Is No News Good News?

Dear GUARDIAN readers, I want to personally apologize for not posting anything lately, but we are aware of only the Orange Man’s cries of “foul” on the election counts, and daily updates on mask vs no mask debates at all levels of government.

We will offer some additional topics, but remember, it is only for lack of material that we make the offer. Let’s avoid COVID-19 and the Presidential race results please.

Here are some topics:

–Anyone else notice the plethora of California and Washington license plates lately. Are there that many visitors and newcomers or do our neighbors to the South and West just ignore the requirement to obtain Idaho plates?

–Are the California and Washington students paying out of state tuition or claiming Idaho residency without relicensing their rides?

–Is City Hall spending too much time and money on “affordable housing?”
What about forcing employers to pay wages commensurate with rent or housing prices? When citizens pay for “incentives” to builders and developers aren’t we just subsidizing development?

–We need more schools and jail expansion due to GROWTH. It would seem logical for school administrators and the sheriff to oppose any incentives, “economic development,” or other promotions aimed at attracting more population and demands on our infrastructure.

–Will the new Ada Commishes put a stop to recent schemes aimed at subverting the right of citizens to vote on public debt?

–Any thoughts about the special note on our Ada County tax bill referring to GOV LITTLE’S ONE TIME TAX REDUCTION in bold type. We never seem to name politicos when there is a tax HIKE!

Meanwhile, wash your hands, keep your distance, and wear a mask–even if it is just to keep others from bitching.

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  1. On this Thanksgiving, I wanna thank YOU, Dave, for keepin’ on keepin’ on.

  2. Along with out of state cheaters, don’t forget the Boise snd Valley County cheaters who claim their Boise house for homeowners exemption, but keep their plates registered in the county where the second home is. And apparently ACHD doesn’t care.

  3. Are the Boise Mayor and Council proposing repealing the ordinance allowing Special City Question Elections?

    EDITOR NOTE–It was repealed in July.

  4. erico49: Don’t know if it has changed but I was once told it made no difference. A State plate cost the same everywhere. If for vanity reasons you wanted a County designation it was allowed. All other charges and rules were tracked by primary residence. I had a friend with an old truck he kept and licensed at his McCall cabin that never left Valley County. Yet once a year he had to drive it to Boise, his primary address, for an emissions test or lose his registration.

    EDITOR NOTE–Caeth, you are correct in what you say. The real issue is some folks use their McCall address as the “primary residence” to avoid the extra fees and emission test in Ada. They supposedly would lose their right to vote in Ada if they claimed to live in Valley County…or lose the license fee benefit if they lived in Ada.

  5. A Concerned Citizen
    Nov 28, 2020, 11:24 am

    Why would any Californian, Oregonian or Washingtonian wish to continue to pay for their sky high “out of state plates” as opposed to our sweet, sweet cheap registration fees?

    And what does that have to do with in-state tuition? Is it because they want to keep their in-state tuition breaks in those states with their superb public universities?

  6. Editor: Would they not also lose their primary residence property tax exemptions? Seems like a poor trade-off to me, unless your vacation property has more value.

    EDITOR NOTE–Correct again! Some people try to have it both ways.

  7. Oh, by the way Editor, there you go talking about fraudulent voter roles. A topic you wanted to avoid. 🙂

  8. …..Are the California and Washington students paying out of state tuition or claiming Idaho residency without relicensing their rides?….

    Depends if they are playing football or basketball!!

  9. For many years we had a Williams of one form or another in the Treasurer’s Office. All correspondence had a return address with the Williams name in first line caps with the agency in smaller print second line. Every other State agency was printed with agency first line, director second. Since most Treasurer contents were a check or other good news I always thought of this as a subtle, free campaign ploy.

  10. Concerned Neighbor
    Nov 29, 2020, 7:56 am

    My thoughts…
    – Out of state licenses… Idaho is a safe haven for the flood of refugees from the big cities. 6 months of ongoing violent riots fueled by the left has driven out 4% to 7% of city populations (as measured by cell phones… NYC lost 5% by the end of summer).
    – Marxist McLean wastes an incredible amount of money on a lot of things. Affordable housing could be solved without subsidies… require a percentage of apartments and condos to be the micro level… 200 sq ft or so, and cost to be roughly determined by sqft.
    – Politicos will continue to ignore constitutions. It’s part of the nationwide push of censorship, violence, anti-police / pro-crime breakdown of Law and Order.
    – Schools are archaic. Automated online learning has exceeded an average teacher at a fraction of the cost and the quality continues to improve at an accelerated rate. Neighborhood micro-schools (day care while students work online) have replaced the tax paid daycare (large schools that spread disease) that parents are screaming for.
    – Nationally… it is unlikely that Trump will overturn the election for the single fact that the votes were unsecured. 2 people caught stuffing over 100 envelopes in Texas are being prosecuted, 2 people in CA falsifying over 8,000 registrations, but for the most part mail in votes are very difficult to catch and most states aren’t looking. Two larger issues are the pro-crime and violence fostered by the left for half of this year, and a multi-year increasing push of blatant censorship (which is why many of us come to this web site) and misinformation such as fake racism. A study came out showing how Google’s censorship swayed 6m votes, and FB and Twitter are worse. We are in the age of information warfare, and it is a war.

