Canyon Atty Clears Ada Commishes

Ada County Republican commishes Rod Beck and Ryan Davidson were cleared of open meeting violations by Canyon County Prosecutor Bryan F. Taylor in a February 2 letter.

Fellow commissioner, Democrat Kendra Kenyon, had expressed concerns of an open meeting violation over the appointment of former Congressman Raul Labrador to the Central District Health Commission. The matter was referred to Canyon County because the Ada prosecutor is the legal counsel for the commishes.


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  1. Boisean Since Forever
    Feb 4, 2021, 3:13 pm

    I wish Raul would move to Boise and run for mayor.

  2. Case closed…. they likely broke the spirit of the law by discussing the matter prior to taking office, but it appears they did not break the letter of the law.

  3. Labrador’s campaign for governor now begins, unofficially.

  4. Of course they broke the law. Do you believe this was a spontaneous motion and decision? It was cooked and a done deal. Enforcement of the open meeting laws in Idaho is treated like a fool’s errand.

  5. agree with TFBoy.

    officials and their attorneys are using private emails and meeting to decide all kinds of stuff on their own outside of the realm of public scrutiny.

  6. McLean is as bad as Bieter
    Feb 11, 2021, 6:37 am

    They may have broken the Open Meeting Law by discussing it between themselves. But the cure has always been to discuss it in public and revote. That’s what they did.

    Hopefully the “investigation” didn’t take more than two minutes so as not to waste a lot of money.

  7. Disagree with TFBoy only in part
    Feb 11, 2021, 7:38 am

    Rod Beck & Ryan Davidson did not break the law. There was no deliberation while they were in office Period. I do agree that there are problems with the open meeting laws. It is too easy to subvert it and cleverly use the loopholes.
    It is laughable and ironic that Kendra Kenyon brought up the question of an open meeting law violation as she has ignored transparency before and while a commissioner – there is no record of a board discussion of who would be nominated as chair before she was nominated!
    To quote TFBoy: “ Do you believe this was a spontaneous motion and decision? It was cooked and a done deal.”
    Then the lack of public record of the Board discussing the creation of the EXPO Advisory Committee is an obvious example of Chair Kendra flaunting transparency. What about the selection process? It’s veiled in Queen Kendra’s secrecy.
    All conversions by elected officials related to decision making require following the open meeting law IF the conversation is by two or more commissions. A phone call or in person conversation can be a violation. Public scrutiny is needed, but where is it?

  8. I see it as remarkable that Labrador is continuing to make his way down the career ladder.

  9. We truly need to STOP referring to our ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANTS as elected officials! As that label elevates them making it OKAY??? Maybe if the label was accurate we wouldn’t have the issues we the people, have at every level of OUR government?

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