Do Politicos Get Kickback From Lawyers?

Rod Beck and Ryan Davidson hadn’t been in office for even a week when their actions drummed up business for the lawyers.

Seems like the Ada Commishes are off to a fine start, feuding among themselves over the appointment of former congressman Raul Labrador to the Central District Health Department board.

Commish Kendra Kenyon, a Dem, questions that the two new Repub commishes may have violated the open meeting law because they left her out of the decision making process.

We can hear the echo of the battles and accusations between former Ada Treasurer Vicky McIntyre and commishes Jim Tibbs and Dave Case. Those three kept the lawyers busy for several years and it looks like the new boys will provide the same bonuses to the legal beagles.

The IDAHO PRESS has a detailed account of the spat.

UPDATE–The agenda for Tuesday shows a reconsideration of the appointment in deference to Kenyon. Results will likely be the same.

UPDATE UPDATE 1/19/21–At the weekly meeting the two Repubs reaffirmed their appointment of Labrador and declared that Dr. Sky Blue was “overqualified.”

Not to be outdone, the legislature dumped $4 million into the LAWYER WELFARE fund Friday.

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  1. Blatant stupidity
    Jan 15, 2021, 3:53 pm

    The fact that Davidson doesn’t recall that he had a recent conversation with Labrador is not a defense for the conversation he probably had, no matter when. Before or around the 8th obviously, because that is when Labrador accepted, before the meeting. Kenyon is doing the right thing calling them out at the get go. Because it is for the health district, it might be wise to select someone with some health training, education, and work experience. Labrador needs to get a job doing some honest work, not getting political appointments. Throw the book at them.

  2. McLean is as bad as bieter
    Jan 15, 2021, 3:56 pm

    How come no blame gets assigned to Kenyon in this? Do you think when she and Lachiando were the majority that they were completely transparent? You think when they made the decisions to get rid of Visser (not saying it didn’t need to be done ) or to sell off the fairgrounds that they didn’t decide this behind closed doors first?

    The voters jettisoned the democrats. Different decisions get made. That’s politics.

  3. Drama in the BOCC office! Let’s not forget Glenn, Bisterfelt, and Ullman.

    EDITOR NOTE– The “butt breath” epithet during a meeting will always be hard to top. Bisterfeldt called fellow commish GARY GLENN “butt breath” in a meeting. Glenn eventually moved to Michigan where he was elected as state representative in district 98 from Midland, 2015-2018. His wife, Annette Glenn, now holds that seat.

    Bisterfeldt resigned May 4, 2012 from the Ada commission due to health issues and maintains a secluded lifestyle. At the time he told the GUARDIAN, “I just can’t answer the bell anymore.”

  4. chicago sam
    Jan 15, 2021, 6:04 pm

    I find it absurd that two elected officials cannot have a discussion without someone screaming about it. Just as asinine is the cover generated by going into executive session every time something remotely controversial is discussed

  5. Bonnie Krupp
    Jan 15, 2021, 7:26 pm

    Not a brilliant headline BG.

    Who cares if they mentioned someone named Labrador as possible replacement. Omg he might know the law and he might be rational when confronted with hysterics.

    Stupidity thinks the person needs health training, education, and work experience which is high comedy. Labrador has been in the practice of law AND STILL IS. Science should be observed, and discussed but not WORSHIPPED. SOUNDS LIKE KENDRA IS INCENSED AND ALONE.
    I have observed the blonde bimbo and she is nasty and lies easily.

    EDITOR NOTE–Only because the commenter used her real name and the subject of comment is a politico did we allow the lie reference.

  6. There is Little to see here in this soon forgotten drama. Beck and Davidson will now be more discreet when making decisions outside public meetings and away from public scrutiny, just like the previous top gators in this swamp. Kenyon is upset because she is now as irrelevant as the rest of Idaho’s Democratic Party.

    With Labrador’s appointment, Beck and Davidson are helping him start his campaign for governor. On the CHD board he can easily establish a record on policies distinct from Little’s in regard to the pandemic. He could not do that as head of the state GOP. With the help of Beck, Davidson, Tom Luna, and the IFF, Labrador will cruise to victory in the 2022 primary. When he is governor, that is when you will really see the kickbacks from lawyers because the state swamp will bigger, deeper, and nastier.

  7. Blatant stupidity
    Jan 16, 2021, 11:00 am

    Those with health/medical education, training and experience are also able to understand the law. Including pandemic and exponential infection spread. Death – untimely due to disregard for the emergency nature of many issues.

  8. The GOP creates litigation through constant bone headed decisions. Some are so bad that only fringe lawyers will appear. Butch Otter got laughed out of court on more than one occasion.

  9. The more I think about it the more I wonder. Where do these guys usurp the authority to abdicate and delegate? I made election decisions with a certain understanding of the job. If this was a subject of prior discussion, why was it not a plank in an election platform? What other duties may they arbitrarily decide to pass to a surrogate? Could they just vacation for four years? Why do I need them at all? I’ll just hire it done.

  10. Eamonn Harter
    Jan 16, 2021, 4:45 pm

    “Do Politicos Get Kickback From Lawyers?”

    Are campaign contributions considered kickbacks? If so, then the answer is yes. Lawyers are heavily represented as contributors to the campaigns of politicos. Then there is the constant revolving door between lawyers and political offices, and lawyer-lobbyists schmoozing down at the state house. And judges are usually former lawyers, hearing the cases of their ex-colleagues at Dewey, Cheatham and Howe.

  11. Caeth…good point. It’s not like they don’t have the time. There isn’t a lot for three full-time folks to manage that isn’t already managed by another elected full-timer.

  12. of course they do.
    Do agency lawyers get kickbacks from private firm lawyers? Look at all the outsourced legal work from local agencies. Who does that go to? Notice the trends. Friends from law school or local watering holes— and in return for the generous, and easy to over-bill accounts $$$$ not cash, that’s too messy but gifts, free trips, and “extra benefits”.

    EDITOR NOTE–The intent of the headline was that politicos create a lot of work for the lawyers, hence the sarcastic question do the lawyers kickback to the politicos to generate fees?

  13. Kendra Kenyon said what?!!!
    Jan 19, 2021, 9:25 am

    Commissioner Kendra Kenyon said she was “concerned by the apparent discussions between Beck and Davidson about placing Labrador onto the CDH board.” Well Kendra, what about your email exchange with Garden City’s John Evans about one of your picks for your EXPO Idaho advisory committee?
    The information received from my public records request includes this email exchange. But there is no evidence of a Board meeting to discuss your pick! How hypocritical can you be?!
    Kenyon also said “Normally we have a day or two to discuss all voluntary appointments.” © Id Statesman*. Wait a minute, you said “all?” The records or the lack thereof show that there were not any Board discussions for the “volunteers.” That’s the nontransparent way Kenyon did it when she personally created the EXPO Idaho Advisory Committee. “Normally?” The public records that I received show how “abnormal” Kendra can act. Again, there is a lack of any record of any board discussions reviewing her picks.
    The records do include an email from one of Kendra’s picks who is concerned about an apparent conflict of interest. What happened? Nothing! Apparently Kendra decided not to bring the matter before the Board.
    Hypocrisy on display at the first 2021 OBM

  14. Hypocrisy, oh, the horror. LOL. Hypocrisy and duplicity are in every politician’s tool box these days. They also fully expect a friendly partisan to dismiss his or her bad behavior by asserting a previous politician was far more corrupt. Classic misdirection. In reality, it appears we have only replaced one Tammany Hall or with another.

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