  11. Night Trader
    Nov 29, 2020, 9:59 am

    I used to hate seeing those out of state plates on cars whose owners have moved here. But I get it. It is not “wishing to continue to pay for their sky-high…”, it’s simpling waiting for their out of state plates to expire before buying Idaho plates. There is a law saying you having only so many days once you move here to re-register your cars with Idaho plates. Who really wants to follow that law and how would it be enforced? Are you going to call law enforcement when your new neighbor is still wearing out of state plates that have yet to expire? 40 some years ago, I did the same thing when I moved here. Anyone else guilty!!

  12. The tax bill also does not provide the info. (promote) when a taxing district “claws back” foregone revenue – as Ada County has done, along with the NACFR fire District and the Whitney Fire District.

  13. Many will disagree with me, but I am creeped out by the mayor setting up a hotline for citizens to report COVID violations by local businesses.

    Slippery slope with the next step reporting when your neighbors appear to have too many friends and family over for dinner.

  14. A slant of “Marxist” McClean is okay, but commenting on more people dying due to inept voters is not?

    Well, since so many readers and voter think their idea of “Marxism” overrides a king, dictator, or ‘holes’ in office, what is that about?

    Marx said the basis for change is:
    -Society divided into classes. Check. That is TRUE today.
    -The workers work for the capitalists. TRUE.
    -Workers work at unfair low wages to the capitalist advantage. TRUE. See Editors note above.
    -The capitalists ‘live off’ the work of the workers. TRUE. Thanks Bezo!
    -The wealthy own the government, army and courts. ?? Seems TRUE. Well a lot of readers here claim this is true. Money buys politicians, defense companies profit, and if you’re poor your outcome in court is bleak.

    The editor even offers, “forcing employers to pay wages commensurate with rent or housing prices”. Wow! “forcing” employers is kinda contrary to ‘free markets’ right? Doesn’t that reinforce the Marxist ideas that the gap between classes become too great and intervention is needed?
    And who exacerbates these characteristics of our CURRENT society?
    -Divisive social/eco classes.
    -Increasing income/wealth gap.
    -Low wages for the workers so they can’t afford rent and are at the mercy of the capitalists.
    -Labor vs wealth
    -Accessible health care only for the wealthy.

    Who is the MOST divisive person in the world right now?
    Marxism says these conditions are necessary before enough people cause change.

    Who benefits most by these conditions continuing? And yet, they are perfectly fine with controlling the laws (“law and order”) to maintain the higher class for luxury and control.
    Who wants to maintain this status quo?
    I say there is about 70million people really pushing our sled to the cliff of Marxism. They just don’t realize it.

    The only thing missing is the revolution of the working class- Hello TEAPARTY from year 2009. Remember all the signs opposing the wealthy 1%ers? And now, those people are on which side of politics? They flew Gadsden flags in 2009 with Glory upside down. Now they’ve added their MAGA flags and a bible {McGeachin}.

    In Saudi Arabia, when the peasants got restless the King just threw money at them and pushed the military upon the citizens. You know, like $1,200 for every person and soldiers knocking down journalists at St Johns Church. Or dropping their property taxes {CARES Act is costing your children and grandchildren 2 Trillion dollars. The tax cuts of 2018 is costing them another 2 trillion}.
    So, who is really causing Marxism to be true today?

  15. Subsidizing Development?
    Nov 30, 2020, 5:22 pm

    * Boise’s Housing Bonus Ordinance proposes increased density to solve affordability – or is it to acquire enough property tax revenue to pay for the infrastructure needed to annex the remainder of the land in the southern Area of Impact – subsidizing this future development?

    * Boise is planning sewer rate increases and/or bond funding to cover replacement costs AND expanding infrastructure.

    * Suez water claims hookup fees pay for any expansion and that the proposed rate increase is not for expansion but the projects appear to include expansion.

    * Boise park impact fees were originally set in 1994 at only 40% of the cost to build a park. Never adjusted for inflation, eventually falling to the equivalent of 20% of the cost to construct a park, which meant all other tax payers subsidized the difference when parks were built.

