, as I was in 1997-8, not an employee of the board as you imply?

    I just checked the AQB’s online roster, which is not up to date, still showing Paul Woods as the ACHD rep on the board. Woods is no longer on the ACHD commission.

    EDITOR NOTE–I believe Rebecca Arnold is the ACHD rep now.

  2. Actually, the AQB’s auto protology program is obsolete and should be discontinued, which likely requires legislation by the county commission.

    EDITOR NOTE–He was the fulltime administrator of the emission testing program.

  3. western guy
    Jan 30, 2019, 9:31 pm


    Goldthorpe (quietly) replaced the guy who had been a Meridian city councilor, at AQB.

  4. Marisa Keith
    Jan 31, 2019, 12:14 pm

    With the new ACHd board and this years president, Rebecca Arnold, Goldthorpe was appointed to the Valley regional transit board, and Sarah Baker will be on the air quality board.

    E#DITOR NOTE–Thanks for the clarification.

  5. Expect more changes from Ada County. Kenyon wants to sale the fairgrounds and do away with the Western Idaho Fair

  6. western guy
    Jan 31, 2019, 5:19 pm

    Go to the AQB website: ’’ and try to find out who is on the board or who is staff. Easily the least-informative website in Idaho.

  7. I want to read about all of these outfits’ employee directories posted as “no longer works here.” We need to start over. First, we need a REAL judiciary that will ENFORCE the rules and regs vs corruption before we hire anyone for government agency or elected position.

    After combing over the Horowitz investigations of the non-investigation of Hillary’s Pay2Play scam and Obama’s Spygate and the one sided Meuller ham sandwich indictments of late and many other miscarriages of justice, I now am 100% on board with Grover Norquist’s mantra “drag big government into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.” Former friends of mine would be horrified to here me say such a thing, but that is how disgusted I am with the absolute criminal behavior of our institutions these days.

  8. Forced Air: I think you mean the “criminal behavior of the individuals in our institutions…” The only thing that will save our democracy is its institutional foundation. You express frustrations over elected and appointed officials, not the folks who ensure the functionality of our democracy on many levels. Try flushing your toilet without our government institutions; you’ll appreciate them a lot more when you’ve got effluent all over your yard.

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