Hopes And Fears Met By Ada Commishes

With one single act, the newly elected Ada Commishes met the hopes of Republicans and the fears of the Democrats.

Raul Labrador, the former congressman and Republican activist, was appointed to the Central District Health board, replacing ousted Democratic Commish Diana Lachiondo. The commission’s two new members, Republicans Ryan Davidson and Rod Beck, voted in favor of Labrador’s appointment, while Democratic Commissioner Kendra Kenyon abstained.

Kenyon said she was concerned by the apparent discussions between Beck and Davidson about placing Labrador onto the CDH board. All this comes on the first day of conducting county business by the new board.

Labrador has made public statements which indicate he is an “anti-masker.”

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  1. What??? I thought the health board had to have at least one representative who was also one of the three Ada Co. Commissioner positions?

  2. I welcome the change, I felt some on the commission were all too eager to control our lives and reduce our liberties for the government’s perception of the greater good. While maybe justified during a pandemic a slippery slope worth taking a stand against now.

    I also think some on the commission were trying to use the pandemic and proposed resolutions to politicize the pandemic and embarrass the Governor, who I think is doing a good job of balancing very difficult and competing priorities. More draconian lock down measures in other states have failed to slow the virus in any material manner, as evidenced by those areas that seem to be hit the hardest were also the most aggressive on lock downs.

    I choose to wear a mask because I am smart enough to follow the scientific consensus and I want to be considerate of my neighbors and friends, but I oppose the Government forcing me to wear a mask. I think the Government has the right to mandate masks in public buildings including schools. I think private business owners have the right to mandate masks in their businesses.

    To those anti-mask protestors who walk on to other people’s property, and storm business who ask their customers to wear masks, your so-called protest for liberty and rights is lost on me, as you violate the personal property rights of others including business owners who have the right to have customers wear masks. If you disagree with those businesses, vote with your feet and don’t patronize them, but don’t in the name of your liberty, violate other people’s rights.

  3. What Erico49 said!!

    As an INDEPENDENT, I’m always a little leery of “party faithful” of either party in positions of influence. It’s far worse in DC, but plenty evident in that building downtown… the one with the big dome. Loyalty to PARTY is far more important than doing what’s right for your constituents.

    Yeah… I’m fully in favor of TERM LIMITS at all levels of gummint.

  4. I think this is great. Labrador’s appointment along with the legislature’s gutting of gubernatorial emergency powers can have a positive effect on mitigating the state’s population growth. If herd immunity means a thinning of the herd then count on my support. Backcountry campsites have been way too crowded in recent years.

  5. Eamonn Harter
    Jan 14, 2021, 1:03 pm

    Labrador is the right choice if he believes that adults are mature enough to make their own decisions. Many of us have seemed to forgotten that we have agency, and the responsibility that comes with it to assess risk. Deciding whether or not to wear a face mask is your right, despite lack of evidence that masks prevent the spread of the virus or that this disease poses any risk for 95% of the population.

  6. You know, if drunk drivers only ever injured/killed themselves, no one would care if people drove drunk. But they do hold the potential to harm others, and we deem the risk high enough that we have rules about it.

    Now, can someone explain to me how masks are any different? Especially since the number one thing shown about masks is that they reduce the likelihood of transmission from the person wearing them? I agree, we shouldn’t need rules to compel people to do the right thing, but apparently most people aren’t mature enough to do the “right thing”. Pretty sure I don’t understand why kids have to do “active shooter” drills at school so that guys like Ammon can be packing everywhere they go, but adults can’t be bothered to wear a mask.

    And about Labrador–CHD shouldn’t be a political position–health doesn’t care if you are liberal, conservative, or anything else. It’s obvious his is a political appointment, and additionally one done in seeming violation of Open Meeting laws.

    Here’s a idea: if you don’t wear a mask, you agree to be the very last in line for immunizations, and have the lowest access to medical resources, heaven forbid that you need them. Fair deal?