    * Collect Boise park impact fees in the Area of Impact but not use these to build parks in the AOI – shifted the fees to other areas of the city, especially to incent developers in the east end.

    * Not collect Boise fire and police impact fees until 2008.

    * Not collect fire district impact fees for NACFR and Eagle Fire District until this past year.

    * Ada County does not collect impact fees for eligible services: sheriff, jail, EMS, coroner, parks.

    * No school impact fees allowed by state law.

    * Annex land and not extend equal services and infrastructure, but use increased tax revenue to subsidize projects to incentivize developers elsewhere in the city, or tuck it under the mattress for a mega library.

    * Urban Renewal Districts circle the property tax right back to developing the land that paid it. This strips 20 years of taxes away from other gov. agencies, so they take the 3% annual budget increase to make up for the loss, pushing the burden onto all other taxpayers.

    * The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act reduced the corporate income tax rate from 35.0% to 21.0%. This has allowed corporate developers of multifamily apartment complexes to receive a higher return on investment while simultaneously taxing these properties as commercial, which shifts more of the burden for covering government services (for the increased population) onto other tax payers. Yet apartment complexes are zoned as residential for the permitting process.

  16. Concerned Neighbor
    Dec 1, 2020, 8:13 am

    Couple of comments on other posts:
    – Easterner shows that he is well versed in the fantasy of Marxism but not the reality – that it always turns into Communism, which has murdered over 100 Million people in the last century. Also, Trump is popular due to his platform of finally putting all of America first and how well he stuck to it… people typically don’t care about his abrasive personality because he’s not there to be a friend, but to get things done. That will continue to resonate in local politics.
    – Subsidizing Development – simply a great post!

    What do people see locally next?
    – Economy? Plenty of local jobs, though a major housing bubble due to left coast city refugees. Try to refinance though and you’ll get stuck with rates 1% or more higher than advertised… banks are gouging.
    – Virus: I run analytics for a living and predicted the current viral wave back in August. It looks like its plateauing but will spike again in mid to late January, will reverse spike when retirees start getting vaccinated, then trend down slowly as the general population gets vaccinated. It’ll turn into an annual vaccination along with flu due to its swift loss of immunity… then stick with us because many people won’t vaccinate.
    – New recalls against socialist politicians.
    – Explosion of people getting out this summer.
    – Ongoing ammunition shortages even though we have a major plant in Lewiston… can we do anything that gets them to sell to locals first? BTW… 1 in 9 democrats became new gun owners this year. Self defense is a human right.
    – Ongoing riots. The left proved that violence works so expect others to pick that up. That will lead to increasing censorship, laws taking away rights, then more push back. It’ll continue to be a grind rather than flash point. Expect an interesting decade… keep at least 3 months of supplies on hand.

  17. More Subsidizing Development
    Dec 1, 2020, 4:38 pm

    * For many years, Boise did not increase building permit fees to keep up with administrative costs.

    * Around 2014, Boise offered developers $1,000 per multifamily unit for market rate units in the downtown planning area and $2,000 per affordable housing unit.

    * Also eliminated the local park impact fee for residential development projects in downtown Boise, even though more residents increase demand on the nearby local/neighborhood parks of Camels Back and Military Reserve.

    * Will probably use the TIF funds from the Gateway URD to expand infrastructure needed to annex more of the nearby area.

    Citizens need to strongly advocate for any additional annexation of the southern Area of Impact to include a Community Infrastructure District to pay for the growth in this largely undeveloped land, just as has been done for growth (sprawl) in the Harris Ranch/Barber Valley area.

  18. Concerned Neighbor I think the plant you mention in Lewiston makes TOILET PAPER. And I know that ALL democrats have been major customers with all the s t coming from the White House the last for years.
    Also when a politician gets elected they become an elected public servant. So can you recall a politician?

  19. It is a common and good practice for Cities to offer incentives to developers for development the City wants to encourage, like higher density infill development in urban sites. This is also the basis of every tax deduction, to encourage investment in things the government thinks is good, like charitable donations.

    Poorly run cities try the reverse and seek to manage housing goals with punative fees on developers and rent controls. Look at the cities with the highest impact fees and most strict rent controls and you will on average find the highest cost of living and the most slum lords. In summary government incentives encourage desired behavior and government penalties often have worse unintended consequences.

  20. It seems that the residential outcry about tax increases has fallen on deaf ears. Take excess tax from homeowner and give to developer is just pandering. If there is enough need for housing and affordable housing, built units will fill up and cash flow without the measly incentives that are robbing the residents to pay for the developers to dump and run. Housing stock should be a competitive market issue, not a government subsidized aggression on the most vulnerable and least informed. The height incentives are planned to be offered by right. Because you see, there were no previous rights, they were just kidding with all the property owners.

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