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Bieter Targeted By Foes As Mayor Race Intensifies

The GUARDIAN: has been inundated with biting comments on the Boise Mayor’s race today.

Our limerick-loving Anonymous poet offers this ditty:

If what some coppers say is true
Then crime in Boise has grew
Now there is talk
Of extending the Basque Block
Will it be safe for me and ewe?

Don Day at BOISEDEV called out Team Dave when they claimed the new #9 fire station was made possible by a citizen-approved bond. NOT TRUE! sea Day. Tax money was spent despite a promise that bond money would pay for the construction.

Then we got a YOUTUBE parody posted by a member of the Depot-Bench neighborhood Association tweaking Dave Bieter about claiming to “be kind” while making rude comments about opponents.

Dave Bieter (with arms folded) poses with union members in front of a pumper truck at #4 fire station in this campaign photo.

The GUARDIAN world headquarters received a slick snail mailer full of endorsements including one with a photo of Hizzoner posing with union members in front of a fire engine with the doors opened to clearly display the City of Boise logo. City policy prohibits the use of uniforms, logos, equipment, and offices in political campaigns. The Bieter picture is a clear violation of that policy.

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  1. I’m guessing not ALL of BFD members are thrilled about Bieter. Firemen tend to be pretty conservative for the most part. Same with cops. The key for Marxists to remain in power is to promote like minded into top-down leadership positions that keep the rank and file in line with the special agendas. These photo-ops relay the ILLUSION of universal support for mayors and city council.

  2. Our Despot Mayor
    Oct 25, 2019, 6:05 pm

    I kind of forgot how this line went but it started like this “If his lips are moving then????? Oh well, guess I’m getting too old to remember those sage one-liners.

  3. I’ve a life-long resident of Boise – longer than Mayor Bieter. And with a few exceptions, Boise has always been a “kind” community independent of the mayor’s influence. (Far as I can tell, the only thing he’s contributed is some self-aggrandizing photo-ops.)

    As for his claims to be so cozy with the fire department and police department… what message is that conveying, actually? It’s good that the mayor has cordial relations with the public-service unions, I s’pose… but who’s in the taxpayers’ corner when negotiations take place with the union? (It’s not shameful for city leaders – at least those who are looking out for the interests of taxpayers – to be occasionally at odds with the unions. That’s the way things work in the private sector, at least. But perhaps not in “kind” Boise.)

  4. The funny thing is that they felt they had to let me know which one is the mayor. I think I could have pinpointed the non-fireman all by myself.

  5. Kind of interesting you aren’t talking about the rape charges against the Boise police officer being drop without prejudice… How about equal time here Mr. Guardian?

    EDITOR NOTE–I wrestled with that, even consulted with union coppers. I decided to wait until there was a final resolution rather than drag out yet another story. If he is reinstated, we will be sure to post. The problem is that he is “still under investigation.” I even updated the dismissal in the original post.

  6. Boisean Since Forever
    Oct 26, 2019, 11:46 am

    In recent years the mantra “no means no” has rightly come to signify that the person of greater strength or power cannot force his/her will on another individual. Unfortunately, that is the one lesson the mayor and his helpers don’t get. They are still stuck on the myopic self-serving notion now so widely abhored, namely: “No” means “maybe” and “maybe” means “yes.”
    Consider such wish-list items as a trolly, the F-35s, a library more suitable for glamor than study, a downtown sports stadium, and the magic elixor for all ills, and a local-option sales tax in that light, and things that voters don’t want become indispensable components of Camelot.

  7. Boisedev has a good piece today about false information regarding the fire bond released by the fire department and city hall

  8. Boise Nice?
    Oct 26, 2019, 2:08 pm

    Boise Nice? Mayor Bieter you’ve had your turn on the swing set now please step aside so the other kids can have their turn too.

  9. It looks like the Mayor failed to read his own press releases. “Kind,” indeed. Mr. Mayor, if you can’t take the heat…

  10. western guy
    Oct 27, 2019, 5:57 pm

    Maybe Team Dave is running scared?

  11. If some real estate firm or promotional firm would offer him a job, maybe he would cease the rhetoric.

  12. Eamonn Harter
    Oct 28, 2019, 8:45 am

    Now we have the first death attributed to e-scooters. Will the mayor and council members who supported their adoption accept culpability?

    EDITOR NOTE– Pretty hard to blame the politicos on this one. We have lots of motorcycle deaths as well as bicycle deaths too.

  13. Mr. Mayor
    Serving as a public official is not suppose to be a career. Your time as being Mayor has ran its course. Now go live in the real world to make a living- and yes you were a partisan North End liberal. Your damage to this city is evident. PS- So can we get rid of the bike Lane sense you don’t ride a bike anymore?🤔

  14. Our Despot Mayor
    Oct 30, 2019, 12:16 pm

    Watching Bieter’s posture & facial expressions during the recent debate really showed the real Despot we have in office. Rather than watching the other candidates as they spoke, he looked off into space with that arrogance of ‘why must I put up with this’. I recognized the expression as one I used to wear, as a kid, when forced to listen to a ‘clueless’ parent. And, this was just one of many obvious signals showing little or no respect for this debate in which he felt compelled to participate. Would this be the kind of reception you’d receive should you find yourself before him with a suggestion or need?

    As I listened to him speak, I begin to wonder how many more “and uh” in his narrative before I’d begin counting them. I know now why the taxpayers are footing the bill for Mike J’s position.

    Bottom line, my instincts tell me, we need a new leader for one of the fastest growing cities in the country!

  15. western guy
    Nov 1, 2019, 3:20 pm

    The Mayor’s mouthpiece, Mike Journee, has acquired the same arrogance and disrespect of his boss. See the newspaper for The Mouthpiece’s reply to a reporter regarding a salary increase for one of the (two) acting Police Chiefs.

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