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Coppers Plead “Not Guilty”

Amid a growing awareness of a recall effort aimed at Mayor Lauren McLean and Councilor Lisa Sanchez Boise coppers have gone on record denying any connection with the effort.

The Treasure Valley Fraternal Order of Police also denied involvement with recall of the Boise mayor. Just to show our support of law enforcement, the GUARDIAN also is not involved in any recall efforts.

The police union issued the following press release Thursday:
“Amid speculation, the Boise police union denies any involvement in recall efforts for City of Boise elected officials.

“The Boise chapter of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers has no affiliation with any recall effort,” said union President Chad Wigington.

“We will continue our positive working relationship with Mayor McLean and all members of the Boise City Council,” Wigington said. “We are one team, one city, with the common goal of making Boise the safest, most livable city in the country.”

FOP release follows…

Treasure Valley Fraternal Order of Police deny involvement with recall of Boise mayor

Boise, ID — The Idaho Statesman reported earlier this week regarding an effort to recall Boise City Mayor Lauren McLean. Rumor and speculation has mounted that the Fraternal Order of Police is part of those recall efforts. The Treasure Valley Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police denies these rumors.

When asked by the Idaho Statesman on Monday whether the FOP is involved in the recall effort, Lodge President Joe Andreoli responded in an email that neither the Idaho Treasure Valley Lodge #11, nor the Idaho State FOP, have any intention to seek a recall of Mayor McLean.

“The Treasure Valley FOP executive board had no knowledge that attorney Joe Filicetti was one of the organizers of the recall efforts until the Idaho Statesman reported it on Tuesday. Filicetti is not acting on behalf of the Treasure Valley FOP Lodge or the Idaho State FOP in his personal endeavor to recall Boise elected officials,” said Andreoli.

Filicetti has represented individual law enforcement officers who are members of the Treasure Valley FOP Lodge, but the selection of legal counsel is up to each individual officer. The Treasure Valley FOP Lodge does not engage Filicetti for legal services as an organization.

“We want to make it clear that the Treasure Valley FOP is not part of the current recall efforts of Mayor McLean and that Mr. Filicetti does not speak for our membership as a whole,” Andreoli said.

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  1. A Non E. Moose
    Jul 16, 2020, 8:54 pm

    Joseph Patrick Filicetti is a BPD reserve officer, or so I have been told and he has been a member of the BPD Union and I would think that makes the Union a part of the recall effort.

    EDITOR NOTE–We will post your comment, but we’re not even sure they have reserve officers anymore. At one time he applied for a union lawyer job and was not hired. We don’t think he was ever a Boise copper, reserve, or union member. He did work to recall Brent Coles and forced Coles’ resignation.

  2. Joe worked at the ADA County Prosecutor and City Prosecutor before going into private practice. He was not a reserve officer for Boise Police. Boise Police hasn’t had reserve officers for probably 30 years.

  3. I have seen a few recalls in my day but never two that are so well supported by the community in these early stages. These recalls, particularly the Sanchez recall will make the ballot handily. The mayors recall is a tougher road to hoe. If you haven’t read the mayor’s “Manifesto”yet, you need to, and although she is doing her best to distance herself from it, she appointed the group of liberal wackos who created it, and she approved its release. It seems that we all wanted a change from Dave Bieter so badly, that we missed the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Time to fix that!

  4. Living next to a Boise policeman and hearing the comments from him and his buddies. Trust me they don’t like the Mayor. The thing that bother me it’s a party thing with them. There out to get her.

  5. Concerned Neighbor
    Jul 17, 2020, 9:29 am

    I’m not sure why someone doing something on their own time has anything to do with their job in any way, shape, or form. Keep work and life separate.

    I fully support removing marxist McLean and bigot Sanchez. The bigger problem should be finding a solid candidate in the middle of the political spectrum that is pragmatic and effective.

    In other news, I recently shopped at Winco and it look like half of their items have changed. Costco looked about 20% change and was nearly out of TP and beer. Major supply chain issues going on out there. One good note is that there’s a lot more bulk items so people won’t starve. Riots aren’t going away and they’ll get worse as lockdowns from this second viral wave get worse – spiraling because they feed each other. Utah, Colorado, and Oregon are having major crime and riot problems. We have a long way to go yet… likely only 1/3 the way out of this once-a-century pandemic.

