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Nearly 70% Vote Against Bieter

Tuesday’s local election results had incumbent Boise Mayor Dave Bieter failing to garner even one-third of the votes as city council president Lauren McLean came in with more than 45% of the votes cast among the seven candidates.

According to city ordinance, a run off election will be held December 3, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving since no candidate received more than 50%. Some estimate the cost of a runoff will be $100,000 at the expense of Boise taxpayers.

If the four term mayor is truly concerned with safeguarding the city treasury and doing the honorable thing, he should “BE KIND” and withdraw his name from the race, concede the victory to McLean, and try to retain some dignity. Since we have never had a runoff or a concession there needs to be some sort of legal determination.

If not, the GUARDIAN would be surprised if Bieter can resurrect a win over McLean, especially when his pet Library and Sports Stadium projects were soundly rejected by voters in Propositions 1 and 2 which gave a voice to the citizens–measures which Bieter openly opposed. Nationwide, second place candidates seldom win run off elections.

Complete results can be found at ADA COUNTY ELECTIONS.

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  1. Ba-Bye

  2. Bonnie Krupp
    Nov 6, 2019, 7:36 am

    Bieter can do a mea culpa and resurrect his campaign. There are some areas that I would consider important. One is McLean doesn’t want to continue the lawsuit to keep the homeless from camping on our streets. 2. She is probably nastier than Bieter and more progressive.

  3. Concerned Neighbor
    Nov 6, 2019, 8:17 am

    I don’t like McLean but it comes down to that she isn’t Bieter. He’s abused Boise at every level so the important thing is to get him out. We can work on getting McLean out in 4 year and replaced with a moderate.

    Bieter: Making Boise the Most Unlivable City.

  4. West End Girl
    Nov 6, 2019, 8:21 am

    Look like the North End swept every race again.

  5. Do you really think Bieter might concede? I hadn’t even considered that.

    If he did so, my respect for him would increase.

    And if he doesn’t, I’ll vote for McLean even though I don’t care much for either’s “progressive” leanings. They both seem to think THEY are much better at spending money, than the taxpayers are.

    There’s a headline on the Drudge today: “Suburban Revolt Growing.” The story claims that suburban voters are turning their backs on Trump. I don’t know about that… but I do know there’s an abiding frustration in Boise’s “suburbs” that they are being ignored by City Hall. McLean setting up shop on Vista avenue was a nod to the problem, but I hope she doesn’t now return to her beloved north-and-east enders.

  6. A different perspective:
    I don’t recall reading any comments such as IF [Coles and/or Arnald ] are truly concerned about
    “safeguarding the city treasury and doing the honorable thing, [s]he will withdraw from the race, concede the victory to [Bieter &]McLean, and retain some dignity.”

    Who really is causing the additional expense to taxpayers?

    The upcoming runoff is due to Arnold and Coles jumping in the race.
    Let’s say it might be their egos, lack of understanding, or the wth-factor. Did they really think they had a chance to win???
    INSTEAD, they could have considered the impact on the outcome. Just more lack of positive leadership from those two. And we have seen this effect recently on the national level- it’s not a surprise.

    The 10,000+votes could have gone to Bieter or McClean. If in the same portion as Bieter/McClean received, then McClean would have received well over 50% AND Bieter would be out the door.

    Good job to Lauren McClean for the courage to run and running a good campaign.
    On to December!

    Bieter should send a “thank you” card to Arnold & Coles for keeping him in the game. Ergo those two were actually counter-productive to their own goal of getting rid of Bieter.
    Way to go ____!

  7. Foothills Rider
    Nov 6, 2019, 9:54 am

    There is no conceding victory, and automatic win to McLean. If Bieter bows out, there would be a runoff between McLean and Arnold. The stated win is 50% plus 1. Verify for yourself at Ada County Elections.

    EDITOR NOTE–You may very well be correct.

  8. Miss Scarlett
    Nov 6, 2019, 10:19 am

    If Bieter did concede, would there still have to be a runoff election because by law the candidate needs to meet that threshold of receiving over 50% of the electorate vote? So if Bieter did concede, wouldn’t the runoff go to the candidate who finished below him? Then would there still need to be a McLean vs. Arnold runof?

    What are the laws for conceding?

    EDITOR NOTE–Your question is a good one and worthy of the legacy media asking the lawyers and County Clerk. Could there be an “unopposed election” given that the runoff is between the top two voter getters in the general election? Questions, questions!

  9. Dave Kangas
    Nov 6, 2019, 11:07 am

    Good point on the necessary 50% required vote even with a concession….It is going to be interesting to see the campaign strategies going forth. Will we get another great turn out? Or will most stay at home? How will the new council respond to Propositions 1 and 2? It’s not over with yet!

  10. $100,000 of taxpayer money is chump-change to Bieter. Like Arnold and Coles, Bieter’s overweening ego and desire for retribution—plus about $100,000 of his unspent campaign treasury—will propel him into a full-on effort to beat McLean.

