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Boise’s Subtle Marketing Logo Change

With rules for anti COVID-19 masks, new police and fire chiefs, and budgeting taking center stage, it takes the scrutiny of a GUARDIAN reader to notice Mayor Lauren McLean has placed her own stamp on the “Boise Brand.”

We are no longer seeking to be the “Most Livable City In The Country.” Today Boise’s vision is “Creating a City For Everyone.” That tagline now shows on official e-mail signature blocks from City Hall.

From the city website:

Not to be picky, but it appears they already botched the mission of “embracing our community in the decision-making process.” After interviewing fire chief candidates and a public town hall meeting, the good mayor found her own chief, gave no prior notice to the public and a mere 20 minutes to the city council before announcing her unilateral decision. The community was certainly not “embraced.”

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  1. unmasked–The empress has no clothes

  2. Wtf is an “anti COVID-19 mask”??

    EDITOR NOTE–It is opposite of a “pro covid-19” mask.

  3. I wonder how much time/money they spend on meaningless crap like this. Next they’ll be “rebranding” or redesigning the city flag.

  4. I do not support this corporate marketing B.S. for a municipality, but Bieter’s slogan and actions have led to a city that has become unlivable for many, so it had to be changed.

  5. I do think it is the prerogative of the mayor to choose department heads as long as the council votes. Possibly the search for a fire chief was done with the best of intentions and through that process the “preferences” in a candidate type became clear. The new candidate may and likely does possess those qualities that will successfully be able lead the department.

  6. I agree with XX. Bieter’s “Livability” crusade and “Liv” nonsense was all a marketing gimmick to draw more people to move here and stress our already strained city and its resources. Also, I believe the Bieter regime was paying consultants to churn out Livability crap, get Boise-promoting articles placed in media, etc. If so, perhaps that means some of these $$$ will not be spent?

    We are unfortunately living with the legacy of all that Liv marketing crap though. All those articles ‘Boise made the top 20 List in Towns with Most Beer Bike Bars” and the like — have resulted in the city now plowing ahead with various “Toilet to Tap” water re-use schemes, including injecting partially treated sewage water into the aquifer near the airport (what could possibly go wrong and which water wells will it show up in?), and also releasing this water into the Farmers Union Canal. BOTH those schemes have major implications for our drinking water and the health of our community.

  7. Concerned Neighbor
    Nov 19, 2020, 8:52 pm

    Marxist McLean is following the latest national socialist propaganda – a city of criminals funded by welfare. Greatest Good my hiney!
    We don’t want criminals and freeloaders here. Why do you think people move to “good” neighborhoods? Crime has reduced over the last decade because criminals have been priced out of the rental market. That’s not a bad thing. To bad that traffic deaths have been shooting up since Beiter forced out Masterson, and McLean hired a poser from the City of a Thousand Riots to drive BPD even further into uselessness.

  8. Thanks Katie
    Nov 19, 2020, 10:08 pm

    Thanks for the info Katie. Our waste water is so loaded with Rx meds we will all be taking a drug cocktail from the tap. Then the city will charge extra for purified drinking water. Nothing better than dirty drinking water for the water purifier businesses.

  9. Bieter IS Gone, however He’s now in a skirt
    Nov 21, 2020, 6:45 am

    Take the Police survey. They really want you to know how much they care and I’m sure are really going to listen to the public.

    You have to scroll down to see “take the survey”. Because they really want input. It might have been better if they advertised this to the community instead of just the DBA downtown, but hey, they really care.

  10. Bieter IS gone but he’s now in a skirt
    Nov 21, 2020, 6:48 am

    Hey Think Again. The new chief was chosen because he would kowtow to the union, and the union gives a whole lot of money to the democrats running Boise. Didn’t you see where the union gave its blessing?

  11. @ Bieter IS Gone;

    Thanks for the link to the Police survey. Our system of government is a participatory system and hears more loudly those who participate. Encourage everyone to take the survey

  12. Marketing and slogans are generally meaningless and at worst actually meant to mislead. Only when the actions of leaders match the slogan does it have meaning. In other words always judge people, especially politicians by what they do, not what they say, because what they say is carefully calculated for a predetermined outcome.

    My favorite example is how all tech companies have Privacy Policies when they should be called “Lack of Privacy Policy” if the title was to actually describe the content and intent.

  13. western guy
    Nov 24, 2020, 1:18 pm

    The person who wrote about the power of the Boise Fire Dept union is spot on: One term Mayor must have seen the light (spark?!) and noticed the union would crush either of the two ‘outsider’ Chief candidates.

    But don’t believe for a minute the union will support her or any city council candidate in the future who doesn’t pledge to raise FD salaries, increase staffing, buy more unnecessary HazMat, rescue boats and radio kit.

    So now they get an ‘insiders outsider’ from just down Fairview Avenue. And will he move into the City and pledge to earn his bachelor’s degree or will the City Council waive that requirement?

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