Is McGeachin Gonna Announce Wednesday?

The GUARDIAN received a notice from the Lt. Gov today which has all the indications of an announcement to run for Governor.

Janice McGeachin, the lady who will always be known for posing in a photo with a bible and pistol urges supporters to join her for, “an important political announcement about the future of the state.” She asks followers to bring along American flags for the “patriotic celebration.”

According to her message, she will appear Wednesday, May 19 in Idaho Falls, Boise, and Coeur d’Alene.

In our experience when a politico makes three appearances the same day in three diverse locations within the state, chances are pretty good there is an imminent candidacy announcement.

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  1. I’m politically crazier than most. She leaves me in the dust.

  2. Feckless v. Insane. Some choice for Idahoans.

  3. Easterner, is our wager still on? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Like I’ve said previously, I’d love to lose this one. I’d gladly buy you lunch if I’m wrong.

  4. Concerned Neighbor
    May 18, 2021, 10:12 am

    Good for McGeachin – she’s one of the few actually listening to the voters instead of the corporate political machine. While I don’t agree with some of the populism directions, it’s the least of the evils at this point.

    There will be a lot of flack from hypocrite marxists and misogynist globalists, but dealing with mud slinging is unfortunately baked into our duopoly political system.

  5. JoJo, What’s the wager?

    I saw this coming with the comment of “the moderate Rs are attacking Giddings for victim shaming because they want to attack the [extreme] candidate expected to replace Lt Gov” (re: the harassment case of von-Creepy).

    More important- what can sane Idahoans (the other 80%) do to side-step the rise of ignorant TeaBaggers?

    An L is not an R.

  6. She will be a walking talking billboard for the Freedom Foundation. Scary to realize that if we look at this session as a template, the crazy conservatives have a chance. Let’s start a lottery on who will be running for Lt Gov, Giddings, Zito, Scott or Nate. My money is on Giddings. THE POSITIVE NOTE HERE, IS THAT IF DEFEATED, THEY WILL LOSE THEIR SEATS AT THE STATEHOUSE!! THE SILVER LINING. BUT IF THEY WIN OMG! Welcome to Idaho 3 ring circus- IFF, Bundy and the rest of Idaho.

  7. Cn, When you say, “listening to voters”- what do you mean?
    What do you think are the top 3 messages of ‘voters’ in Idaho?

  8. Welcome to McIdaho
    May 19, 2021, 11:00 am

    Would you like guns and bibles with that?

  9. Good choice for the majority of Idaho I think. Sorry you North-Endies, East-Endies, downtownies and your fellow travelers flocking in from Kali, and Seattle.

    Of course, if McLean succeeds in managing to stuff all of these high density apartment buildings springing up like weeds all over Boise things may change for the worse for our state.

    Side note: though I wish McLean out of office, I’m grateful she finally lifted the stupid mask mandate.

  10. I am just curious assuming Gov. Little, say Raul Labrador and whomever else runs for the Republican nomination for Idaho Governor next year does Lt. Governor McGeachin have any chance of winning the Republican primary?

    Assuming of course there is not say twelve people running for the nomination and she wins since a couple of them cancel each other out?

    The current Lt. Governor is the perfect example of why the party nominee for Governor should be able to pick their own Lt. Governor to run with and not let the party/voters choose the Lt. Governor nominee.

    If Governor Little would have picked the current Lt. Governor good for him

    Also two, four year terms for Governor should be plenty.

  11. I like what she has to say and I respect her talk matching her walk.

  12. In the Channel 7 video, did you notice the brown-shirted, skin head bodyguard speaking into his collar? The Idaho “State Police” could have a new look and an expanded enforcement role under her administration. She and AOC are two sides of the same dangerous bitcoin.

  13. For those who think McG is about less federal government and NOT taking federal handouts – she got $314,727 of FREE federal money this past year – thanks to a deficit spending Congress of McConnel and signed by djt.

    SHE had to actively request it. She could have ignore it, like many business owners chose not to apply for it.
    But, when there is FREE FEDERAL MONEY for McG, she is in line!
    She doesn’t approve of federal funds for Idaho students though ๐Ÿ™


  14. Maybe not her, but definitely not Little.

  15. Bundy is now running! It is time for the many thousands of unaffiliated voters who are center-right politically to register as Republicans. The only election that counts in Idaho is the GOP primary. The GOP primary winners will almost always face either no one in the general election or a weak, underfunded candidate from the pathetic Democratic or Libertarian parties.

  16. J Swift I’m not sure that a pathetic
    party is worse than a Pathetic person? Seems like there are a fare share of pathetic people that become pathetic public servants in the State of Idaho from BOTH Parties! Could that mean the people VOTING THEM IN are Pathetic?

  17. Frank you are correct!
    Rep Giddings takes the PATHETIC AWARD this year when she made public the name of the young woman filing charges against Rep vonEhlinger. Especially for a woman in her civil service role. It is pathetic. Even more than the fact of von Ehlinger admitting he had sex with the 19-year-old staff employee. Show me any corporate HR manual that would say that is okay or permissible by company policy. The House did not go far enough in condemning vonEhlinger OR Giddings. And yet her other female Idaho libertarians, including Lt Gov McGeachin remain silent. PATHETIC! Is that she wants to run the state? Every woman who has experienced sexual harassment or assault should oppose these two politicians as a matter of principle above politics.

  18. Sad to see Idaho make the world stage again with “the other Guardian” in a negative way.

    Of point McG says, โ€œI donโ€™t view that the federal government owns the land in Idaho, my view is that the land of Idaho belongs to the state of Idaho,โ€

    1. Ignore THE LAW.
    2. Ignore the legal succession of OWNERSHIP (The Law).
    3. Ignore our US Constitution, and
    4. What precedent is that for our indigenous neighbors?

    A truly thoughtless comment.
    IF the nutjobs can convince the feds to sell or transfer federal land to Idaho ownership- great.

    But to say “they don’t own it” is just ignorance! Right there with Bundy, not paying grazing fees and hi-jacking a bird refuge.
    Additionally, it is an egotistical racist opinion to contradict the fact this land was originally occupied by indigenous people.
    History flash back- the Brits/Canucks started Fort Nez Perces and was so until 1846.

    And THAT is the CRT thought for the day. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Quiz: Who’s land is it McG?

    An L is not an R, but an idiot is an idiot in any letter.
    Exit and make a run with the IFF terrorist Libertarians.


  19. Giddings – fail! “Unbecoming a legislator”. The wacky McGeachin/Giddings team loses. Imagine a McGeachin/Bedke capitol. Every time she leaves the state to go kiss trumps arse, the Lt Governor Bedke would reverse everything she previously did. Irony!!!! Welcome to Idaho.

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