Library Petition Drive Deadline Nears

Volunteers for Boise Working Together are in the final days to collect signatures on Library and Stadium initiatives before an April 30th filing deadline.

The proposed main library and civic center campus would cost an estimated $85 million and the potential sports park $50 million, much of which would come from public monies.

Boise Working Together is not for or against either project, but believe both issues should be put to a public vote because they require the spending of millions of dollars of public money.

The petition can be signed Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm at Farmers Insurance at 5105 W Overland in Boise. Find the full notary and event schedule, plus downloadable forms available from Boise Working Together.

To date, approximately 3,100 of the required 5000 signatures have been filed with Boise’s City Hall, with more to follow over the coming days.

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  1. Or print out a petition for yourself and your family. Let’s vote for our money.

  2. Concerned Neighbor
    Apr 30, 2019, 8:20 am

    Did they make it? It was difficult to find this petition available during hours when I could get to it. Petitions need to be able to be online.

  3. Petition On BWT Website
    Apr 30, 2019, 5:50 pm

    For Concerned Neighbor – the petition has been available for anyone to download and print on the Boise Working Together webpage.

  4. You know, Bieter has said that we should have showed up at the poles last election cycle if we didnt like the direction of the library.

    Be careful what you wish for Big Boy! This may be your last term!

  5. Astonishing Response By Bieter
    Apr 30, 2019, 6:03 pm

    In response to Boise Working Together’s successful effort to collect signatures, the Mayor’s tunnel vision continues, as now he believes anyone who did not sign the petition(s) automatically support the library and stadium projects. Astonishing ignorance or simply a refusal to listen to the people?

    The petition initiative was not about the benefits of either project; it was about meaningful public participation in the future of the City and the use of all forms of public monies.

    As posted in the Boise Dev story:
    Boise Mayor Dave Bieter issued a statement claiming the voters who didn’t sign the petition show grassroots support for the projects.

    “This process activated the thousands of Boiseans who support these projects and refused to sign the petition,” he said in a prepared release. “That grassroots support shows that Boiseans understand the benefits of these projects and want to see them happen.”

  6. Good deal! Now….vote these monstrosities DOWN…..

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