Insider Nominated Over 230,000 Citizens

That old trope of “independent body corporate and politic” is becoming ludicrous when it comes to Boise’s urban renewal agency, CCDC.

Tuesday’s city council agenda includes the proposed appointment of the CCDC chairman, Dana Zuckerman, to the city design review committee. The committee reviews major building projects as part of the approval process on new construction.

Team Dave overlooked more than 230,000 other Boiseans to appoint Zuckerman. She may be qualified to serve on the design committee. She already sits on the board of the Boise Art Museum. There certainly are hundreds if not thousands of other citizens steeped in engineering, architecture, construction, etc. who would bring another view to the design review committee.

Mayor Dave Bieter appointed himself to the CCDC (Capitol City Development Corp.), former councilor Maryanne Jordan who is now a state senator voting on state laws governing urban renewal also sits on the board.

Bieter’s former economic development guy, John Brunelle, is the executive director. Ross Borden, another former Bieter staffer now works for CCDC. City Councilor Holli Woodings’ husband is a CCDC commissioner. Former councilor Ben Quintana (originally a Bieter appointee) sits on the CCDC board.

Now, with the appointment of Zuckerman, we will have CCDC people serving on a city board.

It may not be an independent body corporate and politic, but it sure is one happy family! Council will vote Tuesday.

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  1. It appears there is a bit of incest going on down at city hall. Guess the mayor wants to keep it in the family.

  2. Eamonn Harter
    May 20, 2019, 11:05 pm

    This is plain, old fashioned corruption. Mayor Daley and the Chicago Machine would be proud. Will the Council approve this nomination? Magic 8 ball says “Signs point to Yes.”

  3. Kristiann Mannion
    May 21, 2019, 5:20 am

    I think that current City Hall is just the White House dressed up as Democrats.

  4. Oh Hail the King
    May 21, 2019, 7:37 am

    The mayor did not ask me if I would serve – wonder why not?

  5. Could be an interesting test for Ms. McLean.

  6. Can't see past the ends of their noses
    May 21, 2019, 9:49 am

    One source identified it as hubris disorder. Very interesting to read about.

  7. Boisean Since Forever
    May 21, 2019, 11:19 am

    A fascinating project for someone: How about:
    (1) A list of all officials who were first appointed to positions and then had the power of incumbency to get “re” elected at the next election. It would start with his mayorship who was appointed to the leguslature to finish his father’s term after a tragic accident ended his life.
    (2) A chart showing all the interconnected good-old-boy boards and committees who werd filled by appointment or Bieter-endorsed elections.
    (3) Another chart showing all their unseen commonalities. How many knew each other in high school or the U of I? How near are their residences to each other? How many active, partisan democrats in a “non-partisan” city position?
    Perhaps another just-for-fun project would be to count the number of 9th-12th grade students who would get a project like this turned down when trying to do it for school credit.

  8. Eamonn Harter
    May 21, 2019, 12:43 pm

    To Boisean: Point (1) is the standard operating procedure for retiring district and supreme court judges in Idaho, i.e. retire before your term is up and have the governor appoint your replacement. Et voila, incumbent at the next election! There is currently only one Supreme Court justice who won election outright without prior appointment (Robyn Brody). Jim Jones did the rare act of running out his term to the end. The power structure likes to keep it “all in the family,” so to speak and not let the hoi polloi have much of a say in matters.

  9. Eamonn – What a great thing to point out. Never thought or considered that! This all looks quite reminiscent of the corrupt revolving door in Washington DC. Its inexcusable. There should be some regs to prevent this sort of nepotism.

  10. All the usual suspects. This has Lefty agenda written all over it. Inner circle members of Team Dave sycophants are prominent here. We need a Yellow Vest movement to start here in Boise. Reject this EU style ruling body. We need a clean out of City Council.

  11. It's very simple
    May 23, 2019, 12:31 pm

    A lawful cartel has set up shop in Boise. Doing the right thing has never gotten in the way of greed. It’s not a crime if they make the rules.

    The apathetic Boise taxpayer refuses to be an informed voter, and more often than not will not vote at all. Taxpayers are more likely to be passionate about scooters on a sidewalk than about this cartel robing them blind.

    Simply can’t save people from themselves. Soon the taxpayer will give up the right to vote at all. Bieter passionately making the case for this progressive move, and he has many buyers of his manure.

  12. What was said
    May 25, 2019, 5:47 pm

    Mayor Bieter called it welcome cross pollination. In fact his anxiousness caused him to forget to approve the minutes, for which no council person was wise enough to call for a point of order.

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