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Multiple Factors In Boise’s Unrest

Tension fueled by the Trump presidential election defeat, COVID-19 actions by local health departments, and neo Nazi activity have combined to thrust Boise into the national spotlight.

The noisy protest Tuesday at Central District Health was widely reported by the national media.

However, GUARDIAN sources don’t see any immediate link between the hell raisers intimidating the Central District Health Department members, the Nazi graffiti at the Anne Frank memorial, and the Trump anti mask supporters. However those events did little to calm fears of increasing civil unrest.

Let’s face it, folks are on edge. Ammon Bundy and his group have caused disruption at the legislature and at Central District Health meetings, some business owners are fed up with mandatory mask requirements while others are fed up with the Trumpsters who challenge the order. Meanwhile, social media claims a neo Nazi has moved into town and is recruiting followers.

The Anne Frank Memorial near the Boise River was subject of vandals Monday night who left swastikas and a message proclaiming to be “everywhere.”

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  1. Be very careful of organized groups trying to relate Patriots to racist groups. This is a tactic that’s commonly done to discredit groups who are questioning the corruption or tyranny in any forms of government.
    For example, 3%ers
    Boldly state that they are against all forms of racism.
    Yet most major news outlets describe them as racist, extremist, ect.
    Never be concerned with ones who are questioning or researching. After all isn’t that the job of journalists?

  2. Emotional Buttons, bullcrap, and real problems
    Dec 9, 2020, 4:01 pm

    I’m far more concerned about the band of bolsheviks just elected to the national leadership than I am about the windbag Trump and his idiot worshipers. The bolsheviks have openly stated their hatred for this country. Because it’s not fair! As if every place they’ve controlled is more fair. Be warned if they win the senate.

    For sure if it’s carried by the national media it’s surely multiple layers of bullcrap made to push as many emotional buttons as possible. The dumpster fire that used to be our free and independent press has joined forces with the bolshevik team.

    Now how about a real issue facing all of us soon. My employer says take the new and somewhat experimental vaccine or you’re fired! The board of directors has the option not to be vaccinated of course.

  3. Concerned Neighbor
    Dec 9, 2020, 5:03 pm

    5th generation warfare is all about censorship and misinformation. It has been brewing for several years. Pervasive censorship from silicon valley, misinformation from all national media, etc. Charlie Rose was the last real national level reporter until CBS executives did a character assassination on him because he publicly pushed back on fluff stories… then they replaced him with racist Gayle King.

    Antifa fascist brown shirts perfected their assaults at Berkeley in 2017 – the school president refused to let police intervene until antifa’s 4th assault when protesters were ready for them. Similarly, BLM has been the source of the vast majority of racism for more than a decade. Both groups work tirelessly to portray themselves as the opposite of their actions. See through it.

    Masks work. Wear them. They are a stupid protest symbol. Shutdowns don’t work, and that’s the real protest. 100k businesses have been destroyed this year. 150k Deaths from Despair. Pork debt spending and ineffective shutdowns have done 20x to 50x the damage that the virus has. Yes, I’ve done the math.

    Bundy needs to stay on his side of the border. Even better, he should get a bunch of people together and go clean up Portland (Soymalia). Seattle has another autonomous zone being carved out… hit that one too (Chazuela).

    The NeoNazi wannabe nut did 0.00001% of the damage that blm/antifa did. Smack them in the head then move on. But… there’s a video of a blm rioter pulling a revolver on counter-protesters in downtown Boise, yet not a peep from the media. Which is worse – putting a sticker on a statue, or threatening to murder someone while holding a tool capable of fulfilling that threat? Don’t let corporate media distract you with minor issues.

    Clay Martin is a local author that has written a couple books that you may find useful in this age and day.

  4. This is classic AGITPROP tactics. When they know they are losing the narrative, the cheap and easy False Flag ops come out of the closet. Labeling conservative groups as “Nazis” is very old, but it just keeps on being played.

    I remember back when Phil Batt was Governor and someone tried this crap by running off copies of flyers that linked the Idaho GOP with Nazis. Phil Batt came out and had to denounce it and proclaim that “that’s not us.” I believe that prominent Dems actually joined him, but too many WANTED to believe the smear, because their tribe got points.

    Here we are again. The LOSING side needs fast points on the board so here come the cheap shots.

