Idaho F&G: How Not To Say “Killed”

The folks at Idaho Fish and Game have set a new standard when it comes to euphemisms.

We have all heard “harvest,” and “lethal means” used when it comes to killing wildlife, but the latest terms of “wolf control actions, remove wolves, reduce predation, improve elk survival, management plan,” all boil down to the same thing: SHOOTING AND KILLING WOLVES.

The GUARDIAN has no political views about wolves or elk, but simple English statements like, “We shot and killed 17 wolves,” would serve to engender more trust in the department and communicate actual events. If the actions were based upon scientific data, there is no reason to obfuscate.

The complete RELEASE.

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  1. Tucker Anderson
    Mar 16, 2020, 3:18 pm

    This is a common theme trying to reduce the impact of the issue. It would be interesting to see if this has been addressed in the AP Style Book.

    The AP Style Books has addressed this for vehicle crashes. Often the press will use ‘accident’ as this takes the humanity out of the wording. They recommend using ‘crash’ as ‘accident amuses there is no blame.


    This is also the case with ‘car’ vs ‘driver’. Headlines will often state ‘Car hits pedestrian’ unless the car hits an object. It will then read ‘Driver crashes into building’.

  2. Cops like to do that too.

  3. David Gustafson
    Mar 16, 2020, 8:40 pm

    You ought to hear how cops talk about killing and beating people.

    EDITOR NOTE–C’mon guys. This was intended to be an English lesson, not a cop hater post.

  4. The ‘actual events’ were more like F&G simply allows local outfitters to KILL additional wolves beyond regular tags- up to 20.

    But it can be done by trapping or shooting, or a combination. F&G doesn’t really ‘shoot’ OR kill anything in this case. Does anyone really care about wolves anymore?

    So “WE shot and killed…” probably would not ‘communicate actual events’ either. 🙂

  5. Concerned Neighbor
    Mar 17, 2020, 7:29 am

    Euphemisms are unfortunately necessary in our dysfunctional extreme-PC hair triggered world where people wearing a red hat are repeatedly victims of violent assaults.

    “Harvesting” is an accurate depiction for reducing an overpopulation of an invasive species.

    For the cop haters – anarchists really – you should do some ride alongs with police on a Friday night. Start with Boise, then Caldwell, then try something adventurous like East LA. It’ll open your eyes.

  6. So, is COVID-19 a softening euphemism for “foreign” or “Wuhan” flu?

  7. On the other note-
    From an actual BOISE PD press release:
    “In response to the threat, two officers fired their service weapons.”
    Then, she was pronounced deceased.
    So, what happened? Did she kill herself? Heart attack? Oh, right, don’t write, “they killed her” (or even ‘they shot her’) in the press release.

    Editor, it’s not a cop-hater post.
    It’s an “everybody does ‘it’ ” post- just cops do it more, to reduce their liability- since they’re the ones killing humans(& sometimes family dogs).

    F&G is not really ‘setting a new standard’ either. No PIO can top the WhiteHouse euphemisms: alternative facts, attacks on journalists, and use of “racially charged” messages, etc. “very fine people on both sides” comes to mind.

    And it’s not really an English lesson either, right? F&G English is perfectly fine (mine is not though).
    So, it’s ALL about presentation, right?- a euphemism.

    If cops killing people is ALL justified and based on facts, no reason to obfuscate it with soft words, right?

    ‘fired their service weapons’ is a lot different than ‘killed her’, or killed 17 wolves.
    The complete release: https://www.cityofboise.org/news/police/2019/october/update-officer-involved-shooting-under-investigation/

    EDITOR NOTE–We made note of the vague press release at the timehttps://boiseguardian.com/2019/10/20/press-release-creates-multiple-questions-in-police-shooting-of-woman/ We also complained to the copper press releaser at the time.

  8. You are right, everyone does it. I do disagree that your nemesis cannot be topped. How about socio-economic refugee=illegal alien, health care=health insurance, women’s health=fetal murder. I could go on but I won’t overload you. I’m sure your view is limited from that end of your tunnel.

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