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Boise Copper Charged With Rape

This disturbing and terse press release from Boise Police today:

“Ada County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Boise Police officer today following an investigation into an off-duty incident. The officer, Eric Simunich, is charged with one count of felony rape and was booked into the Ada County Jail.

Per Boise Police Department protocol, the officer has been suspended pending the conclusion of the Ada County Sheriff’s Office criminal investigation and a BPD internal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.”

UPDATE 10/25/19– The rape charge has been dropped, but Simunich is reportedly “still under investigation.” See IDAHO PRESS.

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  1. Wow, if true, that is scary! I know that the PD does a thorough job of vetting police officers, so it is difficult to understand how a guy like that gets through. Dave, do you know how long he has been a cop in Boise, or if he is from here?

    EDITOR NOTE–He is 43 according to reports. We all have to await some details. These cases can range from miscommunications with girlfriends and wives, drunken escapades, and false accusations to unexplained brutal sexual assaults.

  2. What's the rest of the story please
    Oct 16, 2019, 5:42 pm

    Does anyone else want to know the rest of the story before piling on?

  3. Bonnie Krupp
    Oct 17, 2019, 4:27 am

    What else has been going on?
    No wonder Bones quit.

  4. What can possibly be “The Rest of The Story”?
    Accusation = Guilt
    Welcome to 2019 and the #meetoo movement.
    *Sarcasm Alert*

  5. This is why Due Process rights are so important. Let’s wait and see the facts come out.

  6. In today’s world you should always get a signed release of liability document before you go out on a date.

  7. Crime stats
    506 rapes in Ada County last year.

    138 rapes in Boise just during 2018.
    204 sexual assaults.
    =342 victims.
    That is ONE year- IN BOISE!

    Knowing not all rapes/assaults are reported and many are initially reduced to some other lesser determination’… let’s estimate more like 442+ per year.

    Most victims of sexual crimes are women (90-95%).
    So, in one generation (20 years) of Boise women, there would be almost 8,000 victims of such crimes living here in Boise. Extend that to women age 16 – 56, there could be 14-18,000 victims of rape or sexual assault living in Boise. I’ll say that is understated.

    And every time something like this (or even a Supreme Court hearing) happens, those THOUSANDS of women have to endure the many ignorant public opinions.
    And THAT is one reason why so many women do not report the offense.
    That is terrible!

    Empathy and sympathy for a victim should be the starting point- not doubt or sarcasm.

  8. Easterner, every time an unsubstantiated and unproveable report is filed (even in a Supreme Court hearing) it dilutes credibility. For you to make wild assumptions to create statistics to bolster your argument is pointless.

  9. I always thought that a person was innocent until proven guilty. But in todays world you are guilty if the news media thinks you are.

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