    Jan 14, 2021, 2:20 pm

    JJ nailed it. Individual choice, but don’t step on my toes in exercising that choice.

  8. Look at the NewZealand stats
    Jan 14, 2021, 4:56 pm

    Tell me people. What is it that NewZealand did and we did not do which resulted in them losing about 50 people in total to the Covid? I think it has to do with anyone with a cowboy hat was rightfully ignored.

  9. So Jo Jo, explain how the position was,
    or would be, more non political when held by an elected County official who campaigned with party affiliation and endorsement.

  10. New Zealand: Perhaps a country not a great deal larger than our state completely surrounded by ocean is somewhat easier to manage, hats or not.

  11. Why is it that every argument put forth by pro-maskers is almost religiously based upon the false premise that masks, especially the common, cheap ones and bandannas, are highly effective at preventing viral transmission? Clearly, they are not. It is well known that a high percentage—70% is a common figure—of those who contract the virus were maskers. This should tell something to a thinking person. No, what masks are mostly effective at is symbology—symbols of fear, compliance, and virtue to some. A companion question is this: if maskers truly believe their face ornaments prevent them from unknowingly spreading the virus to others, and by logical extension, from inhaling it themselves, why are they hell-bent on controlling the behavior of others who disagree, followed closely by shaming those who don’t march lockstep with them? It would be refreshing if those advocating compulsory masking, as well as those engaging in shaming the noncompliant, would intellectually grapple with both these questions before continuing with their arguments.

    EDITOR NOTE–The maskers say “YOUR mask protects me and MY mask protects you.” Those who contract the virus are victims of the folks who are non-maskers according to the experts.

  12. Kendra Kenyon said what?!!
    Jan 15, 2021, 10:05 am

    “Hey, wait a minute!” © John Madden
    Commissioner Kendra Kenyon said she was “concerned by the apparent discussions between Beck and Davidson about placing Labrador onto the CDH board.” Well Kendra, what about your email exchange with Garden City’s John Evans about one of your picks for your EXPO Idaho advisory committee?

    The information received from my public records request includes this email exchange. But there is no evidence of a Board meeting to discuss your pick! How hypocritical can you be?!

    Kenyon also said “Normally we have a day or two to discuss all voluntary appointments.” © Id Statesman*. Wait a minute, you said “all?” The records or the lack thereof show that there were not any Board discussions for the “volunteers.” That’s the nontransparent way Kenyon did it when she personally created the EXPO Idaho Advisory Committee. “Normally?” The public records that I received show how “abnormal” Kendra can act. Again, there is a lack of any record of any board discussions reviewing her picks.

    The records do include an email from one of Kendra’s picks who is concerned about an apparent conflict of interest. What happened? Nothing! Apparently Kendra decided not to bring the matter before the Board. Please note that any deliberation between two or more commissioners triggers Idaho’s Open Meeting law. In a matter so important to Ada County citizens as an apparent Conflict of Interest, there is little or no record!

    Why didn’t at least one reporter also discover Kenyon’s blatant “abnormal” actions? The records indicate that Commissioner Kenyon has the practice of being non-transparent. Betsy, Cynthia, Thomas & Melissa, you can do better. You won your lawsuit, but don’t assume it will make a difference. Start investigating Kendra’s abuse of office!

  13. “Anti-masker”

    Soviet word-smithing from our fledgling Ministry of Truth.

  14. JoJo,

    There is no way to continue living your life and protect yourself from a drunk driver. They are asserting their right to drink and drive as a pursuit of happiness over your right to continue your life in pursuit of happiness.

    However, if the 1% of the population that is impacted by the virus took a simple step like protecting themselves with an N95 mask, it is a fairly simple way to allow the other 99% to live free.

    Let’s say I’m allergic to peanuts and demand all peanut products be banned and factories that process them be shut down. That would be a pretty silly request right? I just take precautions to protect myself and the world keeps turning.

