McLean Supports Bieter And Community Press

Former Boise Mayor Dave Bieter has struck it rich with a development being built by his new employer, the Gardner Co.

Under the plan, Gardner will receive CCDC urban renewal loans of $10.2 million for a 110 unit apartment building downtown with a single “affordable rent” apartment. Sounds like the other 109 units are not affordable.

A surprise YES vote came from Mayor Lauren McLean who said, “As mayor it is my job to do what is best for our citizens including the homeless community.” She went on to explain that even a single cheap apartment helped out, but more importantly the action paved the way for federal stimulus funds for Boise from the Trump government.

At an unrelated virtual city council meeting, McLean asked the councilors to approve funding for a “community printing press” for use by the Idaho Statesman. Councilor Lisa Sanchez supported the idea if at least 25% of the pressmen were minority trades people and half of the total were women. The press would be housed in the old Statesman building on Curtis Rd. which McClatchy has been unable to sell.

Elaine Clegg observed that with the current deadlines and the fact the Statesman is printed in Twin Falls, her sage comments about growth, connectivity, and environmental issues were “old news” and ignored by the time the paper was published. Jimmy Hallyburton offered to donate free bicycles to anyone wishing to deliver the Statesman.

Councilor Holly Woodings asked for more details on the proposal and mused aloud that she couldn’t understand why Sanchez wanted minority women to get covered in ink every day. Sanchez replied, “I didn’t think you would understand.”

The GUARDIAN noted today’s date as we reported on yesterday’s March 31 meetings.

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  1. Bieter IS Gone
    Apr 1, 2020, 7:14 am

    Good one Dave. Took me until the last sentence to realize because everything you reported on was totally plausible.

  2. Heronner: “As mayor it is my job to do what is best for our citizens including the homeless community.”

    Does this altruism (when distributing taxpayer funds) extend to the TAXPAYING citizens? Or just marginalized groups of citizens?

    The 2020 Legislature gave a nod to the taxpayers as they kicked that can on down the road. I’ll be shocked if my property taxes don’t go up another 20% this year. But I’ll sleep well, hopefully in my own bed in my own house, knowing that Mayor McLean is out there, fearlessly doing what is best for the community.

  3. Dang it! You get me every year!!

  4. I don’t think Bikeboy got the joke…

  5. Is this your New Year predictions a few months delayed?

    EDITOR NOTE–Caeth, please confirm you have checked today’s date.

  6. Your GOOD

  7. A very good entry. It works. Have a great 1st of April!!!

  8. I heard that the Mayor and City Council were going to propose to build a toilet paper factory on the old Bob Rice Ford site.

  9. Oh! April First!

    Ya got me GOOD, Mr. Guardian!

    (But in reviewing my previous comment, I’m happy to let it stand as written.)

    Keep up the great work, Dave! No promises that if we both survive the Malaise of 2020, I won’t be an April Fool again next year…

  10. I know the date. Did you fall for the joke? OK, maybe it wasn’t that clever. Sorry.

  11. Night Trader
    Apr 1, 2020, 11:46 am

    Councilor Sanchez left out the LNBGTF group! How shallow is that?

  12. You definitely got me! Husband had to set me straight!

  13. Steve Berch
    Apr 2, 2020, 9:41 pm

    Also in the news on April 1, the editor of the Guardian declared that its time we start assuming the best in people – even elected officials. Said the editor, “It’s easy and fun to come up with clever ways to criticize others, especially those willing to take on responsibilities I’ve chosen not to pursue. But in the end, we need to recognize that the vast number of public servants, elected and appointed, are trying to do the best they can within their means. I realize now that I should have not attended Anton Ego’s Graduate School of Public Commentary.”

    The author also decided to stop calling police officers “coppers.”

  14. What’s very interesting to me is that at some point, and I’ve seen a bit of this…is that this shutdown is a radical environmentalist’s dream. No “non-essential” activity is now deemed illegal. All of the things that the cultural Left and Enviros hate has been outlawed, to a point. Some want to take it farther, cuz there’s “just way too many people still driving around out there.”

    But what has happened is that everyone has walked into the jail cell with moderate furnishings. What comes next? Bill Maher et al got their wish, the economy IS wiped out. Printed money will subsidize a stipend, just like the Soviets did. We still have well stocked shelves, for now. But we’ve seen a taste of real socialism and we are falling in line with the Politburos.

    One thing good that came out of this….people suddenly discovered that only THEY are their only self-defense when things get dicey. They exercised their 2ndA rights, many for the first time of their lives. Many myths got busted about availability and access. The Bill of Rights is front and center here. Let’s see if people understand just what it means.

    EDITOR NOTE–Kinda heavy for an April Fool post.

  15. Steve..what do we do when “doing their very best” is woefully inadequate? Thinking specifically of the complete lack of results on property tax issues this year. NOTHING done. And it was at the top of most voters’ lists! And just blaming the other party doesn’t cut it.

  16. Steve Berch
    Apr 3, 2020, 10:28 pm

    Erico49 – When one party controls 80% of all legislative seats, they are by definition (and math) 100% accountable for the legislation or lack of legislation that is forthcoming. The minority party proposed several bills that provided direct and immediate property tax relief, including repealing the cap on the homeowners exemption, increasing funds for circuit breaker property tax breaks for those on fixed incomes, releasing internet sales tax money sitting idle in a separate account that would/should be flowing into the general fund (like brick and mortar store sales taxes) and thus to the counties). The majority party never let those bills be introduced, debated or voted upon. They sat in the desk draw of the committee chairmen.

    And then there’s the $2.48 BILLION dollars in revenue last year alone (over $28 BILLION since 2005) that was not collected due to sales tax exemptions that rarely get reviewed and never sunset.

    And, if Ada County got keep all the revenue it generates from its own growth instead of a large chunk of it flowing to many rural counties via the general fund, Ada County would have more than enough money to meet its needs.

    And then there’s the State purchasing the Hewlett Packard campus with took about $2 million a year out of revenue for Boise. And there’s Ada County having to subsidize prisoners from other counties (the county gets a per diem less than what it costs the county).

    I could go on. I’m not going to blame all members of “the other party”, even though they hold all the cards and make all the decisions and write all the laws and implemented all the fiscal policies controlling the state for the last 20 years or so. But responsibility and accountability does sit with the LEADERS of the majority party who enable and allow the current situation to have occurred.

    In our system of government, if you want change, you have to vote for change. Don’t vote for or against the letter next to the name, vote for the person. Good ideas and good people come from all directions. But it is also appropriate to hold people in power accountable.

    So come November, call the candidates on your ballot directly. See if they take or return your call. If they ignore you, that’s a data point to consider. Ask them what you want to know about them and insist on an answer. That’s another data point. See if they talk with you or talk at you. See if they’re more interested in wanting to know what you think instead of telling you what they think. Don’t insist on complete agreement. Insist on respect and the candidate’s understanding that the job he/she wants is ultimately that of a public service.

    Determine if the candidate is a critical thinker or an ideologue and decide accordingly.

  17. Well said, Mr Berch.

    However, a career in journalism is equally important as civic service in any political capacity- even when the journalistS are terribly bias- still a pillar of our democracy.
    Unfortunately, many journalists are ignoring the attack on free journalism in favor of their political bias.

    It is a all part of our discourse.
    A writer, critiquing the politicians is up there with the politicians saying “Why were you not there at the hearing?”

  18. Bieter IS Gone
    Apr 4, 2020, 4:24 pm

    Sheesh Steve Berch. Way to be a buzzkill on a light hearted article.

    Do democrats have ANY sense of humor?

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