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There has been some pretty extensive reporting by the local media on the Boise election process.

The BOISE WORKING TOGETHER group offers up results of their candidate survey at the linked site.

IDAHO STATESMAN has been running candidate profiles on the top four candidates for mayor. Click within the site for each candidate.

Tune in Friday 4pm for a candidate forum on KBOI TV and AM670 Radio.

BOISEDEV has also spent quite an effort on candidate PROFILES.

IDAHOPRESS detailed the Boise MAYOR FORUM held Thursday night at the Hillcrest Library.

Campaign finance reports filed Thursday show a surprising range of contributions. (search the city clerk site for ELECTION DOCUMENTS. We were unable to provide a viable link)

In the race for mayor, Lauren McLean showed $216,263. She also had $49,589 in her previous account for council seat 1. Brent Coles showed $4695 and Rebecca Arnold with $31,970. Incumbent Dave Bieter tallied $284,557.

Brittney Scigliano collected $25,383 in the Seat 1 race while Patrick Bageant gathered just over $30,000.

Most impressive to the GUARDIAN were totals in the seat 5 race with $22,640 in contributions to Debbie Lombard-Bloom vs Elaine Clegg’s $13,985. Even with a $7804 beginning balance, Clegg had $21,789–still under the new comer Lombard-Bloom’s total.

Jimmy Hallyburton garnered $21826 for seat 3 while his opponent, Merideth Stead received $29,130.

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  1. Bieter begone
    Oct 10, 2019, 5:55 pm

    Interesting that neither Bieter nor Clegg bothered to respond to the Boise Working Together survey.

    Guess they don’t need to give no stinkin info to the voters.

  2. E.B. Schofield
    Oct 11, 2019, 3:22 pm

    The candidates who currently have received a bit less in campaign donations, such as Karen Danley, means they have to be more fiscally prudent in their use of others money. That is a trait I respect, as they would be bringing this skill set to the elected office.

  3. that’s over $600,000 of wasted money. Sad!

    Two of those numbers are misleading as well.
    Rebecca Arnold’s tally includes $21,545 of loans from herself; even though it appears she didn’t need it- the money was still in her campaign fund at the report date. Hmmm, why would someone do that?
    Her OPM number is $10,425 – not much more than Coles.

    The same is true of Debbie Lombard-Bloom to the tune of a $10,000 loan from herself.
    So DLB’s OPM is only $12,640
    Clegg’s new money is $13,985 (no debt).
    Who’s winning now?

    it’s a good thing a person doesn’t get to a vote for each dollar “contributed”.

    EDITOR NOTE–Thanks for the help.

  4. I asked a year ago, and I still ask…where is the COUNTY on this ball park? What is wrong with putting it where the current one is…better yet where the horse track is? Tons of room. Beautiful area. And why does EVERYTHING have to be crammed into downtown? Should I assume there is some kind of research and proven reasoning that downtown core areas are more important than any other areas in a city?

  5. E.B. Schofield
    Oct 11, 2019, 11:46 pm

    A wholly new candidate, such as Debbie Lombard-Bloom, who is willing to put a good chunk of her own money forward because she truly believes the City needs major change is noteworthy. If she is elected, no one is going to pay her back this amount she chose to spend, so it is not a loan or a debt, it is a cost for the process. She is choosing to spend it on the process that it takes to get elected – those yard signs, flyers, websites, etc. are not free.

  6. Bieter Begone
    Oct 12, 2019, 1:27 pm

    Easterner. The most striking thing is how LITTLE Elaine Clegg has brought in. She’s the incumbent and has been able to extract money from those who seek her favor. It appears that is waning. She needs to go away after 16 years.

    We shall see who wins. It should be Debbie Lombard Bloom since she has the ideas.

  7. EBS’s point is not correct:
    “If she is elected, no one is going to pay her back this amount she chose to spend” “so it is not a loan”.

    THAT is false.

    The campaign laws do not allow what EBS is suggesting as the ‘not paid back’ would exceed an allowable contribution amount for one person(her).

    And in reality, IF elected she (anyone) will have a MUCH better chance of getting ‘paid back’. The faucet doesn’t shut-off on election day.

    For example, Ludwig’s campaign in 2015 received $1,000 on 11/23/15.

    TJ Thomson’s -City Council- campaign contributed to the TJ Thomson for Ada County -Commissioner- campaign on 11/2/15. ANd his city campaign fund donated to Jake Ellis legislative fund on 12/12/15 among all the other city council members.

    Excess money from others gets distributed to “the friends”.

    Bieter gets money from the firefighter PAC in years there is no election.

    Campaign Finance 101:
    maybe some of the candidates and officials reading this blog can offer incite to WHY that happens. Ha!

    EDITOR NOTE–Candidates will offer INCITE, but we are looking for INSIGHT!

  8. E.B. Schofield
    Oct 12, 2019, 7:42 pm

    Easterner: I was aware that Idaho’s laws regarding Election Campaign Contributions do allow a candidate to make unlimited contributions to his/her own campaign only (I.C. § 67–6610A). I was not aware this could be earmarked as a loan, rather than a straight up contribution. Now I know. This amount by Debbie, whether as a loan or a contribution, would not “exceed an allowable contribution amount for one person (her)” – as you stated. We both learn something 🙂

  9. Well established incumbents that know how to say WOKE stuff to District 19, 18 and 17 voters get checks in the mail. We need term limits and smaller government.

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