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Schools Takeover “Be Kind” Scheme

Despite spending $80,000 for ad agency services, the Boise “Be Kind” program is shifting to the Boise School District.

KBOI TV NEWS reports the scheme touted by Dave Bieter during his ill-fated run for reelection will be run by the schools in the future.

Team Dave awarded Spark ad agency $80,000 for an annual contract to front the Be Kind scheme. The GUARDIAN figures citizens of Boise are due a refund of at least $19,000 based on the fact the deal was cut short by nearly one-quarter of a year.

Let’s hope the school district is able to teach students to “be kind” without dumping $80,000 into an ad campaign. Maybe Clan McLean can recover some cash from Spark for the unused portion of the contract.

UPDATE 1/8/2020: Boise Schools told the GUARDIAN the program will be handled with existing staff and, “We sure aren’t going to pay Spark $80,000.”

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  1. Brian e Vermillion
    Jan 7, 2020, 3:14 am

    It’s not the duty of the school district to raise children, nor teach them basic morals. That is the job of the parents. The fact that yes, parents sometimes fail at this task should not automatically empower the government, at any level, to pick assume this responsibility. The American education system with it’s abysmal record is in no position to take on new tasks.

  2. western guy
    Jan 7, 2020, 8:29 am

    Why not use ‘Be Best’, because the First Lady of Make America Great fame git the ball rolling and the US has totally embraced this idea?

  3. Bieter to Doan to BSD?

  4. Eamonn Harter
    Jan 7, 2020, 12:09 pm

    It’s long past time for Boise to drop this silly “Be Kind” BS and get serious. Job #1 should be planning their budgets for when unemployment surges, the housing market inevitably craters, assessed values drop dramatically and tax receipts go in the toilet. But thinking ahead like that may be too much to expect from the people in charge.

  5. Team Dave 2.0
    Jan 7, 2020, 12:11 pm

    Yep, TeamDave 2.0
    3x higher taxes and fees.
    Bigger behind the curtain deals with developers.
    New national liberal political money flowing in.
    Code enforcement on anyone without smelly compost or who flushes more than once a day.
    Daily showering outlawed.
    First class travel for nasty Greta child to indoctrinate at schools.
    No more policing homeless unless a felony crime.
    Bus service 24/7 allowing criminals and homeless to move about freely while we sleep.
    Redlight cameras and random traffic tickets for revenue.
    No free parking.
    Toll roads
    5% smaller library project.
    Domed stadium project.

  6. Dave Kangas
    Jan 7, 2020, 12:27 pm

    Brian Vermillion you seem forget the school kids spend 6-8 hrs a day in school, socializing interacting with numerous other kids and situations. It is entirely correct for schools to promote “Be Kind” to other people.

  7. Had Hizzoner followed his own advice to “be kind” ALL of his constituents in his last term, he might yet be mayor beyond this evening, when his successor will be sworn in.

  8. Our schools have been trying to teach “be kind” since the beginning of time:
    Raise your hand
    Wait your turn
    Form a line
    Be on time or it’s a tardy
    Be present each day
    Don’t cheat
    Don’t plagiarize

    Similar: A good coach teaches more than just the fundamentals of the sport- they help teach athletes to be good people with sportsmanship- that is kindness. Kindness is respect for others. That doesn’t cost any money. However, it does cost money to fight against ignorance .

    Kindness belongs in every home, SCHOOL, neighborhood, and CITY.
    Boise teachers are doing a great job!

    Unfortunately not everyone accepts being kind and now we have experiences like a public figure calling a whole group of people “human scum”.
    Not kind.
    Not a good example for children. šŸ™

    And so, the cost to fight such ignorance is necessary.

  9. Be kind to whom…..other “woke” kids? “Hey, Joey’s dad voted for Trump…GET ‘IM!!!” Yeah…be kind….whoopee.

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