    Now, many accuse the City leadership for being Marxists. Look how the CHAZ got embraced by local Dems in Seattle. I can tell you that Progressivism is Marxism in sheep’s clothing. It begins with quiet steps and grows until it gets loud and proud. That’s exactly how Occupy Boise transformed. At first it was about legit issues and then morphed into pure identitarian politics, leaving the pressing issues behind. I saw it firsthand.

    That is how Boise is going to fall if we don’t stop this insanity. Concerned citizens stood up for the rest of us and are being vilified in public and called Nazis. There is a double standard in Boise. If you are a Left protester, you get a pass. If you are a conservative protester, you don’t.

    I also don’t buy into this new group “The 97%.” They claim that we all get back to work if we do just what they say. They claim the cases and hospitalization have increased because of the folks that don’t wear masks etc. Okay….show us your contact tracing data to prove it. Show us that EVERY new case in the hospitals are actually because of maskless people. Furthermore….were any of the hospitalized victims offered any treatments that successfully combat COVID? Are they shunning HCQ and other remedies because of the false stigmas nailed to them. Two fake anti-HCQ papers were withdrawn and denounced by Lancet and NEJM and acknowledged to be “scare papers” by the two institutions. Dr. Peter McCullough testified as such to the US Senate.

    Legacy media is fully complicit with this junk. They are no longer viable in my view. We need fresh NEWS services that don’t take sides and are not afraid of digging DEEP to find the truth, no matter what it is.

    EDITOR NOTE–The thrust of the original post is that there is NO CONNECTION noted between the various groups!! You protesteth too much.

  5. Bonnie Krupp
    Dec 10, 2020, 9:35 am

    Didn’t you find it amazing that they were stickers and not spray paint. Are we sure this agitator is not from the left? IN other words could be it a hoax?

  6. At this point any rational criminal investigator would first be looking at leftist groups as the perpetrators behind the “vandalism” of the Frank memorial. It fits the general pattern of how they cause chaos in local communities by acts of false flag hate crimes. But meanwhile, the morons in local media, corporations and the mayor’s office have all jumped to conclusions. They would have us believe there are Klansmen hiding under your bed. One is reminded of Nascar driver Bubba Wallace’s garage door pull loop scandal, the racist graffiti at the Air Force Academy done by a black cadet, or the false flag swastika hoax at the Jewish fraternity at George Washington University.

  7. Wow, just wow. When I look at the comments above, I think I’m finally starting to understand the depth of the divisions in the polity. And it frightens me…

    First, the whole patriot thing. I’m left according to most commentators here (though I probably align with the old Rockefeller Republicans more than anyone/anything currently), but I definitely consider myself a patriot. That’s doesn’t mean I can’t point out things in my country that need improvement. I love my children, but I work to correct them, too.

    Second, I’m just so tired of the attacks on the mayor. It’s fine to disagree with her. Name calling is what 3rd graders do. Based on the election results, she seemingly has quite a bit of support. How about cooling off a bit, and watching what happens? Maybe you’ll be surprised?

    Third, the people who think the media is constantly lying/slanted–just exactly how are you coming to that conclusion? I’ll agree some stuff is opinion, but hopefully it gets labelled as such. But, if you are going to challenge the reporting, you need to be able to provide a source that is the “truth”. Keep in mind that with the current echo chambers, you’re just getting that filtered through someone else, too–or do you still believe Pizzagate is a thing?

    It’s important to be critical. It’s even more important to be reasonable when being critical.

  8. No common link? I see one.
    -intimidating the Central District Health Department members, = IDIOTS
    -Nazi messages = IDIOTS
    -Trumpsters = IDIOTS
    -Anti mask, maskholes = IDIOTS.
    and let’s add the soon to be obvious, anti-vaxxers = IDIOTS

    I would say there is a common a link:
    People who deny science.
    People fearful of being the lowest person in our inherent social classes.
    People believing only what they want to believe instead of the truth that conflicts with their ideas.
    People using lies, exaggerations, and anecdotes to paint a broader vision based on fear.
    People using our flag, guns, and a bible to intimidate their neighbors.

    I see the two newly elected ADA Commissioners of this same fabric- voted in by common link, they will cause more problems.

    p.s. CN continues to post false information. Charlie Rose admitted he had inappropriate work relationships = HR 101. The related CN comment is gross.
    Black Lives Matter has only be in existence since 2013 for Treyvon Martin and Ahmaud Arbery and MANY others.

  9. I can’t add anything to the excellent commentary already shared! THANKS, fellow Guardian readers! An astute bunch! You give me hope!

