ACHD Under Cyber Attack

If you have tried to contact the Ada County Highway District the past couple of days and experienced problems, it is because the agency was victim of a massive cyber attack.

Some high level investigative agencies including those of the Federal Government are working to find the source of the “serious attack.”

ACHD has been forced to shut down much of its on-line computer system to prevent further encroachment and damage.

UPDATE 4 p.m. Tuesday
System seems to be restored, investigation continues.

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  1. Par for their course.

    Apparently they didn’t see the 60Minutes episode last week about even small cities, hospitals and agencies being attacked with ransomware.


    “past couple of DAYS”?
    They were happy to do news press about their failed glass project last night on local Tv but not disclose an ongoing cyber-attack?


  2. There’s enuf static generated down there that I’m surprised the computer network runs at all!

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