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Beware Of “Misspeak” From Team Dave

Moshe Safdie pitches Power Point presentation at JUMP meeting.

Margaret Carmel at the IDAHO PRESS didn’t pull any punches when she revealed that Boise Mayor Dave Bieter actively opposed citizens who successfully circulated an initiative petition to force a vote on high cost libraries and sports stadiums.

Carmel revealed that Bieter formed a political action committee to oppose the initiative, even funding the PAC with his reelection campaign money. “Democratic operative” Jesse Maldonado previously told the Idaho PRess that Bieter was not involved in the “Save our library” campaign. Bieter now contends Maldonado simply “misspoke.”

The GUARDIAN is concerned about the claims of City Councilors that they are listening to citizens and want to hear from them regarding a plan to build a library costing at least $85 million.

Tuesday’s council agenda shows a payment of $641,243 to architect Moshe Safdie set for approval. Seems counterintuitive to make payments of hundreds of thousands to an architect when the project is still up in the air and the council is awaiting a vote of citizens.

Maybe they just misspoke.

FROM Reader ANON..
“I’m not saying our mayor is a liar
of his transparency I’m starting to tire
The truth is showing
’cause his nose is growing
And his pants are surely on fire!”

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  1. Organized Theft
    Jul 23, 2019, 11:45 am

    Clearly this city does not belong to you and me. It is the private personal property of TeamDave to do with as they damn well please. Now shut the hell up and pay your mandatory taxes.

  2. Tom Lorentz
    Jul 23, 2019, 1:31 pm

    Time for a new mayor in Boise

  3. Hmm, a lot of stuff gettin’ stuck in the wheels of city gummint’s miss-spokes… To mix a metaphor or two, Ms. Carmel seems to have scratched a sore spot on hizzoner’s hide (pun intended).

  4. They don't Care
    Jul 23, 2019, 3:19 pm

    They don’t care how much they spend without anyone’s approval.
    In fact the more you spend the more you can claim that you MUST move forward because you have spent the money.

    The fact is that the mayor and council don;t care and will not abort their agenda to proceed.

  5. Navillus.55
    Jul 23, 2019, 6:31 pm

    Today, I attended a City Council meeting in which a decision was supposed to be made — it wasn’t… (Put off until October 31st)

    I worked for twenty-some years at 3rd & Main for the Industrial Commission, so City Hall should have been an ‘easy find’. I parked at the Library! and started walking down Capitol. There were only a couple buildings that looked somewhat familiar. I was so delighted to see the Egyptian Theatre and know where I was! I have lived in Boise for fifty years and here I was almost lost. This is totally ridiculous — maybe I can find a cave somewhere because I despise the way progress(?) has taken us. …and for what? So we can pay outrageous property taxes and barely get by on pensions and Social Security. No way !!!

  6. The only way government can be controlled is to deny it (those who run it) tax dollars. So long as they have control over tax rates there is no way, short of voting them out of office to exert fiscal responsibility. In their eyes tax payers are sheep than can be sheared at will. I have said this before. We need a California style prop 13. We pay property taxes on what some unknown appraiser says our property is worth. Local government takes 3% of that value every year, less some phony value reduction. I would like to pay nothing more than 3%. Look at your next tax bill and see what your real percentage is by the time everyone has their hand in you pocket.

    My son and I own a small auto repair business in Boise. Every year our property taxes increase. Government regulation is not our problem. Uncontrolled local and State taxes are. We have no choice but to pass that increase on to our customers.

  7. “We thought we’d put another narrative out there”

    Raise the Idaho Freedom Foundation scare

    I spend most of my spare time as Mayor

    Ginning up tall tales to get what I want in ways that aren’t fair.

    Next verse someone?

  8. The Mayor, Council and the City are completely disoriented by rate of growth, or something. $641,243 is huge amount of money for one time payment. When they talk about “saving money” on $85 mil library by coming up with cash, scraping $5-15 mil from different accounts, it just shows how negligent they are with the tax revenue. I think the City should be audited.

