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Press Release Creates Multiple Questions In Police Shooting Of Woman

This press release from Boise PD raises a bunch of questions with its cryptic description of an officer-involved-shooting Sunday morning.

Shortly after 6:00 this morning, officers were dispatched to a “subject at the door” call in the 900 block of Clover St. The calling party reported a female was acting suspiciously and knocking on doors. Officers contacted the suspect who was seated in a vehicle.

The officers encountered a noncompliant female resulting in an officer-involved shooting. The suspect was later determined to be deceased. None of the involved officers were injured and the Critical Incident Task Force, led by Meridian Police, was activated. This is a tragic incident for everyone involved and for the community.

A Boise PD sergeant talked to KTVB at the scene and said the woman “produced a gun.”

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  1. One version is important
    Oct 20, 2019, 4:38 pm

    They have to choose their words very carefully until they can get it all put together. Important that only one version gets released or the accusations fly and it gets out of hand. Presumably they are not in a big rush, need to interview all, review all camera footage.

    It’s nolonger as simple as having a brief huddle before the chief arrives to get the story straight.

  2. A month or 6 weeks ago there was a woman prowling the west side, near State/27th, knocking on doors, etc.

    I’m certain there were reports made to PD. No updates from them?

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