    It is a communist ploy to pitch the idea that I am responsible for anyone else’s health and to use the government to force it is a dangerous precedent.

    There is no evidence that masks work in real-life application. If they did, you could point me to a single community that implemented a mask mandate and saw their COVID numbers go down.

    I’m happy to see people who understand the Constitutional limitations on government being the ones elected to our governments.

  15. See, this is why I don’t like to engage in political discussions very often. Caeth makes the assumption I was happy Lachiondo was on the CDH board, and I wasn’t. Additionally, the “what about” is never any sort of useful thing in rhetoric–two wrongs never, ever make a right.

    A health board would ideally be populated with people who understand things about health. Why should it be political at all? From a budget standpoint, and funding, sure. Making recommendation about public health, I don’t see a role for politics.

    And before someone suggests I’m in favor of government by “elites”, why yes, yes I am. You trust your personal health to elites normally referred to as doctors and dentists, for example. I most certainly am not an expert in many things, let alone everything, and as much as I hate trusting others, I often must. And public health issues should require knowledge about medicine, health, public safety, epidemiology, and a number of other topics. I don’t think walking around Boise Town Square without a mask in violations of the guidelines in place at the time shows any real ability to understand the issues at hand.

    I’m not in favor of anything in general other than common sense, but that’s a flower that doesn’t seem to grow in every garden. I also believe in the Biblical admonition to treat others in the way I would like to be treated, and I am very disappointed others seem so self-centered and uninterested in anyone or anything other than themselves. So everyone knows, yes, I’m a liberal, but apparently the weird kind 🙂

    EDITOR NOTE–From the GUARDIAN green box at the upper right we said of the politicos at the beginning, “They aren’t ALL bad people, they just need direction.”

  16. Can’t fix stupid. But you can let em vote and post in the comment section.

  17. David Klinger
    Jan 15, 2021, 2:11 pm

    I think New Zealand’s relative success with the pandemic also has something to do with that country having an intelligent, science-understanding population and enlightened national political leadership. New Zealand, as an island nation with a high degree of international tourism despite its isolation, understands its interconnectedness with the larger world. No nation is an island in this global economy and in this global pandemic … not even Idaho.

  18. A special prosecutor will now review if Ada County commissioners (Davidson and Beck) violated open meeting laws before appointing Labrador to the CDH board. So same swamp with new replacement lizards.

  19. There has been so much disinformation during this “pandemic,” that the one thing for sure is uncertainity. Progress was not made with Diana Lachiondo on the CDH Board, now let’s see what Raul Labrador can bring to the table.
    It did bother me that a young and healthy Ms Lachiondo received a vaccine in the first round of distribution. The way Ada County Commissioners conducted its hearings via video, what elevated Ms. Lachiondo? IMO, she should have deferred to first responders and the elder population.

  20. As I remember from the factual documentary, The Lord of the Rings, filmed in New Zealand, the land is protected by strong wizardry, likely keeping covid dark forces at bay.

  21. Jo Jo: I made no such assumption. The Board, by makeup, is political. As it should be. They only make administrative decisions on proposals by the professionals on the District staff. Therefore they must stand before the electorate to defend those decisions. Power to the people.

  22. Best paper I have come across regarding masks. Lengthy but worth the read. [ ]

  23. Any entity that prescribes more freedom is fine by me. This whole Covid Plandemic makes me livid. I have piles of studies that point out how ineffective a mask is to screen a particle that is smaller than the mask can ever stop. And dentists are warning about the REAL adverse symptoms of wearing masks too long every day. If you want to wear a mask…Go for it. It will “protect” you from those who don’t…right? The rest of us will avoid you if you wear your mask.

  24. More trash from Forced Air.
    Why is fact checking by readers here so necessary? Especially when it comes to a public health matter! Sad to see such rubbish.
    This is not an issue of whether a judge says a lease is okay or not. It’s our health care system stability and a matter of death for some and certainly good health for many, many more.