    A very panoramic observation:

    During the lockdown, I’ve been using the social media a little more than my historical pattern… and I’ve been dismayed lately by “friends” who are very deliberately sheltering themselves in either their “left-wing bubble” or their “right-wing bubble.” They eagerly embrace the media (you can hardly call it “news” any more) that reinforce their viewpoint, and have no interest in trying to understand the other guys. And if you don’t join them in their bubble, you are considered part of the problem.

    In 2016: “They hated on my man Obama – so I’m gonna hate on their guy!”
    In 2020: “They hated on my man Trump – so I’m morally obligated to hate on their guy!” (It may not be over, but there some faint handwriting on the wall.)
    Where does it end?

  10. Dave Kangas
    Dec 10, 2020, 3:05 pm

    In all the chaos and protests taking place, I am sure Bundy has a part. But I don’t believe it is very large. The large anti mask protests, school board meeting chaos are well organized, well attended and growing. While there aren’t any corporate flags flying, or someone standing to claim “we did that”, there is only one organization sowing discontent against all government agencies throughout Idaho. They are masters of blame avoidance and spin control too. Seemingly impervious to investigations, it’s like Idaho has it’s own “Teflon Don”. 🙂

  11. Here is a key source of the unrest: How many city, county, state or federal employees have been laid off or forced to take a pay cut in the last 9 months of Covid hell? My guess would be precisely zero. Meanwhile their dictates can cause many average citizens to go through a living hell of unemployment, business failure, depression, divorce and suicide all so the political class can keep up an appearance of “doing something” while not directly dealing with the consequences. With all of the scare tactics promoted by these guys, one would expect bodies of Covid victims to be stacked up on street corners like cordwood while awaiting burial in mass graves. That is clearly not the case, but so many are victims to their scare tactics.

  12. Dear editor,

    I was agreeing with you, using the example from the Phil Batt days. I also turned the table onto the city leadership that is brewing Portlandia type politics. I was right in the middle of Occupy Boise action when all of that occurred…that’s when I got my belly full of it and discovered that they don’t want to solve problems…they want to create problems.

  13. Speaking out of turn
    Dec 11, 2020, 4:32 pm

    I think unrest is probably those who cannot express their interests positively, such as through their professions, hobbies, or social groups. I am really troubled by the Nazi symbols placed in the local Ann Frank Memorial. Very few people now still alive, especially those in Boise, know, understand, and/or can begin to comprehend the viciousness of the hate and murder of the Nazi effort to exterminate people. How sick it was, and how uneducated and deranged it is now. Why don’t they start their own movement? Sorta like, lets all do meth, religion, and racism

  14. Mr. Frazier is censoring opinions
    Dec 14, 2020, 5:46 pm

    Mr. F, You are now picking what comments to post? You know it doesn’t matter the name and email given. Easterner has concealed that for sometime. Most know that the name Easterner is guise. I believe that E s likely a women or Jim Tibbs hiding behind a dress. Clearly a judgmental liberal who you allow to judge others as “idiots.”
    Change the rules for everyone and require a verifiable name and email like newspapers do.

    EDITOR NOTE–We have wrestled with the name issue for years, but allow the anonymous comments because many of them are from folks who would be muzzled if their identity were revealed. On the down side we have folks who duplicate screen names or make misleading “false flag” comments.

  15. I love it when anonymous posters bitch about anonymous posting.

  16. How else do things change? The way is now X could threaten to kill someone. Easterner can rule as a legend in her own eyes blaming others and name calling to no end.

  17. McLean IS worse than Bieter
    Dec 21, 2020, 6:26 am


    McLean win because she ran one on one against Bieter. People wanted Beiter out, they didn’t want McLean.

    She would do well to remember that. But she won’t. She’s very un transparent, refuses to engage, doesn’t get back with answers. IOW she’s a leftist democrat pol who believes she’s a goddess and doesn’t need to interact with the little people.

  18. Hmmm…more name calling. Not useful. And this one stretches credulity–keep in mind that the 1-1 runoff came as a result of no one getting a plurality in the original race. I keep hearing that people didn’t want McLean or Bieter, but the election results sure didn’t show that, or the runoff wouldn’t have come down to the two of them. Reality appears to be that there is a noisy subset of people in Boise who like to complain, but apparently aren’t ambitious enough to organize. Reminds me of the fact that Ammon Bundy certainly doesn’t speak for many people, but they sure seem to yell a lot (and yes, I align with the 97% folks).

    Have some examples of refusal to engage and not following up with answers? I’m open to being persuaded, but I need examples.

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