Despite Weeds, Post Office Is Open

Although it is quickly being overgrown with weeds throughout the landscaping, sidewalks, and parking lot, the Overland Station Post Office on Federal Way is still open.

The GUARDIAN has mentioned the weed problem repeatedly to clerks, but to no avail. Insiders tell us the guys with neckties claim there is no money to care for the exterior of the citizen-owned facility.

We spent more than an hour on the internet and telephone attempting to locate a postal manager in Boise. There was no published way to speak to the local postmaster or anyone else in the U.S. P. S. After a lengthy menu on an automated local number we were instructed to “hang up and dial an 800 number.”

The 800 automated voice had a similar menu, but no option to speak to a human being–with a necktie or not.

Not one to just complain with no solution, the GUARDIAN is seeking a one shot clean up by the Ada County Sheriff’s Inmate Labor Detail. These low risk criminals do similar landscape cleaning for Boise Parks and on FEDERAL Interstate highways. It would seem logical to have them do some weed whacking at the post office. The only problem is finding someone at the Post Office who will coordinate with the Ada Sheriff. If anyone wishes to offer up a phone number of a local necktie at the Post Office we will gladly share it with the sheriff.

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  1. You think that sucks, try calling the IRS.

    EDITOR NOTE–NEVER call the IRS!! Avoid them.

  2. Haven’t had occasion for several years but my only success was to wait in line, ask for the postmaster, hang around kind of in the way, being generally obnoxious, until a supervisor finally came from the back room just to get rid of me.

  3. Is this a sign of a federal bureaucracy sinking into its own morass?

  4. Thanks Resident Biden! Maybe you can put Corn Pop and some of your army of new illegal aliens to work on cleaning up the parking lots at the nation’s post offices. Seriously though, there are so many people receiving handouts from the Feds that should be required to do at least a few hours of community service every week.

  5. Kent Goldthorpe
    Aug 5, 2021, 10:26 pm

    Caeth hit the nail on the head. You have to go in person. Speaking as a past chair of the southwest Idaho postal customer council.

  6. You can't win on this hill editor.
    Aug 5, 2021, 11:03 pm

    Simply report them to Ada County and Idaho State noxious weed programs. Then the same back pajama people who financially ruined those ranchers for pooping near an endangered desert wood tic will show up in a brand new Blackhawk helicopter and arrest the invisible postmaster for weed violations. Unless he won’t answer the phone, then they’ll leave a note. But the note will be lawfully ignored because it won’t be on the officially approved postal form.

  7. western guy
    Aug 6, 2021, 4:44 pm

    Similar problems exist at many post offices in valley.

  8. chicago sam
    Aug 7, 2021, 12:22 pm

    It is a shame Boise does not have a code enforcement officer as many cities do

  9. western guy
    Aug 7, 2021, 6:40 pm

    Boise DOES have several Code Enforcement Officers, but they seem to be shackled by their superiors.

    Drive around your neighborhood: look at the RV’s parked permanetly on driveways… the cars on blocks…

    Boise leadership would rather have new apartments than cleaning up the rest of the city!

  10. If you see cars on blocks, permanent RV’s, etc., you need to call Code Enforcement. They’ll respond. Maybe not in mere minutes, but they’ll respond. Just make sure you provide details: dates, times, exact address, exact violations.

  11. A Real Idahoan
    Aug 8, 2021, 10:07 am

    I know this has gone out of style in the current “take phone vids but let George do it” state of our societal decay but what is wrong with a couple, or as many as will do so, folks showing up with a pickup, hand tools and cleaning the PO up. So called flash mobs are popular with break-dancers, singers, rioters and looters, why not something good and practical for a change?

    I know someone with a little tractor and brush hog who has mowed a mile or so of ACHD road barrow pit several times because ACHD apparently wasted too much of OUR money trying to idiot proof Bogus Basin road. (It’s impossible to idiot proof a simple hammer, why try to do so with a mountain road?) That road is his backyard so it has fallen on him, as in the better old days of Idafornia, to take personal responsibility.

    Perhaps comrade lorrie, dearest lisa and general lee would come down off their thrones and help too. (Yeah, right!)

    But then Boise is rapidly becoming like every other socialist controlled ****hole city and state. The rot and corruption are becoming more and more apparent right there in River City.

  12. Real Idahoan: The problem is the insurance companies and the lawyers. If one of the idiots were maimed or killed during the brush hog activity, your friend would be sued and ACHD would be charged for allowing such activity.

  13. western guy
    Aug 8, 2021, 9:03 pm

    Still on the topic of Boise Code Enforcement process, they are reactive, not proactive. They only respond to complaints, which is a joke.

    They should cruise their assigned sectors and leave warning cards on every RV, trailer, house, trash pile, etc.

  14. Come on Guardian. You have been here in Boise a long time. And you are just now discovering the lack of access to our US Postal Service management? Hilarious! Even the online Google image shows weeds growing all over the property and a terrible turf area.
    Suggestion: Go visit the Idaho Veterans Memorial Park on VMParkway. And then let us know about their weed problem. Do people care?

  15. Western guy: Nanny Gestapo? Interesting concept.

  16. We should be more concerned about someone thinking it is okay to throw cigarette butts on the ground like we see in the picture!

  17. Comr Goldthorpe says, “as a past CHAIR of the southwest Idaho postal customer council”: they are terrible and ineffective, as was the council apparently.

    Interpretation- I didn’t solve the problem back then and I have no intention of solving the communication problems of ACHD today, even as the board president.

    Proven leadership. 🙂
    “Not a concern then, not a concern now.”

  18. Western gou
    Aug 9, 2021, 6:30 pm

    Dear Caeth:

    Not a nanny state. A clean, livable city — everywhere, not just the high-end subs and new (poorly-built) apartments and condos.

    ‘Livable’. Wasn’t that part of the former Mayor’s catchphrase??

  19. Chicago Sam is a man after my neighbor’s trash. Love you in this post.

  20. Chickenhawk
    Aug 10, 2021, 5:58 pm

    Wow! Back in my day, our Boy Scout troop would simply show up with weed eaters, shovels, rakes, etc on a Tuesday evening and get the job done, no questions asked, no gimmicks offered, no kickbacks taken. Just good old-fashioned community service and teaching young men how to give back to their community.

    Now we have to ask permission, sign waivers and jump through endless hoops just so we can help people out? One can’t simply roll up their sleeves and take the initiative? What kind of America are we becoming?

  21. David Klinger
    Aug 12, 2021, 9:50 pm

    Ever thought about just showing up one morning and pulling a few weeds? I did that with an orphan corner at 26th and State, and then added a few flowers out of my own pocket. Yes, the Postal Service and ACHD are big bureaucracies that theoretically should be able to afford a better job. But it isn’t happening. So perhaps lighting a candle rather than cursing the darkness is a better approach. I take my cues from the Mennonites, who, after a hurricane of other natural disaster in the South, simply show up and start to work. No one calls them, no one issues a contract … they simply show up and begin with their hammers and nails, doing good.

  22. Check out the Cole/Overland overpass as another example of the grimy side of Boise. Also, travel east bound on Parkcenter. Note the roadside adjacent to DL Evans Bank and Delta Dental. Go a little further and look at the overgrown weed infested strip by Pier Pointe.

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