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Anti-Californian Runs For Mayor

The legacy media is playing it straight, but when we saw unknown Wayne Richey, 58, joining the pack running for Boise Mayor, we just shook our head. Checkout the IDAHO PRESS story.

We don’t know him, but the poor guy is making a protest statement at best, opposing more California intruders. Barring a miracle, he will be lost in the dust of Team Dave and Lauren McLean. Even Council President McLean is a long shot.

Richey’s opponents in the mayoral race include longtime incumbent Mayor Dave Bieter, City Council President Lauren McLean, Adriel Martinez and Cortney Nielsen. The deadline to file for candidacy is Sept. 6.

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  1. Door Knocker
    Aug 28, 2019, 1:44 pm

    I’ve been knocking doors for Lauren. All you have to say is 16 years and people instantly agree it’s time for change. If Lauren keeps getting her name out there, Dave will be the longshot. Seriously, it’s been the easiest door knocking I’ve done for a candidate.

  2. Phew! I was hoping we wouldn’t have to wait too long to hear from you again! What a great asset you’ve been to the community, with still so much to share!

  3. Candidate Choices
    Aug 28, 2019, 5:51 pm

    Still waiting for another name or two to step up, as Lauren has been “in the system” almost as long as Bieter. Planning & Zoning since at least 2007 then City Council. I would not expect much different from what exists now.

  4. Lauren is Dave Bieter in a dress.

  5. Since my wife grew up in California, I’d probably get in trouble if I voted for the anti-California guy.

    I’d like to vote for ANYBODY but Bieter! But my sentiments are similar to those of “Candidate Choices” and Frank, regarding Ms. McLean. In fact, Bieter almost starts looking “normal,” the more messages I get from McLean.

    The ones that stand out in my mind are her anti-gun message, following one of the all-too-frequent gun tragedies. And then she sent something out regarding how important it is, for the City to support the LGBTQxyz Community by flying the rainbow flag, or some such.

    And just yesterday, a message about “an equitable future Boise powered by renewable energy and fair-wage jobs.”

    Is Boise in the energy business? And… can and should the city be declaring what a “fair wage” is and mandating it? Bring on the burger-flipping robots! Instead of chest-thumping about fair wages, why can’t the mayor strive to make living here a little more affordable, no matter your wage? (It seems disingenuous to be promoting “fair wages,” when the city always takes every penny they can legally squeeze from the taxpayers!)

  6. McLean is right
    Aug 30, 2019, 8:42 am

    The city has some horribly low wages in many positions. Most jobs are not living wages. And the city did a declaration about being fully energy renewable by 2030, or something. As is Idaho power.

    The anti California guy sounds like a loser.

  7. If someone better doesn’t run, Richey has my vote!

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