Ada Candidates File, Visser Quits

The filing period for Ada County candidates to run in the May primary election closed Friday with some surprises and some perennial names.

Commish Rick Visser surprised county officials with an unforeseen retirement message:

“After 40 years of public service in Ada County which includes work with the county, the State of Idaho and the federal government, I will be retiring this month. My last day of work will be March 31st.

It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Ada County and a great privilege to have worked with you all – the leadership team of Ada County!
Best regards,

A list of candidates:

County Commissioner, District 1
Davidson L. Haworth (R)
Ryan Davidson (R)
Diana Lachiondo (D)
(2 Republicans with “Davidson” in their names should be interesting)

County Commissioner, District 2
Teri Murrison (R)

Fred Rippee (R)

Mary McFarland (R)

Rod W. Beck (R)

Patrick Malloy (R)

Kim J Wickstrum  (R)
Bill Rutherford (D)

County Sheriff
Steve Bartlett (R)

Lisa Marie (R)

County Prosecuting Attorney
Jan Bennetts (R)

Ron J. Twilegar (D)

Comments & Discussion

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  1. Beck? And Twilegar? Ha!

  2. Isn’t Lisa Marie the same woman who ran against Brad Little and was arrested on several outstanding warrants for Petite Theft? Asking for several Ada Residents.

  3. Definitely Ryan Davidson for District 1.

    Leaning Rod Beck for D2 but will research others.

  4. Ryan Davidson is NOT a Republican.
    He is clearly and self-identified as a Libertarian. Chaired the state party.

    That is an L not an R.

    The Republican party needs to boot these yahoos out of the party. L not R.

  5. western guy
    Mar 24, 2020, 5:12 pm

    Rod Beck: wanna-be career politician. He’s the poster boy for term limits.

    Ada County need moderates. Not knee-jerk Republicans nor DemLibs.

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