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No News Is News In Boise Mayor Race

A mayor candidate forum (hardly a debate) was held Wednesday and it was almost a love-in with a few subtle differences.

Four of the five announced candidates appeared, but the filing deadline is still a week away which means there is still time for a “white knight” to ride in. Check out Margaret Carmel’s IDAHO PRESS story. Not much worthy of headlines in this low key race..

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  1. David Klinger
    Aug 30, 2019, 4:29 am

    Dave, I am out of the country and wasn’t able to attend, but I understand this candidates forum was designed to address conservation issues, was it not?

    Did anyone address (or did the moderator even ask) the conservation aspects of the proposed new events center/library and sports park? It seems to me that a proposed library that’s destined to cause the demolition and landfilling of the existing library and the Foothills School … that will erect yet-another parking deck in our downtown core, drawing more autos into an already auto-centric inner city … that will array a four-story parabolic reflective glass facade along the Boise River, setting up the possibility of continual bird strikes … and that will boot “The Cabin” (Idaho’s “Cradle of Forestry”) off its historic site and into Julia Davis Park, further reducing the available green space in that urban oasis … is a bit of a “conservation” issue. (And, oh yes, the matter of cutting those pesky trees along the riverbank to gain the “view” the architect desires from the new glass palace.)

    Did any political candidate acknowledge the conservation implications of what we as a city are poised to do?

  2. The questions were very disappointingly repetitive and very bland. The responses were the same. The whole thing was an exercise in political theater. How to claim to talk about conservation – while ignoring anything controversial.

    Not once did I hear anyone talk about conservation of existing buildings and structures – rather than wantonly wasting all the energy that went into building them, and hauling them off to the dump. Lots of jabber about how to grow/develop better.

    Not once did I hear anyone mention the word tree. Maybe because Boise under Bieter and the current Council is on a tree killing rampage. many more than the initial 90 trees killed for St. Luke’s. 200 trees just killed fore the Lander sewer plant. More trees would be killed for the Safdie library. On and on. Trees have become completely expendable if they inconvenience developers ion any way.

    Lauren said we need 10,000 (can’t quite remember the number) just to keep up with demand. What about saying we need to live within the limits of what we have – instead of developing ever more???

    Actually to me the most salient point was made by Mr. Martinez. He said there was a need for 24/7 bus service. Moderator Gemma Gaudette said really – 24 hours? He replied that Boise is a service economy and lots of people work as waitresses, bar tenders, etc. and go out – and need a way to get home. People work night shifts, too. He at least understands what the reality of life is like in Boise for many people.

  3. Just thought I would notify everyone that Michael Mann, a super climate alarmist, got his lawsuit thrown out by the judge presiding over the case because he refused to provide evidence for his claims about his alarmist narrative. The “hockey stick” hoax is just that. He tried to sue critics but now he’s out of ammo, unless he makes an appeal. He seems to forget that all he had to do was provide his evidence, which is bogus.

    Everyone wants to social engineer our lives over made up crap. I used to buy into all of this stuff, then I woke up. There are many serious environmental concerns, but we don’t need to chase phantom causes for this or that. I see where Barack Obama just bought a new mansion at Martha’s Vineyard…ON THE BEACH!! What….not worried about the seas rising? He joins Al Gore who also bought his 2nd mansion at Monte Ceto CA…ON THE BEACH.

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