McLean To Join Republicans?

Declaring, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” Boise mayor Lauren McLean announced today she has notified her fellow Dems that she encourages everyone to join the Republican Party.

“We have no chance in the legislature, but if we join the Rs, we can eventually takeover the Republicans and give the RHINO tag (Republicans in name only) some real meaning, said McLean

Thousands of Dems have registered with the Repubs just so they can vote in the closed primary. That same thought seems to echo McLean’s call to essentially create a cadre of moles in the Republican Party.

When the GUARDIAN brought up the idea of changing parties with Republican Gov. Brad Little, he said, “Gosh, I was thinking of doing the same thing and joining the Dems since our GOP has been co-opted by Janice McGeachin and the Orange Man.”

As soon as he heard of McLean’s plan, Republican Rep. Mike Moyle introduced a bill in the legislature prohibiting any members of the Democratic Party from joining “any political organization unless 10% of the members of that organization approve their application for membership from each legislative district in the state.”

Former soldier, lawyer, Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice, and current media columnist Jim Jones opined, “only a fool would believe this garbage.”

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  1. Steve Berch
    Apr 1, 2021, 2:04 am

    Only a fool would believe this on April 1st.

  2. The most credible part of the story is the response by the esteemed Rep Moyle! (He might read your sensational story and meet with his Gang of Toadies to craft such a bill, just in case!)

  3. Remember today is the 1st of April.

  4. Only a fool would believe the Mayor…. when asked if she was a socialist she could not even give a yes or no answer.

  5. Nancy J Van Allen
    Apr 1, 2021, 10:24 am


  6. We had free and fair elections on 11/3/2020 and Joe Biden received 81 million votes, making him the most popular president in history. He is fit as a fiddle with a 150 IQ and 225 lb bench press. He always knows which day of the week it is and the name of his Defense Secretary…

    Also, both the Democrat and Republican parties have the American people’s best interests in mind and totally aren’t controlled by billionaire oligarchs…

  7. The essence of a good April 1 prank is to make it (almost) sound plausible. Yours is “good.” It took me until the fourth graf to catch on.

  8. Boisean Since Forever
    Apr 1, 2021, 12:56 pm

    So if you can’t beat ’em, infiltrate and subvert ’em. Maybe she would do better to honestly articulate her position on the issues and let the people actually decide. That’s risky, to be sure, but that’s the purpose of elections. Don’t come in with a hidden agenda. Tell people what you believe and let them decide.

  9. Boisean Since Forever
    Apr 1, 2021, 12:57 pm

    Dang! I should have looked at the calendar!

  10. It’s her only chance for higher office in Idaho.

  11. Happy April fools! I was fooled. I was like, “WTH?”

    Anyway, everyone should join the I or R party and vote RED. If anyone is interested, please start the second recall of McClean and Sanchez.

  12. chicago sam
    Apr 1, 2021, 1:50 pm

    In other braking news today Representative Mike Moyle has announced his intention to Represent IYAKI as a full time lobbyist for their legislative agenda. He has been quite successful on a part time basis and decided to devote even more time and effort on their behalf

  13. This April’s fool story does present an interesting issue. About 32 percent of Idaho’s registered voters are unaffiliated with a party. This is truly foolish. They should seriously consider identifying with the dominant Republican party. General partisan elections in Idaho have become irrelevant. The decision about who will represent us at the county, state and congressional levels is determined in the Republican primary, not in the general election. Currently 52 percent of the registered voters are affiliated with the Republican party.

  14. bikeboy, you are missing the reality in the Representive Moyle line. That is exactly what he and his religious cadre are doing to inhibit citizen initiatives (cannabis, etc).

    The post is funny only because there is a bit of truth in it.

    April’s fool is more like reality in Idaho politics. It is enough to make a conservative leave the party!

  15. Honestly, I am so over all of it! Local and national politics… It is a very sad stat of affairs my friends…

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