  11. Post election favors
    Nov 6, 2019, 11:29 am

    Hey Bikeboy, I’d like your input on using the New York Canal service roads as a greenbelt extension all the way out southwest. It’s a crazy idea. Ownership is a huge mess. The ditch company uses a right of way with very little ownership themselves. Many private owners adjacent the ditch own to the center of it, but in many other cases it is public property unbeknownst to the adjacent private owners. GIS mapping shows this. Probably a bad idea. What other ways could greenbelt extend south/west? If you wish to share thoughts? Riding on or near the roads is nuts so I drive.

    Yes as others have said, both candidates throughout their political careers have dismissed areas south/west, especially south of the freeway and west of about Cole. They want our money and ignore otherwise. I wonder if large future park reserves will become housing as a favor to some developer friends of either front runner. Example, Boise’s refusal to follow through with the huge park behind fire station 17.

  12. Sorry, Bikeboy. Vista is way less than a nod to suburbs. Maybe Fairview and Five Mile?

  13. Boisean Since Forever
    Nov 6, 2019, 12:14 pm

    Once again, Bieter should thank Brent Coles. D.B. would not be mayor but for the Coles issues several years ago. This time around, Brent helped split the vote and prevent an embarrassing loss for His Mayorship.

  14. Eric049: You are correct, of course. (Like ‘most everybody, my view is somewhat myopic and Vista is relatively close to my own domicile.)

    P.E.F. – regarding canal service roads as bike/ped pathways – I’m TOTALLY in favor, and would love to see them developed! (I used to ride west on Victory, Lake Hazel, etc., all the time… but now instead of meadows and agriculture, the view is seas of rooftops. And WAY heavier traffic. Sigh…)
    Here’s what I’m pretty confident of:
    1) The canal companies are reluctant to “officially” grant access to their service roads. I’m sure it’s mostly a question of liability, although the Legislature indemnified them quite a few years back. (“rabula” probably understands this as well.)
    2) “Unofficially,” lots of people use lots of canal banks. But in many cases they go past “no trespassing” signs or fences. Fences and gates, as well as road crossings, etc., are obstacles to using them as practical transportation routes.
    3) You (we!) MIGHT have a new champion. On his campaign web page, Jimmy Hallyburton says, “There is massive network of canals that extend from the Boise River deep into neighborhoods across Boise. Each canal has a maintenance road running along side prime for creating off street walking and biking paths. We built the Greenbelt 50 years ago. We can honor that legacy by creating more off street walking and biking paths throughout our neighborhoods. It won’t be easy, but most transformative things aren’t.”

    (Sorry to wax verbose, those who have no interest…)

  15. I always thought the NY canal should be piped to lay tracks over for mass transit east/west.

    Never thought about it from a bike perspecctive. Maybe cover NY canal for mass transit and use the smaller canals for bike way.

  16. The fiefs held by the canal companies are at least as obdurate, if not more so, as the highway district’s.

  17. Foothills Rider
    Nov 6, 2019, 4:55 pm

    BB: not just “on his campaign web page” but the real deal. I met with Jimmy at a meet-and-greet (over 100 neighbors). He is passionate about this. It is part of his campaign goal of connecting and uniting different areas of Boise, this being one element of that. He was articulate and versed on pros and obstacles. Similar to trail easements in our Foothills, the canal system bikeway expansion is possible, even through private property. It may be small steps and negotiations to meet the final goal.

  18. Statesman reports that elections office says runoff will be held with or without Bieter. If he drops out, #3 Arnold would be on the ballot. That would at least give us a meaningful choice, but there are money savings to be had.

  19. Andrew Asdell
    Nov 6, 2019, 7:06 pm

    Boise could also have saved the $100,000 Special Election cost if it had an “instant runoff” form of voting-each voter casting up to three votes in order of preference, then if no one gets 50%, the last place candidate’s votes are redistributed to the 2nd preference, then the third if another round is needed and the next-to-last candidate’s votes are redistributed. Rounds continue until someone crosses the 50% finish line.

  20. Andrew Asdell
    Nov 6, 2019, 7:13 pm

    Even though it seems like McLean should “coast” to victory, there are two things to remember. 1) More people can vote. It is a complete “do-over” since Boise doesn’t have an instant runoff, which would limit the results to those who voted yesterday. 2) Republicans and conservatives who would “never” vote for Bieter might prefer him to the more liberal McLean.

  21. $100,000 for a runoff is peanuts when compared to what the City spends in one week. Anywhere from $2 million to this recent whopper:



  22. don't hold a fantasy about what anyone can do
    Nov 6, 2019, 8:10 pm

    So, for you apparently enthusiastic bikers: No you cannot use the canal banks. They are extremely dangerous, as are bikes on the city streets. There are loads and loads of laws that make them (canal banks) off limits. It will not change because of enthusiasm. Get real with your direction and efforts.

    Try to learn about zoning and how that is legally binding for cities, unless they just disregard it. That is potentially your challenge. You can’t just disregard what citizens have relied upon. You can’t disregard previous contract.