  6. “rumor and speculation”.
    So does the organization now have to respond to every rumor?

    “one team, one city, with the common goal”

    ha! Particularly after the Doan demise, city (unions) leadership ought to learn not to get involved in an official political matters.
    So, I’m surprise the coppers would come out with such a statement. Should stand as obvious, without saying it, right?
    Unless of course—-

    “had no knowledge” So the local FOP is not paying attention to their local issues?

    A coyote is in your hen house and you don’t know who let it in?
    Filicitti has been open about this on social media since the start.
    his social media is pretty clear- he supports his money makers =bad cops getting sued/fired. And he likes to openly call C. Sanchez, a racist.

    from Filicitti posting A WEEK ago:
    “Other Commenter: good luck with that endeavor.
    Joe Filicetti: I am 2-0 in recalls. Thanks for the luck”

    I AM 2-0? Wow! A 1-man recall operation. Impressive for a legal meathead.

    Joe’s Advertisement:
    Ada County Deputy Prosecutor from 1987-1996. Boise Police Legal Counsel from 1996-1998″.

    “We handle the vast majority of the officer-involved shootings in Idaho.”

    “There are currently two plans in use in Idaho for [cop] legal coverage. The first plan is through the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). Join FOP by calling–”

    “no knowledge of it until we read the newspaper”. (You know, that awful no news, newspaper.)
    Really FOP? And if that is the case, they are not up-to-date on information that is important to them. Not that it matters, other than ‘trust’-ing the messenger.

  7. The cycle of change
    Jul 20, 2020, 7:58 am

    I fully support the Mayor.

    Fillecetti gives off vibes of a white supremacist. That his biggest concern in his next meal, his attention span can be controlled by more photo opps with food.

    He claims the Mayor ran on a moderate platform and he claims she’s breaking it. He likes the sound of his own voice. Be aware his mind is made up. He writes the worlds screenplay and he is the star.

    EDITOR NOTE–We will post your comment, but you are approaching the limit of persona;l attacks. Fillicetti has made himself a public person, but name calling is not tolerated in the GUARDIAN.

  8. This type of recall just floors me. The mayor won not just one but *two* elections this last fall. Everyone complained about the previous mayor, and everyone will complain about this mayor. Face it, there will always be a vocal minority that complains about *any* politician.

    About the “Marxist” comments: did anyone actually *read* all of the transition reports? I only ever hear people complain about the “More Equitable City for Everyone”, but there were 6 different transition reports. A really important takeaway that I think people miss is that just because there is a desire for everyone to be heard, it doesn’t always mean policies will change.

    The loss of respectful public debate will be what destroys our country. Name-calling, vilifying, and outright ignoring others is never a productive activity (and please note: I feel this way about people from both ends of the political spectrum). I often describe myself as Left, but not *of* the Left. I can disagree peacefully with the Right, and my willingness to listen has changed my position sometimes. Why aren’t people willing to have their views challenged anymore? True belief requires examination, after all.

    I’m just about done with it all, which is really sad. I never thought I could be this discouraged about the polity. Only one thing keeps me plugged in, and Burke said it best: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

  9. Bieter IS gone
    Jul 27, 2020, 10:22 am

    JoJo. McClean May have won two elections but the reason wasn’t her policies or stellar winning personality. She won because she wasn’t Bieter.

    The majority of Boise voters wanted Bieter gone, she was just the vehicle. Obviously she doesn’t realize that with some of her lame comments. We don’t need a left wing nutball as mayor and we don’t need a right wing nutball either. We just need someone who won’t tax and spend us to death.

    PS. She may not have written the reports but she CHOSE the people who wrote the reports. Filling those committees with far left social justice socialists was totally on her.

  10. I could care less if the police union is connected to the Recall effort or not……I want McClean AND Sanchez GONE!

    Right now, trucking companies are warning about not serving cities that disband or defund their police departments. BLM and ANTIFA are shaking down small businesses and imposing their Marxist rules. People are getting killed all over the place due to acquiescent city and state leaders that are siding with the Socialists.

    We need to UNSEAT any and all city, county and state sympathizers that want to help impose these destructive agendas.


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