Truckers Buy Dinner, Get Free Ride In Ada

In case you wondered why legislators failed to even debate a bill to charge fees to trucks over 8,000 lbs. in Ada County, an excerpt from the Trucking Association newsletter gives a hint.

Trucks like this heavyweight pay NO ACHD fees.

“Last week, the Idaho Truck PAC hosted its annual legislative dinner with House and Senate leadership and legislators that serve on the Transportation Committees. Governor Brad Little also stopped by to express his support for the trucking industry. Idaho Trucking Association members talked with legislators…”

The newsletter went on to say,
“Registration Fee for ACHD–
After sharing our concerns with members of the House Transportation Committee regarding the proposed Ada County Highway District’s $ 75 registration fee on all vehicles over 8,000 lbs., we are pleased to report that the Committee decided not to advance this legislation.”

Sooo, trucks that cause the most wear on roads get a free ride at the expense of lightweight motorists.

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  1. So a $75.00 fee was going to put a truck owner out of business?? That wouldn’t even fix one pot hole in our highways.

    This is an open invitation to the governor. I’ll buy you dinner, your choice if you can get the state or ACHD to reduce my vehicle registration fee.

    I wonder how much the Idaho Truck PAC paid for the dinners? I hope they all ordered lobster. It amazes me how cheap it is to buy a politician! Or maybe there was a nice donation or a free ride in a big rig to buy their vote.

  2. Trucker Worship
    Mar 5, 2019, 5:36 pm

    A couple of years back, my wife and I were T-boned by a guy playing with his cell phone. Mr T-bone went to court to fight the “Failure to Yield” ticket he received at the scene.

    My wife and I both testified in court that Mr T-bone accelerated into us while turning left across traffic.

    The Judge at the Ada County Courthouse was going through the motions when he found out Mr T-bone was a trucker with a CDL. He instantly turned into Mr T-bones best buddy, told those present how important truckers were to the economy, and dismissed citation.

    This action cause my wife and I great problems as we ended up having to go to arbitration between the insurance companies to get reimbursed for the totaled car and medical expenses. It ended up taking 18 months for the ordeal to finally end.

    The local “Deep State” criminals love those truckers.

  3. It’s Idaho’s convoluted form of socialism: Taxpayers support poor, struggling industries—trucking companies and the corporations whose goods they move. It’s good for the economy, don’t ya know?!

  4. I Wonder if they used the drive thru?

  5. There’s a lesson to be learned here.

    If the Idaho Economy Car PAC would host an annual Legislative Dinner, and contribute generously to reelection campaigns, maybe their registration fees could be lower than they are.

    All around us on every side, we’re seeing the Golden Rule in action! (“He who has the gold, makes the rules.”)

  6. Most concerned with safety
    Mar 5, 2019, 9:39 pm

    If the State would just enforce the safety rules on the broken-down crappy old trucks doing short-haul from the gravel pits. Bonus, new to the local streets in the past few years is the huge unregulated overloaded dump trailers towed by the much too small one-ton pickups.

    Legislators: So they give up our safety and tax burden for a free lunch. Sounds about right. Most are small business owners looking out for their personal agenda.

    Safety, yes really. You think this was the only one out there?

  7. So our new Governor just happened to be passing by and stopped in for a chat. I wonder if he also picked up his “SWAG BAG”?

    Yup, business as usual.

  8. When I was at the hearing, the testimony and legislature comments focused on the typical urban vs rural divide that often plays out at the statehouse. Many of the Representatives are wary of creating a fairness fee for only 1 county, because it sets a precedent. I do not believe anyone from the trucking industry testified against this bill, but they had made their concerns know to the Representatives. The ACHD financial strategy was a concern to the committee. It was easier for them to vote no and let ACHD dip into the $10 million in foregone property taxes as this fee would only raise a quarter of that.

    Here is an interesting story about the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the massive debt they have incurred. Even when roads are tolled to pay for themselves, they still fail. Plus trucks say they are paying too much.

  9. Boiseansinceforever
    Mar 6, 2019, 10:08 am

    Isn’t it interesting how ACHD said we all “wanted” a 70% increase in fees, but the Big Boy Truckers can’t afford $75 annual fee? So Joe Citizen can take that much out of his pocket for the family car, but a money-making truck can’t generate enough to pay for the roads it tears up. The Good Old Boys club is alive and well.

  10. “After sharing our concerns”
    “the Committee decided not to advance this legislation.”

    From Guardian post of 1/28/18:
    “a representative at one of the largest heavyweight fleets in the county -told us[ACHD] the company- would support legislation to allow ACHD to charge the vehicles over 8,000lbs.

    In the same post:
    ACHD in November had PUBLICLY claimed they would seek legislation



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