    Developers met with DB prior to his previous terms, and said “we will develop” or our money goes elsewhere.

    Go elsewhere, please, and let’s give someone else a chance to lead Blaise. (bla’-zea).

    Boise, where the climate is nice. Not a factor the elected can influence.

  23. I hope McClean can get rid of the “deer in the headlights” look. She seems very, very ill prepared for almost everything. I hope we are not getting something more aloof than even Bieter was.

  24. Lauren McLean is Dave Bieter in a dress. As a city council public servant has she ever opposed the direction of Dave?
    I agree that the NY canal should be used as a BIKE-PATH? As should I84 and I184. Car traffic should be directed to the green belt. What a piecefool drive into the most livable city in the country!

  25. Boise Model
    Nov 7, 2019, 8:39 am

    In Phoenix Az the canal banks have been bike and walking paths for years. The canal systems is very similar in construction to those in the Treasury valley except there the water runs 11 months a year. The safety of the walkers and bikers is a non issue. Many places there is a no safety fence.

    In Az living near the canal is a positive, Here it is a negative. Unfortunately the local farmers and canal companies can’t see it that way.

    Does anyone know if the canal companies got those right-of-ways for free from the government?

    If the canals were more common in the North End I suspect the City would behind the idea. But since the benefit would be to those living to the south and west the City will never get behind it.

    The City can spend 11 million to upgrade Grove Street, 6 million on Broad Street but a bike path next to the RR tracks? “too expensive” as is a bathroom at Franklin Park.

  26. Bonnie brings up an interesting point. What will happen to the homeless lawsuit if McLean wins the run-off? Bonnie is a bit of a hypocrite though. Her posts on Facebook Old Hill Road group read like she is a pro-pollution, anti-infrastructure, anti-safety, car-centric wing-nut curmudgeon. She even surmised at someone’s death by riding a bicycle with a horribly nasty post.

  27. Not fantasy
    Nov 7, 2019, 12:18 pm

    Step aside bankrupt beer bellies. Bike path on canal roads easier than walking on the moon. The people who want it have loads more money than the people who don’t. It will happen. Not a fantasy. And paint that crusty old house while your at it. And why on earth do you have 47 RVs on your residential lot?

  28. New Crime Hub
    Nov 7, 2019, 9:25 pm

    The two libs on the commission are gonna build a Chicago style crime hub, err I mean a massive low income housing project. This way all the mentally ill addicts will be far away from the Boise parks.

  29. Chickenhawk
    Nov 8, 2019, 12:00 pm

    Hate to spoil the parade, folks, but McLean is even more of a liberal democrat than Bieter. As Council President, she set the agenda and voted in favor of everything that the Mayor proposed, including the Taj Majal monstrosity known as the Library as well as the stadium gift for the out-of-town multimillionaire owners of the Hawks. She then flip-flopped when the campaign filing deadline approached. Now she expects us to count on her for change. Sorry Lauren, but I just do not buy into your campaign’s promise to “McLean” up the mess from the current administration.

    So I will be writing in my vote in the runoff. Who knows? It could be Mr. Frazier!

  30. We had very poor choices for all seats, for the most part, but I felt that Rebecca Arnold could have been a viable stopping agent to all others’ visions of candy cane progressives. It’s a shame that Wayne Richie didn’t have a prayer as we need a brick wall to prohibit further waste and palace builds. The big problem is that the real motivators lie BEHIND the proxies that makeup the City Hall members. Richie might have discovered this, perhaps Arnold as well.

    I voted for City Council challengers that sounded like they were opposed to the Library and Stadium boondoggles.

    McLean is only a better “choice” in that she may not be as skilled of a political machine operator as Bieter has been. She now has to convince Boise businesses to bending to her more radical progressive (read Marxist) plans. Just what IS her plan for the very homeless that decades long policies have created that ruined purchasing power in the name of “easy credit” plans? Is she merely going to let homeless camp where they want to and then when the piles of needles, poop and trash gets too big, demand that we adopt full on Socialism?

    If every bleeding heart liberal in the North End were to adopt every homeless person for real, and take them in to their homes and shepherd them through life, I would admire their sincerity. But the answer is always spending OTHER peoples’ money via half ass policies that never work like as advertised. The problem is that there is never enough money when easy printing devalues every charitable dollar you raise privately or publicly.

    There is no real good reason why we have so many homeless unless you are willing to look at how it got so out of control. I worked at a shelter for a short while and 90% of the residents HAD JOBS!!! Why is that? Ignorance is why this problem is with us, and McLean has NO CLUE how to deal with it. She will tax and spend it into a bigger problem than it already is. Look at California for the results.

    All we did is trade some experienced Marxists for inexperienced ones that believe their own BS. I can say this because I was a big progressive for a long time, then woke up to the real reason why it exists in the first place.

  31. another way of looking at it is 54.2% voted against McLean.

    EDITOR NOTE–That’s why we have a different SLANT.

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