    EDITOR NOTE–It sounds logical to bump elbows instead of shaking hands, but when you are told to cough into your elbow it sorta defeats the logic.

  25. McLean is Worse than Bieter
    Jan 22, 2021, 6:12 am

    There are certainly a lot of COVID fanatics in the world these days. Many insist that we are all going to die unless we follow big brothers prescriptions.

    So herewith are a few questions for the fanatics, or anyone else who wishes to participate.

    We are told Masks are necessary to prevent COVID germs, why then are the masks not treated as hazardous waste? We see them in regular trash cans but we also see a lot laying on the ground in parking lots and in sidewalks. Is that not super dangerous?

    How does a Paper mask or a cloth mask really stop the virus when the weave is bigger than the virus molecule? Isn’t it like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence?

    How does the virus know to leave you alone when seated at a restaurant but gets you when you walk in or out?

    Why does anyone think they are “safe” wearing a mask outside or driving alone in their car?

    Finally, why are we being told to lessen our immunity to all sorts of viruses and diseases by wearing masks constantly? After all, it’s being subjected to germs on a daily basis that gives us immunity to all sorts of things.

  26. Not a local issue folks
    Jan 22, 2021, 9:01 am

    To MiWtB

    Masks are not to prevent Covid germs. Covid is not a germ. Covid is a virus. A mask is to slow the spread.

    You can’t argue an issue with false premises, as you are attempting. Do you even know what a premise is?

  27. McClean Lover,
    How does it work?
    No one is trying to stop the mosquito using a chain link fence. They are trying to use a fence to stop the mosquito attached to a basketball.
    A virus/viron attaches to what is effectively your exhalation vapor.
    You know when you breathe in cold weather– that is your breath vapor condensing in the cold. Those same vapor molecules would contain any applicable virus or bacteria, or other “stuff” in your respiratory system.
    Just like other virus, it needs body fluids. “don’t breath on me”
    This reminds me of the people scared of HIV on water fountains back in the early days of HIV. Then everyone came to realize, ‘oh sex is required to get it.’ So even the religious started using condoms. Science proves to us how this stuff works.
    Sure build your immunity with some exposure. But OUR health care system CAN NOT handle EVERYONE getting ill at the same time. It’s math.
    You can help out. Help our nurses and doctors. Slow down the mosquitos. Flatten the curve for now. And then you can feel free to pass on the vaccine- get sick, go to Walter Reed to get the world’s best health care to save your bacon.

    p.s. Remember mosquitos carry West Nile Virus. Want to reduce your chance of WNV- use protective clothing, right? It’s not 100%, but better than nothing.
    In 2006, Idaho had 23 WNV deaths. Imagine if Idaho were to have 1,654 WNV related deaths (same as covid) this year.
    We would be spraying everything in sight with bug bombs. And the cowboys from Emmett would be first ones asking for it.

  28. RIP Easterner
    Jan 27, 2021, 3:16 pm

    Easterner aka Bieter Buddy, Tibbs Titalator, and Betsy Booster.
    Actually mosquito abatement was the best fix, and it worked. Funny you didn’t mentiion that fact. Or is it funny, since you pick and choose your facts. Read up on WNV and Covid before you spout off. LOL

  29. OK, I had resolved to myself I was going to revert to lurker status, but I can’t let this one go…

    RIP Easterner, you are exactly right–mosquito abatement is the best fix for WNV. That said, are you putting all your eggs in one basket? I’m not–when I’m in areas where I could reasonably expect to encounter mosquitoes, I wear protective clothing.

    COVID vaccine is identical–it’s not 100%, and not everyone can/will get the shot. Why wouldn’t you also be willing to have a backup plan? I’ll probably be able to get the shot near the end of February, but I’ll still be wearing my mask, because I can’t be certain I’m immune, and I wish to continue to protect myself and others.

    There really aren’t very many magic silver bullets in the world. I sure do wish people would quit pinning their hopes on magic silver bullets, and have enough sense for defense in depth.

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