  9. Dave Kangas
    Jul 24, 2019, 8:56 am

    In a short time the City will be announcing a public hearing on the library. At that hearing they are supposed to decide whether or not to place a “special question election” on the November ballot. I wonder how long they will hold this meeting open? I do sense ALOT of people wanting to testify. As a proponent of the current initiative, I think testimony should tend toward- no on the library, no on the special election question- let the initiative process work !!!

  10. Vote them out
    Jul 24, 2019, 10:31 am

    That is the voice of the public. Vote for someone else. The public needs to begin having open forums for candidates to hear the public concerns and offer solutions. Vote their incumbutts out.

  11. Local and disgusted
    Jul 24, 2019, 10:34 am

    And why are we still sending money to the “wizard” of this library design IF we the voters haven’t had a chance to vote on it!!!! And how much money have we already paid him and will we get that money back WHEN we the voters turn down the library fiasco!?

  12. It’s like they have a deadline to get this stuff built. Are they afraid that people might start waking up to this? Just saw today that Trump’s approval rating is hit highest since being elected.

    Big things are being exposed. More corrupt pols are getting revealed, all over the place. Tons of Clinton cronies are beginning their federal sentences in Arkansas this year.

    So, when do OUR establishment cronies get connected to the heavy hitters in the national scene? Why do these guys need a new stadium and library so badly???

  13. A KEY Issue
    Jul 24, 2019, 1:44 pm

    Here is a KEY issue that you can ask candidates about and find out if you are getting lip service or not. You can also determine if the candidate favors themselves or the voters.

    Just before Mayor Coles left as Mayor there was a discussion about creating districts in the city so all those elected did not come from any certain area of the city. Those in office realized that some of those incumbents would no longer be on the Council. It was apparent who valued their seats more than respecting the representation of the people.

    Elaine Clegg was one who refused to consider the change and has refused to put forth the motion for years and years. Not a single current Council member OR the Mayor cares more about voters than their own self interest.

    Ask every candidate if they support districts for City Council – just like we do with the County and State seats. If they say NO then you know that they are more concerned about themselves than the voters. If they say YES and they are currently on the Council ask them to present the change in the ordinance now – so we can see it and see their vote for it.

    You will see who is for the people and who is not!

  14. With the $641,243 (they like to avoid round numbers) the City of Boise has paid them over a million dollars!!

  15. Misspeaking? Mis-writing? A liar poem?
    The US President is obviously a pathological LIAR!!!!!

    As for the Boise mayor’s uniformed representative? Ermmm, snoozer.

    Even the text of this blog is “misspoken”:
    “revealed that Bieter formed a political action committee”= No.
    Ms Carmel wrote, correctly so, “Bieter was ONE of the founding memberS”. Her headline is “helped” not ‘did’.
    What if I say or write, “John Hancock formed the Declaration of Independence”? A misspeak?

    Is anyone really worried about an architect getting paid for ‘services rendered’?
    That contract was done before the new legislative bill that may shoot down the library project. Of course the architect has to be paid.

    Even Limbaugh is recently quoted as saying, “Nobody is a fiscal conservative anymore. [that talk]and concern has been bogus for as long as it’s been around.”
    A 1.5+ Trillion dollar deficit spending bill for the rich proves that!

    Misspeaking? Who? About what?
    How about the 10,000+ presidential mis-tweets?
    How about ‘misspeaking’ about the free press?

    Everyone is doing it.
    No one here cares unless it is Bieter?

  16. Easterner:
    Sir, you misspeak.

  17. Books and information are going to the DIGITAL format, we don’t need an $80M building to host what can be we can get from electronic devices and the web

  18. I agree with the comment on elected districts for the city. Boise’s current Council and Mayor do very little for those of us in West Boise.

  19. I can’t imagine that Devious Dave and the Master Bieters treat THEIR checkbooks the same way THEY treat OUR checkbook. Remember at all times they are ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANTS, Elected is the key word.

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