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The Joys (and benefits) Of Incumbency

The GUARDIAN got slammed Thursday with requests to “start a thread” on the brilliant move by Mayor Dave Bieter’s handlers to start a PODCAST on the city website to give hizzoner some exposure during the runoff campaign. After 16 years in office, this is his first podcast.

As we have often said, Team Dave and Bieter himself are the most adept politicians in the state of Idaho. Who else would produce an audio “homeless discussion” with a subordinate using $950 in taxpayer funds less than two weeks from an election.

Hats off to Team Dave for coming up with a PR plan during what could easily be his last month in office. If you can get around the paywall, the story was first published by the Idaho Statesman.

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  1. western guy
    Nov 21, 2019, 9:32 pm

    We, the citizens of Boise, are being ‘handled’ by Team Dave and his handlers. In two weeks we will rise up and smote down His Emperor.

    Does anyone really believe The Mouthpiece (Michael Journee) that this podcast project has been in the works since late summer? Really, we are not that stupid.

    Let me guess, The Mouthpiece will get his next job with Ada County.

    Just. Wow.

  2. My problem is I don’t like either of them.

  3. At this stage I am choosing ignore his efforts and comments. The less publicity the better, since he is playing catch up.

  4. Don’t let the pursuit of the perfect trump improvement over the past.

  5. I’m with DJ1 Lauren is Dave Bieter in a dress!

  6. how many "uh's"
    Nov 22, 2019, 7:10 pm

    I would love to work for her if she will give me the department that I want.

  7. I am likewise hardly thrilled with either candidate. Ms. McLean seems as eager as Mayor Bieter, to throw taxpayer dollars at every challenge faced by Boise citizens. I haven’t heard a peep from either, about trying to reduce the city budget or provide some property-tax relief. (They seem to think the only people who are struggling with affordable housing are the indigent.)

    That said… I hope we can “term limit” Mr. Bieter, so I’ll vote for McLean. And if she lives up to my expectations I’ll hope and pray for a better option, 4 years from now.

  8. Maybe so Frank – but she seems to be willing to talk WITH people – vs Bieter whose m.o is to talk AT people – big difference and why I am voting for her

  9. It matters not who you vote for, the richest few will still be controlling Boise. …but thanks for playing!

    The endless growth will continue.

  10. Listening Tour
    Nov 23, 2019, 1:18 pm

    McLean has spent the better part of a year on a citizen “listening tour.” This provides the citizens with some power to hold her accountable to what she heard from the citizens. If she chooses to maintain the status quo (if elected), then the citizens have every rigth to call her out as to if the “listening tour” was just a bunch of B.S.

    Her last segment of this tour will be Tuesday Nov. 26 at the Cole-Ustick Library, 6pm.

  11. There really is not choice here. It’s a Catch-22 vote. The only thing to ask yourself is…..which one will take us to Portlandia the soonest? Vote the slowest if you know the answer.

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