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City Car Displayed Anti-Trump Sticker

A GUARDIAN reader sent us this photo over the weekend of an anti-Trump sticker displayed on the dashboard of a city vehicle. STICKER SHOCK? The photo is circulating on conservative social media and has outraged some folks.

We sent it to the office of Mayor Lauren McLean. The mayor confirmed early Monday they had already received a complaint and were working on correcting the situation. Here is their statement:

“…we do not allow employees to place their own stickers on City-owned vehicles, including police or parking vehicles.

This sticker is a violation of employee policy and the standards of conduct for staff.

Our employees are advised upon their hiring of all the guidelines that govern the use of company-owned vehicles. Each employee is responsible for the company-owned vehicle they check out. I have notified Code Compliance and Community Resources Mgr. Tyler Johnson about this situation. He is currently working with the appropriate supervisor of the involved employee. He will be reminding staff that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated. I am also working with the team to have refresher training throughout the year to ensure this will not happen again.”

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  1. tru dat!
    I disagree with the headline here.

    The sticker is factual.
    Tough to say it is “anti-Trump”.
    Just stating the facts.

    It is well documented Trump lies EVERY DAY.
    As for the sticker reference- he lied about Coronovirus and so far well over 200,000 related deaths.
    Over 500 Covid related deaths IN IDAHO- seven months into it. No end in sight.

    January 22, 2020:
    “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine,” he said.
    Gone by Easter. Gone by summer. Miraculously disappears.

    btw remember Pence was put in charge of the response team. ha! They are a circus of LIES, ingnorance and ineptness. With no doubt, their ignorance of science has led to more deaths than would have been otherwise- almost (and maybe) his own.

    Who in hades wants such a person to be in charge of a free country?

    ps People should not be putting stickers on public property.

  2. Ron Haberman
    Oct 12, 2020, 1:19 pm

    Thanks Dave for bringing this to our attention. The city needs to pay attention.

  3. All Full of Crap
    Oct 12, 2020, 1:32 pm

    Eastie, They all are full of crap. All on them, even your Obama God is full of crap.

    Let’s join forces and find a better way of selecting candidates to include honesty and a few other important leadership qualities.

  4. No surprise there. If it would have said, ” IDAHO NO VACANCY” they would have been fired.

  5. Night Trader
    Oct 13, 2020, 10:18 am

    I love the IDAHO NO VACANCY. Unfortunately, my response has to be “Dream On”. It’s finally our turn to be cremated by growth. I just savor all the years I had with the Idaho of old.

  6. Gotta love how their statement repetitively uses “company” as though they are private-sector. I wonder how many of these “company” owned vehicles are being used for “non-company” related business. I would say that the sign may be more telling than just words. And to Easterner all of them lied, in fact they all lie. We live in a society of liars and excuse makers.

  7. Not quite BS.
    Every other president (any informed human) would take the issue seriously. C B & O! Any of the 3- and their administration- would be decent and MUCH better. The sticker stands as the truth.

    The post is about use of city property for a political post, not the content of the sticker.

  8. I agree with DB’s comment. The City’s policy documents should say “publicly-owned vehicles” as that is what they are. This would help remind those at City Hall that they work for the public, as many seem to have forgotten that.

    EDITOR NOTE–I agree with the nomenclature as well. However, we give them a pass in that “company car” can be construed as a generic term just as local governments are now using “chief operating officer” and similar commercial terms.

  9. Boy howdy! I’m sure glad us common folk don’t have a computer sitting right there on our car dashboards! Can you imagine?!? Those in-dash displays are awful, too!

    (I s’pose it’s perfectly legal, even under the newly-enacted “no handheld electronics” law, that might be enforced starting January 1. The inattentive driving law only gets enforced after you crash, and only in egregious cases.)

    But I digress.

    I’m glad Bad Orange Man doesn’t live in MY head!!

  10. I received a letter in the mail, Boise City Looking Envelope, a few weeks back from Lauren McLean supporting Jim Hanson for re-election! WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Both were using public property to promote their view!

  11. So, this means all the union stickers and other crap applied to city owned fire trucks will be removed?

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